Style Wars

1983 film

Style Wars is an early 1980's documentary on hip hop culture, made by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant in New York City.

Cap I am not a graffiti artist, im a graffiti bomber. There are two styles of Graffiti that are trying to..ya know Co exist with each other. but it aint gonna work like that....BLOOD WARS BUDDY, BLOOD WARS.


  • When you first against a train, it's like everything seems so big, like, wow! It's like you're in a yard of like metal giants; everything is so hard and so steel, like you're just there. You're like a little dude like in the midst of these metals and like you're here to produce something, well, like you're here to try to produce something.

Kase 2

  • People look at a person and like, 'What? You write on trains,' and, 'You vandalism,' and all that. Yeah, I vandalism alright, but still in general, I know what I'm doing. I did somethin' to make your eyes open up, so why is you talkin'?


  • That's some "never forgive" action!
  • You gotta be able to take over a line with INSIDES, take it over with THROW UPS, TOP TO BOTTOMS. You gotta do everything ya know. If you specialise in One Thing you cane never call yourself an All Out King.
  • No, I ain't running the system, I'm bombing the system!


  • When you hold a can of Rust-Oleum™ in your hand, it’s like holding 3 other sh-t brands in your hand. It lasts, it covers, and it’s not aerosol like Krylon™, [where] it just comes out in mist. [Rust-Oleum] comes out like paint.
  • I'm on what they call a six-month probation. l ain't painting right now. To make a long story short, I'm on what they call a six-month probation. l call it a "six-month vacation," never mind probation.


  • They're saying that the kids run the system, that the system is out of control, that 15 or 16-year-old kids are running the system, and that graffiti is the symbol of that.
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