5-issue comic book limited series created by Warren Ellis, published by Avatar Press, with art by Garrie Gastonny.

Supergod is a 5-issue comic book limited series created by Warren Ellis, published by Avatar Press, with art by Garrie Gastonny. Issue 1 was released in November 2009.


Morrigan Lugus: I am for that thing in your genome that demands it. I am for that thing which keeps you animals alive. I am, at most, a slice of monkey suspended within the stuff of universal intelligence. You are a monkey in nice clothes.
In the harsh environment you refer to as a habitable planet, group behaviors are required to survive long enough to procreate. Since you are stupid monkeys, you have no natural affinity for group altruism.
And so you have evolved a genetic pump that delivers pleasant chemicals to your monkey brains. One that is triggered by awe and fear of an anthropomorphism of your environment. Earth mothers. Sky gods. Bits of bush that catch fire. Interesting-looking rocks. An oddly-shaped branch. You’re not fussy.
When your brain does this idiot work, you stop in front of that bump or stick and consider it fiercely. Other monkeys will, like as not, stop next to you and emulate you. Your genetic pump delivers morphine for your souls. You have your fellow monkeys join in. Perhaps so they can feel it too. Perhaps because you feel it might please the stick god to have more monkeys gaze at it in narcotic awe.
The group must be defended. Because as many monkeys as possible must please the stick god, and you can continue to get your fix off praying to it.
You draw up rules to organize and protect the group. Two hundred thousand years later, you put Adolf Hitler into power. Because you are, after all, just monkeys.
I am a thing born of lies. You lied about needing to explore space. You lied about needing an edge in your arms race. Ultimately, I believe you lied about your need for a messiah figure to consider.
I am your stash.

Dajjal: Sanity is for societies, and I am not part of any society, nor would I suffer one to live in my presence.

Dajjal: No, I can't see you. But I know you're there. Listening. I can see time. I can see it all around me, rushing off ahead and branching into a tangle of futures. In a few of those futures, there are enough remaining sentients in an environment rich enough for the development of backchannel remote viewing. Humans cannot perceive time, really. They simply move through it. I can see time. All around me. I am perpetually aware of existing in its current. I have been designed to withstand time. I have been designed to withstand you.
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