Succession (TV series)

American comedy-drama television series

Succession (2018 - 2023) is a fictional HBO television series about the Roy family, the owners of global media and entertainment conglomerate Waystar RoyCo, and their fight for control of the company amidst uncertainty about the health of the family's patriarch.

Season 1 edit

Celebration [1.01] edit

Lawrence Yee: You get the message?
Kendall Roy: What?
Lawrence Yee: I'm not letting you Neanderthals in to rape my company. Ever.
Kendall Roy: I'm sorry?
Lawrence Yee: You're a bunch of bloated dinosaurs who didn't even notice the monkeys swinging by until yesterday. Well, fuck you, daddy's boy.

Alessandro Daniels: Do you wanna call your dad?
Kendall Roy: Do I wanna call my dad? No, I don't wanna call my dad. Do you wanna call your dad?

Roman Roy: Oh, we're not surprising him, are we? Oh, this is- Oh, he's gonna love this. I think the last time I surprised him he took a swing at me.

Logan Roy: [receiving a gift from Connor] Oh, wonderful. What is it?
Connor Roy: Well...
Roman Roy: Oh yes, yes, it's a goo. It's a fucking goo?
Shiv Roy: It's perfect.
Connor Roy: It's sourdough starter. I thought that you might like to make something.
Logan Roy: Ohh... great.
Connor Roy: Yeah, okay. You shouldn't have opened it. Never mind. Forget it. It was an idea. I thought you might like it.
Logan Roy: I do, I do. I just don't know what the fuck it is!

Kendall Roy: I wasn't about to get into a fucking big dick competition, okay?
Logan Roy: I hear you bent for him.
Kendall Roy: Wha... I what?
Logan Roy: I hear you bent for him, and he fucked you.
Kendall Roy: Well, no, actually.
Logan Roy: You know, I know that you've read a lot of books about business management and this and that, but you know what?
Kendall Roy: What?
Logan Roy: Sometimes, it is a big dick competition.

Logan Roy: It's my fucking company.
Kendall Roy: Yeah you're right, it is your fucking company. And you know what? You're running it into the fucking ground.

Shit Show at the Fuck Factory [1.02] edit

Roman Roy: Dad made me COO.
Kendall Roy: I don't think so, dude. Dad wasn't thinking straight.
Roman Roy: I think he was.
Kendall Roy: You? The Chief Operating Officer?
Roman Roy: Yep.
Kendall Roy: I mean if that wasn't a sign he was loco in the coco, I don't know what it is.

Shiv Roy: I mean, we have options.
Kendall Roy: Sure... You could all ask for morphine, so you can stay in your painless fucking fantasy world where the orchids dance and the company is run by a magical fucking unicorn!

Kendall Roy: What do you... What do you have against me?
Shiv Roy: Nothing.
Kendall Roy: Nothing?
Shiv Roy: Oh, you want me to actually say?
Kendall Roy: Yes, I do.
Shiv Roy: You lack killer instinct, you're wet, you're green, you're intellectually insecure-
Kendall Roy: Bullshit.
Shiv Roy: -You're not emotionally strong enough, you have addiction issues!
Kendall Roy: That's enough!
Shiv Roy: I don't think all that, I'm just trying to be Dad's voice.

Connor Roy: I'm not saying I would make a better CEO, that's unsaid.
Kendall Roy: It's not unsaid when you say it.
Connor Roy: No, I'm saying I'm not saying it, so, in fact, it is unsaid.
Kendall Roy: Hey, pal, why don't you go help Willa with her homework?
Connor Roy: Ouch, asshole.

Lifeboats [1.03] edit

Kendall Roy: So, I just wanted to get the gang together early in my tenure to say, uh, "Yo."

Tom Wambsgans: Shakin' the tree, folks. Shakin' the tree. Excuse me. Greg. Are you kidding?
Greg Hirsch: Hey, Tom.
Tom Wambsgans: Forgive me, but uh... We talkin' to each other on the poop deck of a majestic schooner? Is the salty brine stinging my weather bitten face? No? Then why the fuck are you wearing a pair of deck shoes, man?
Greg Hirsch: Oh... Yeah... No, well my credit card got maxed out, I'm staying in a youth hostel on, like, $80 a day.
Tom Wambsgans: Jesus. How squalid. Dude, are you carrying dog shit?
Greg Hirsch: No... No, it's uh... It's free, right? Is that cool? I mean, I don't want to be melodramatic, but my body is growing weak due to a lack of sustenance.
Tom Wambsgans: (bewildered) But in a dog poop baggie?
Greg Hirsch: Yeah, I have a bunch of 'em from back home...
Tom Wambsgans: Greg, that's disgusting.
Greg Hirsch: Not really. It's not like they pre-poop them or something, like, it's not like... They're just bags, really. It's just a mental barrier.

Gerri Kellman: Hey. We're down two more points.
Kendall Roy: Fuck.
Gerri Kellman: Listen, Sandy Furness is here.
Kendall Roy: What do you mean?
Gerri Kellman: I mean he's here, in the building.
Kendall Roy: He can't do that. Fucking Pepsi doesn't just drop in to see Coke.

Kendall Roy: You know sometimes when you leave the party and you wonder what everyone's saying about you?
Roman Roy: With me it's usually "Who's that young Han Solo and how do I get his dick in my ass?"

Sad Sack Wasp Trap [1.04] edit

Frank Vernon: You sure it was him?
Kendall Roy: You think a lot of people come in here and take a piss?
Gerri Kellman: Maybe someone spilled something.
Kendall Roy: Yeah, maybe the massive fucking ice sculpture I forgot about melted. It's urine.
Roman Roy: This isn't a false flag, is it? Did you piss on your own floor?
Kendall Roy: Why are you looking like that? W-what if people knew? Gerri, you gotta talk to him.
Gerri Kellman: What do you want me to say?
Roman Roy: Well, first tell him where to go pee pee and poo poo.
Kendall Roy: He came in, he was talking to Stewy. What's he gonna do next, start jizzing in my coffee? Take a dump on my iPad?

Kendall Roy: Jesus, Roman, you're a walking fucking lawsuit.

I Went to Market [1.05] edit

Greg Hirsch: I'm in Canada.
Tom Wambsgans: Excuse me? Canada? Canada, with the healthcare and the ennui? Why's that, cocksock?
Greg Hirsch: Um... I'm driving my grandpa down for Thanksgiving.
Tom Wambsgans: Oh, Greg, fuck your grandpa.
Greg Hirsch: Okay, you're on, you're on speakerphone, Tom.
Tom Wambsgans: [long pause] Well, I shouldn't be, Greg.

Roman Roy: I went to the market and I bought a crack pipe...
[everyone groans]
Connor Roy: That's terrible.
Roman Roy: No? All right. I went to the market and I bought a gimp suit.

Ewan Roy: This whole family is a nest of vipers. They'll wrap themselves around you, and they'll suffocate you.
Greg Hirsch: I'm pretty sure...[elevator door closes] I'm pretty sure that's boa constrictors.

Tom Wambsgans: And I'm thankful that I am going to be marrying into one of the most vital and interesting and kind and loving families in the world.
Roman Roy: Are you not going to be marrying Shiv anymore?

Frank Vernon: Ever hear of loyalty?
Kendall Roy: Sure. Wasn't he one of the seven dwarves? No?
Frank Vernon: Oh...
Kendall Roy: Oh, he's a rapper. He was in Wu-Tang?

Which Side Are You On? [1.06] edit

Logan Roy: That was your best shot. You lost.

Frank Vernon: Is it wise to fire the board with the share price this weak, heading into a political fight?
Logan Roy: Take it like a fucking man. You're out. You're fucked. You tried to kill me, but you failed. And you're dead. Now, fuck off!

Kendall Roy: Can I count on your vote for team future?
Stewy Hosseini: I can promise you that I am spiritually and emotionally and ethically and morally behind whoever wins.

Austerlitz [1.07] edit

Connor Roy: This family's broken. And that has consequences. A missed phone call today, a couple dozen kids lose their jobs in China. Butterfly wings, but bigger, huge wings. Like a pterodactyl, or the Smithsonian. So...[raises glass in toast] ...let's fix our wings.
Roman Roy: Barely comprehensible.

Shiv Roy: So what happened with the fake therapy? Any pretend breakthroughs? Any good performances?
Connor Roy: Nothing. Our therapist died.
Shiv Roy: What?
Connor Roy: Metaphorically speaking.
Tom Wambsgans: He smashed his teeth out in the pool.
Shiv Roy: Oh, my god...
Tom Wambsgans: Freud would have had a field day.

Stewy Hosseini: This is a family business... but the family is fucked and it's hurting the stock.

Logan Roy: [to his daughter Shiv] You're marrying a man fathoms beneath you because you don't want to risk being betrayed. You're a fucking coward.

Prague [1.08] edit

Tom Wambsgans: So, does that mean we're able to... fuck here?
Roman Roy: Yeah. Hey, Ken, what do you think of the pussycat? On it?
Kendall Roy: No, not me. Business is my fucking.
Roman Roy: Great. I'll find you a Bloomberg terminal to stick your dick in.

Pre-Nuptial [1.09] edit

Sandy Furness: You can't make an omelette without breaking a few dicks.

Nobody Is Ever Missing [1.10] edit

Logan Roy: Tell Sandy you're out. Tell Stewy the thing looks like shitshow. Go to the desert, dry yourself out. You have not been yourself.
Kendall Roy: [tearfully] There's nothing... I don't, I don't think, um... I wasn't there, so...
Logan Roy: This could be the defining moment of your life. It'd eat everything. A rich kid kills a boy, you'd never be anything else. Or, y'know, it could be what it should be: nothing at all. A sad, little detail at a lovely wedding where father and son are reconciled.
[Logan opens up his arms and Kendall breaks down sobbing]
Logan Roy: [hugging Kendall] You're my boy. You're my number one boy.

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