Stormont Mancroft, 2nd Baron Mancroft

British politician (1914-1987)

Stormont Mancroft (27 July 191414 September 1987) was a British Conservative politician and humorous writer.



A Chinaman in My Bath

  • My first car was painted red down one side and blue down the other to confuse witnesses in case of an accident.
  • Nobody ever seemed quite clear whether the expression "drunk as a lord" should be taken as a compliment or an insult.
  • The only exercise I ever take is walking up hospital stairs to visit friends who've damaged themselves by taking exercise.
  • Before the War you took your secretary to Paris and called her your wife. Now, in order to wriggle through the tax-gatherer's net, you take your wife to Paris and call her your secretary.
  • Cricket is a game which the English, not being a spiritual people, have invented in order to give themselves some conception of Eternity.