Sunil Gavaskar

Indian cricket player

Sunil Gavaskar (born 10 July 1949) is a former Indian cricketer. He played in the 1970s-1980s for the Bombay cricket team and Indian national cricket team. He is widely regarded as one of the best opening batsman in the world.


We need to accept that India have struggled against quality spin bowling
  • I think that the Virat Kohli era has dawned over the last year or so. It's been there ever since he took over the Test captaincy and because he is now going to create a completely different niche as far as Indian cricket is concerned. I think this era of India cricket is going to be a highly entertaining era.
  • MS Dhoni knew what to do. His plans showed that he was at the top of his game. Also, the commitment of the players was there to see as they tried to get India out of a sticky situation.
  • If you are giving this medicine (spinning track) to opposition, then you should be able to take it yourself. We need to accept that India have struggled against quality spin bowling. If they would have won, there would not have been any talk on the pitch. Whether you win or lose, the next game against Pakistan is a must-win game. Also if you lose, the you are out of the tournament. They have struggled against New Zealand, they might find it even tougher against Pakistan, if this is the kind of pitches they want. India lost because they were over-confident but the NZ think-tank needs to be credited for picking three spinners for this match.

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