2004 Japanese animated action film directed by Katsuhiro Otomo

Steamboy (Japanese: スチームボーイ, Hepburn: Suchīmubōi) is a 2004 Japanese animated steampunk action film produced by Sunrise, directed and co-written by Katsuhiro Otomo, his second major anime release as a director, following Akira (1988). The film was released in Japan by Toho on July 17, 2004.

Quotes (English dubbed version)


A tour of the Steam Castle


Before entering elevator


(Ray asks his father Edward what happend to his look, why did his grandfather Lloyd say that Edward is dead, and why does Lloyd want the ball out of Foundation's hands)

  • Edward: Your grandfather and I were searching for a stable liquid with exceptional purity that was the key to achieving extreme pressure. Three years ago we found it in Iceland [ . . . ] In 1863 our effort bore fruit at last. We succeeded in containing the steam in a new way. That in extreme densities and extreme pressures.
  • Ray: Extreme densities and extreme pressures . . . Look that!
  • Scarlet: Must you gawk like that? This is nothing compared to Niagara falls.
  • Ray: That ball!
  • Edward: That's it, Ray. It's the first steamball we created. There are three of them now. We built them in Ireland and Alaska. Together they provide all the power of every machinery in this castle.
  • Ray: Steamball . . .
  • Edward: There have long been steam engines that are capable of high output. But all of them require enormous boilers and numerous cylinders and every one of them absorbs energy. And in every step the system loses its power, so it's severely limited. But here lays around you, Ray, this system loses almost nothing from source to function. And the function is almost without limits.
  • Scarlet: All created with my family's money of course.
  • Edward: You know what this means, Ray? Can you imagine it? We mortals can take to the skies. The heavens themselves will be ours. Skies, depth of oceans, places mankind have [ . . . ] we can go there [ . . . ]
  • Scarlet: Take to the sky indeed. I already have two hot air balloons with my name on the sides, and my grandfather has a zepplin.

[ . . . .]

On the veranda of Control Room

  • Edward: Technology advances from all over the world will be displayed, each one is a marvel, yet they are rubbish compared to the Steam Castle. [ . . . . ] We will soon release the kinetic forces of the Steam Castle. This exhibition allows us to reveal them to the entire world. In a single stroke, mankind will be released from toil. Fires, flood and earthquake will be conquered and controlled. We are the ones who shall bring the power of science to all humanity like a shimmering gift of God!
  • Scarlet: Under O'Hara trademark, naturally.

[ . . . . ]

  • Ray: Why isn't Grandfather here helping you?
  • Edward: The difference of opinions. Someday you will understand. Science is not an occult enterprise like alchemy. It's not for nobles or royals in their palaces or monks in their cathedrals. Science is neither a faith nor sorcery. It is a provable fact that can transfigure and transform us out of very core. All the suffering of humanity; the ages of misery and darkness; science can change that. But what use is it if we don't bring its power to everyone? Mankind every where is in desperate need. They are waiting for the blessing of science. The entire world is waiting for the power of Steam Castle!

Ray encounters Lloyd


(Ray asks why Lloyd told him that Edward is dead)

  • Lloyd: When a man passes his line of pure evil, he is as good as dead. [. . .]The world is waiting for this? This abomination of the devil?
  • Ray: But Father told me that the-
  • Lloyd: He is a fool who sold himself to capitalists who care nothing about science. They worship money. Don't listen to him.
  • Ray: He says there are people who waiting for blessing of science.
  • Lloyd: Only shareholders waiting for blessing of profits. An invention makes with such a low purpose can only bring war and misery to the world.

[ . . . . ]

  • Ray: Amazing.
  • Lloyd: Here is the true face of his dream.
  • Ray: What are these?
  • Lloyd: Weapons. Built for one purpose, to kill our fellowmen by the thousands. They're invention of the devil.
  • Ray: This is incredible. You can stop your enemy cold with these.
  • Lloyd: You don't know anything, you fool. Just who are these enemy you would kill? Are they Prussian, or French, or English? Well?
  • Ray: That will depend on who attack us. You can't tell until the war starts.
  • Lloyd: Listen to me, Ray: we invent the enemy through our arrogance and vanity. It comes from our own dark souls. Our forefathers knew neither enemy or alliance. So we must be with science. You are a man of science, Ray.

[ . . . . ]

  • Ray: What Father was trying to do, is it really so wrong?
  • Lloyd: Yes, you know it is! Think that!
  • Ray: I think Steam Castle is a fantastic invention but it has changed father somehow. He is not as he used to be. Perhaps he has been tricked by the foundation people into doing something wrong. But how can I tell it's him or me?
  • Lloyd: Open your eyes. In the end you will have to decide for yourself. You alone.

Ray's dilemma

  • Edward: Science, it must work to advance all of humanity. Are weapons not part of that? Protecting people from conquer and ruin?
  • Lloyd: Rubbish, science can reveal the First Principle of universe, of life itself. It's not to be wasted on the reckless whining of bankers and salesmen.
  • Edward: First Principle of universe? Does that include the fairy tale vision of Steam Castle you were trying to build? Is that what science for? [. . .] Science can make humans equal!
  • Lloyd: Don't abuse that word. This has nothing to do with equality. Money, profits, naked greed.
  • Edward: It was the accident, Ray, that transfigured me, also transformed me. As I faced my death, steam was whirling around me. I saw it, felt it, and then I knew, science is power. And this Steam Castle is the true expression of science and its overwhelming power.
  • Lloyd: The only thing overwhelming here is your arrogance. Your delusion!
  • Edward: Delusion? What delusion would that be? Take a a look around you, Father! We're standing in my delusion!


  • Steamboy. Dir. Otomo Katsuhiro. Culver City, Calif. : Sony Pictures Home Video, 2005. Director's cut.