Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild

2005 American animated film directed by Audu Paden

Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild is a 2005 computer-animated film directed by Audu Paden. It is the third and final installment in the Stuart Little trilogy, but unlike its two predecessors, it is entirely animated and released direct-to-video. In the film, Stuart and his family spend their vacation in a cabin near the fictional Lake Garland. During the vacation, Stuart befriends a skunk named Rico, and the family cat Snowbell is kidnapped by a mysterious beast.

Directed by Audu Paden. Produced by Douglas Wick, Lucy Fisher, Leslie Hough and Rachel Shane. Screenplay by Bob Shaw and Don McEnery. Story by Douglas Wick. Based on the characters created by E. B. White.
Call of the Wild. (taglines)


  • Reeko sent you.
  • [before spraying the Beast] Talk to the butt!
  • [talking to Stuart] I thought nobody wanted to hang out with me because I was a skunk. Turns out they didn't want to because I was a jerk. But all that's changed, thanks to you.

The Beast

  • Should I eat you in one bite, or should I knock you around first? You know how we cats like to play with our food.
  • Don't speak. Your fur is so soft. It's not like the other animals in the forest. Theirs is coarse with burrs. But yours is clean and silky.


Brooke: I'm gonna miss you, George. You won't forget me, will you?
George: No way. Here, I want you to have this. (gives Brooke his game console) And if you need any help, I know all the shortcuts to every level. (gives her a list of his particulars) You can call me at this number or text message me at this one. And that's my email address, my website... user name and password.
Brooke: Wow, thanks. Well, I only have one thing for you. (kisses him on the cheek)
George: (dazed) Sweet!

Stuart: I think we have captured you into the Trap Beast the Beast: what?! you can't just sting me like a bumblebee! [Reeko walks over and sees the Beast all tied up] (grunts) leave me alone! Run away and don't ever come back NEVER!!! [he gets free from his rope and runs towards Stewart!] Rico: don't harm him! He's my friend I just saved him from drowning! [She turns her back then she farts] GA-AH! [He loses his balance and falls into the water below] Stuart: (chuckling) I think an almighty stunk hasn't been lost. [They tiptoe to the edge of the cliff then all they could find is air bubbles] nice work Rico then, they hear a sound Stewart? It's the campers oh Stewart we are looking everywhere for you you left the camp yeah there was a beast he was tan and Evil where is he? he's in the water [Stuart takes a deep breath then jumps into the water he surfaces with the Beast in his arms and with strong Strokes, swims for shore everybody cheers] I think he's dead [the Beast wakes up] this is one last time- stop! Put your paws up you're under arrest you're going to the zoo with us [they all grab the Beast with a net] [the Beast headbutts and bucks at the net trying to get free] [They Carried the net away and to the zoo truck] [they drive away] Bye-bye what do you think they're going? They're going to the zoo they're going to shave off the Beast's fur. Then they're going to use a poisonous dart to poison him so he can be dead hey what is that animals name? Her name is Rico. She saved me from drowning in a lake why she can stay at the campsite if she likes Rico: nice and sweet darling [she kisses him on the nose] Stewart: that's so sweet.


  • Call of the Wild.
  • Stuart's Biggest Adventure Yet!

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