Strange Magic (film)

2015 animated film

Strange Magic is a 2015 American computer-animated musical fantasy-comedy film directed by Gary Rydstrom, produced by Lucasfilm, with feature animation by Lucasfilm Animation Singapore and Industrial Light & Magic. The film's screenplay was written by Rydstrom, David Berenbaum, and Irene Mecchi, from a story by George Lucas inspired by William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. The score includes popular songs and standards, such as "Love Is Strange".

Lucas had been working on developing the project for 15 years before production began. Strange Magic was released by Touchstone Pictures on January 23, 2015 and was met with negative reviews. The film's opening weekend box office debut of $5.5 million is one of the worst ever for a film opening at 3,000 theaters.


Bog King: You fight well! For a fairy!
Marianne: I wish I could say the same about you!
Bog King: What do you mean?
Marianne: I don't know, I was expecting... more.
[She smiles at Bog King, who looks surprised. His minions laugh then stop before Bog King can react.]
Bog King: You heard my terms, by moon down. Or all of you WILL BE NEXT!! [starts singing] I've been insulted, disrespected. I've been mistreated. I've been insulted, disrespected [pauses, the flies upwards] I've been MISTREATED!

Bog King: [sees Marianne] Oh, no! Not another princess! Well, at least you don't sing...

Dawn: I love you!
Bog King: But I'm evil!

[from trailer]

Bog King: Meet... my mother!
Griselda: [looks at Marianne] Don't you have a comb?

[Sunny visits the Sugar Plum Fairy in her cage]
Sugar Plum Fairy: Is that a primrose?
Sunny: It is! I brought it so you could make a love potion!
Sugar Plum Fairy: How do you think I got in here?

Dawn: [singing to the Bog King] Sugar pie, honey bunch! You know that I love you...

Fairy King: [escorting Marianne to the dance] Please smile. [Marianne sighs, then smiles a wide, uncomfortable smile at the King] A real smile.
Marianne: [through her teeth] This is one of my better ones.

Marianne: Don't listen to him!
Dawn: You don't boss me! And don't even think about stealing my Boggy.
Bog King: [annoyed] Bog!

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  • The other movie that George talked about, going back to Lucasfilm movies, was "American Graffiti," just in terms of songs being super strong and driving the story, was a big influence. And then "The Princess Bride," one of my favorite movies, was a big influence. It's a fairy tale that was magical and funny, so tonally it was nice. "Labyrinth" was nice because it was a Lucasfilm production, but it was weird. Thematically we wanted things that were weird but that you loved later. So weird is important.


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