Sunil Dutt

Hindi film actor and politician

Sunil Dutt (June 6, 1925May 25, 2005), born Balraj Dutt, was not only an iconic Indian Hindi films actor, who also acted in many Punjabi films, but was also an honest and highly esteemed politician who promoted secularism. As an actor, producer, and director he was involved in 102 films. As a politician, after he joined the Indian National Congress party, he had the unique distinction of getting elected to the Parliament of India for five terms from the Mumbai North West constituency. He was the cabinet minister for Youth Affairs and Sports in the Manmohan Singh government (2004 – 2005). He was also Sheriff of Bombay In 1968, he was honoured with the Padma Shri by the Government of India.

Sunil Dutt

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  • He is making money but I am earning love. His money will get spent, but the respect and love that I get will remain for him when I leave. I only hope he keeps it up.Somewhere he will take care of my respect and love.
  • There should be no statues or a street named after me, no postal stamp with my face or any a organization after me. I like people to remember me by following my work
    • His last wish noted in "Bollywood: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow", pages=135-36

We all are one, whichever religion we belong to edit

After his visit to his village in Pakistan on aspects of better relation between India and Pakistan"We all are one, whichever religion we belong to'". 25 may 2005. Retrieved on 6 December 2013. 

  • During Partition, my entire family was saved by a Muslim. His name was Yakub -- a friend of my father's who lived a mile-and-a-half away from our village.
  • Somehow, this hatred should come to an end. I am a believer of nonviolence. I believe we all are one, whichever religion we belong to.
  • I wish it culminates in something positive and we can both grow economically. The money we spend on weapons can be used to give water to the people, to educate everybody, to give them medical aid and to give employment to the youth of the country.
  • If there is no friendship with one's neighbours, no one can progress. Look at Canada and the USA -- both countries help each other.
  • It dates back to a day in 1987 when Punjab was burning. I read about a spastic girl and her parents being killed in Amritsar. It disturbed me and I decided to march to Amritsar from Mumbai on foot. It was part of Gandhian philosophy that if your people are doing wrong you punish yourself. Gandhiji would fast; likewise, I decided to walk and inflict some pain on myself. It was a way of sharing the pain.
  • I have been a lifelong Congressman because I believe in the party's philosophy.
  • Rejuvenate the Youth Congress. Make it more effective. People-oriented. I will supervise how the Youth Congress is performing and suggest ways and means to improve the way it works. It has to have a positive, dynamic image.
  • One of my first tasks is to instill discipline into the organisation. We do not need slogan shouting. Too many 'leaders' do nothing but sit on podiums or get themselves photographed with other leaders. This must stop. The Youth Congress leaders must go back to the roots and serve the people. I want to bring back value-based politics to the youth wing.
    • Quoted in "Violence is not the hallmark of the Congress".
  • My concept of secularism is to be a good human being who respects all religions.
    • Quoted in "Sunil Dutt — film star, peace activist, secularist, politician extraordinary" in The Hindu.
  • I never knew there was a romance. The only thing I knew was that she came into my life. I was not concerned about her past. I know these questions arise. But I am concerned about the person who comes in my life; what matters from that day on is how true the person is to me. The past is nothing to me.
  • In my career I met so many movie stars, but starting a life together and building a home goes beyond all other relationships," he explains. "I found in her a human being and a woman who would take care of my family. I found in my wife both compassion and understanding.
    • Quoted in Nargis-Sunil Dutt: A real life romance.

About Sunil Dutt edit

  • I have heard about Christ, but I am very happy that I am walking with Christ [Sunil Dutt].

Gaur, Mahendra (1 June 2006). Indian Affairs Annual 2006. Gyan Publishing House. pp. 68–. ISBN 978-81-7835-529-0. 

  • Mr Dutt was a man who worked for world peace.
  • He was true soldier without a gun. Although life had played many tricks with him, he always overcame them.
  • He was a man who was prepared to discuss topics for the improvement of sports in the country.
  • Every shooter winning a medal at the CommonWealth event received a personal fax from Mr. Sunil Dutt, Iy made us feel special.
  • It was his support and encouragement that had helped me to go abroad for training. He was great supporter of sports in general and his passing away is a big loss.
  • His passing away is not only a great loss to the sports fraternity but that to the nation as avery popular man of art and culture and a great national political leader.
  • After extended-and successful-battles against w:cancer:cancer, drugs and anti-terrorism laws, all of which touched his family, Sunil Dutt has opened on another front. This time the fight is also personal. The National Census for 2001 ignores the disabled on grounds that such a surveyis beyond the scope and capacity of its operations. But this man in a wheel-chair, refuses to let the matter lie. Sunil Dutt, MP, Mumbai northwest, partially paralyzed by a spinal disorder, is spearheading the movement against the ongoing census.In a letter to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Dutt has demanded that the census should also take into account the disabled of the country. “Are they not people?”, he asks as he tries to rise to his feet.
  • A very special human being...He had friends and admirers not just in India but also across the world who will now miss him.
    • By Indira Gandhi in "Bollywood legend Sunil Dutt dies". BBC News. 25 May, 2005. 

"He Was a very good person and good actor having very peaceful thoughts"

"He was a really good human being. He was liked so much... he had so much for the people and never wanted anything in return."

    • By **BySharmila Tagore|Sharmila Tagore]] in "Bollywood legend Sunil Dutt dies".

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