State Fair (1945 film)

1945 film by Walter Lang

State Fair is a 1945 film about farm family Frake which, with discontented daughter Margy, heads for the Iowa State Fair where both Margy and brother Wayne meet attractive new flames. As the fair proceeds, so do the romances; must lovers separate when the fair closes? The film is a musical adaptation of the 1933 film of the same name, with original music by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Directed by Walter Lang. Written by Paul Green, Oscar Hammerstein II, Sonya Levien, and Philip Stong.
For the young in heart! And romantic oldsters, too!(taglines)

Margy Frake

  • Pickles and pigs, pigs and pickles, who cares about that silly old state fair any how?

Mr. Hippenstahl

  • [quite drunk] As you are undoubtlessly aware, this distinguished award is given out only under the rarest shircum- circul- We don't give it out much...


  • [putting a drunk Wayne to bed] One shoe off and the other shoe off. Diddle diddle dumpling my son John. Hey, that don't rhyme like it used to.


Harry Ware: Biggest boar in the world, I bet.
Margy Frake: All depends on how you spell it.

Melissa Frake: Mmm, I don't know.
Abel Frake: Let me taste. Don't taste like Grandma Stitch's.
Melissa Frake: I followed the recipe.
Abel Frake: You left something out.
Melissa Frake: Abel Frake, I am not going to put liquor in my cooking!
Abel Frake: Making mincemeat without brandy? No such thing.
Melissa Frake: I don't approve of it, and I won't do it.
Abel Frake: You'll be sorry. You know, those judges at the fair, they like a little snifter now and then.

Margy Frake: Got a house on it?
Harry Ware: Yeah, but it's too old. We'd have to build a new one.
Margy Frake: Oh, I like old houses.
Harry Ware: Oh, it wouldn't fit in with our kind of farm. You know, I plan to do everything my old man won't let me do on his place. Scientific irrigation. Electric milking. Separate hen roosts. No horses. All tractor power. You see what I mean? Everything modern.
Margy Frake: Ohh... but the house you live in...
Harry Ware: It's got to be the same. No old clapboard shingle business. There is a new kind of plastic, pre-fabricated job. I want you to see it at the catalog home.
Margy Frake: Is it pretty?
Harry Ware: Sure, but what's more important it's termite proof. Wait 'til you see it. They tell you how to furnish it too. No rugs or carpets, they're just dust collectors.
Margy Frake: What's on the floor?
Harry Ware: Linoleum - through the whole house. Wait until you see the pictures. It's sleek and smooth, easy to keep clean. Well, it's like every room in the house was a bathroom.
Margy Frake: Sounds real cozy...

Wayne Frake: Thank you, mister. And now I think I'll have a try at the fancy brass clock. Yes, that one. [throws embroidery hoop] There you are.
Margy Frake: Wayne?
Wayne Frake: That's a nice string of pearls. I think I'll have a go at them. Oh, I know they're fakes. but...
Margy Frake: Wayne! What are you doing?
Wayne Frake: How long have you been there?
Margy Frake: Oh, just a little while.
Wayne Frake: Then why didn't you say something, instead of just standing there?
Margy Frake: Who were you talking to? And does Mother know you have her embroidery hoops out here?
Wayne Frake: Look, just leave me alone, will you, and stop prying in other people's affairs?
Margy Frake: Speaking of affairs, Eleanor's on the phone.
Wayne Frake: Eleanor? Well, Christmas, why didn't you tell me?

Melissa Frake: I don't know what's gotten into you lately. All you do is sit around and mope.
Margy Frake: I don't sit around and mope.
Melissa Frake: Well, stop moping now, and finish your packing.
Margy Frake: Always saying she doesn't know what's got into me. I'll be glad to get to the fair. Hear something different. See something different for a change. What has got into me anyway?

Margy Frake: Pat!
Pat Gilbert: Yes?
Margy Frake: I was only talking. I couldn't marry anybody but you. Ever!

Margy Frake: [leaving the fair] I never want to see another fair.
Wayne Frake: You can say that again!


  • For the young in heart! And romantic oldsters, too!


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