5th-century Greek anthologist

Joannes Stobaeus (Ἰωάννης ὁ Στοβαῖος; fl. 5th-century CE) was the compiler of a valuable series of extracts from Greek authors.

Quotes by and about Diogenes of Sinope edit

  • Diogenes, on being sold as a slave at Corinth, was asked by the auctioneer what he could do. "Rule men," he replied. "Do you suppose," asked the other, "that people want to buy masters?”
    • iii. 3. 52

  • Other dogs bite their enemies, but I my friends in order to save them.
    • iii. 13. 44

  • Pride, like a shepherd, drives people where it pleases.
    • iii. 22. 41

  • The things which philosophy attempts to teach by reasoning, poverty forces us to practice.
    • iv. 32a. 11

Pythagorean Ethical Sentences edit

  • When the wise man opens his mouth, the beauties of his soul present themselves to the view, like the statues in a temple.
    • 11

  • Those things which the body necessarily requires, are easily to be procured by all men, without labour and molestation; but those things to the attainment of which labour and molestation are requisite, are objects of desire, not to the body, but to depraved opinion.
    • 20

  • As a bodily disease cannot be healed, if it be concealed, or praised, thus also, neither can a remedy be applied to a diseased soul, which is badly guarded and protected.
    • 24

  • Be rather delighted with those that reprove, than with those that flatter you.
    • 29

  • The life of the avaricious resembles a funeral banquet. For though it has all things requisite to a feast, yet no one present rejoices.
    • 30

  • Pythagoras said, that it was requisite either to be silent, or to say something better than silence.
    • 36

  • Pythagoras being asked how a man ought to conduct himself towards his country, when it had acted iniquitously with respect to him, replied, as to a mother.
    • 40

  • To the wise man every land is eligible as a place of residence; for the whole world is the country of the worthy soul.
    • 42

  • Pythagoras said, that of cities that was the best which contained most worthy men.
    • 44

  • Expel by reasoning the unrestrained grief of a torpid soul.
    • 50

  • Spare your life, lest you consume it with sorrow and care.
    • 52

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