Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

2003 video game

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is a Star Wars first-person shooter/third-person action computer game released in September 2003. It was developed by Raven Software and published, distributed, and marketed by LucasArts in North America and by Activision in the rest of the world.

Remember, abilities aren't inherently good or evil... it's how you use them.
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There's always hope, Kyle. Remember that.
"Jaden, the lure of the Dark Side is strong, but it will ultimately destroy you! Fight it! Rosh resisted it, you can too!"
"Rosh was weak! He was too afraid to grasp the true power of the Dark Side!"
"I can't let you do this, Jaden..."
"Then stop me, 'Master'!"

Jaden Korr

  • You don't look like much of a captive, Rosh! Did you dream this up, or was it Tavion's idea?
  • You tried to kill me! And now you've lured me into a trap!
  • How do I know you won't betray me again!? You're always trying to beat me! How do I know this isn't just another trick?!

Light Side Ending

  • I'm sorry, Rosh, you're right. I almost let my anger get the best of me. Let's get out of here.
  • Stand down, Alora! You were no match for me on Hoth, and now, I am a Jedi Knight!
  • Thank you, but it was Rosh who made me realize what the right choice was. Tell him that when he wakes up.
  • You're delusional! Kyle told me all about you, how you went crawling away after he defeated you!
  • That's Jedi KNIGHT, Ragnos!
  • It's over. Ragnos will not be resurected. The scepter has been destroyed.
  • (When asked about Tavion) Dead. Ragnos had possessed her. Her body couldn't withstand the corruption. When I destroyed the scepter and Ragnos left her body, There was nothing left.
  • Thank you, Master Skywalker. But I couldn't have done it without Kyle.
  • As luck would have it, I am! (after Kyle asks if Jaden is ready for another mission)

Rosh Penin

  • Jaden, stay back! Please...don't...hurt me!
  • Jaden, I was scared... You have to believe me, we're-we're friends, remember? Let's get out of here before Alora comes back!
  • Wait!! Listen to what you're saying!! You-you're angry! Don't give into it. That leads to the Dark Side, right?

Light Side Ending

  • (after Jaden spares him) *sigh of relief* Thank you, Jaden.
  • I'll be... (falls unconscious)

Kyle Katarn

  • Kyle Katarn, at your service. Welcome to a day in the life of a Jedi. (after finding Jaden unconscious)
  • Stay here and investigate? I'd love to.
  • We've been looking into the shuttle crash, and it doesn't seem like a mechanical failure or laser damage was responsible. It's almost as if something just... tore apart the engines.
  • Remember, abilities aren't inherently good or evil... it's how you use them.
  • (to Jaden when he is about attack Rosh) Jaden... don't do it.
  • He only fell to the Dark Side because he was scared, afraid of dying. Put away your saber!
  • Jaden! You're better than that! Don't give into your anger! Rosh is telling the truth!

Light Side Ending

  • Sith Spit! I need to get him to a bacta tank. Go to Korriban and help Luke and the others. I'll be there as soon as I can.
  • Jaden, I sensed your struggle with the Dark Side. I'm glad you made the right choice.
  • (after being thanked by Jaden) Don't get all mushy on me, kid. C'mon, let's get outta here.

Luke Skywalker

  • I'd like to welcome all of our new students to the Jedi Academy. Here we will train you in ways of the Force. You will learn to defend yourself with a lightsaber. You will also study diplomacy, history and more.
  • Rosh Penin, you will be asigned to Master Katarn. Jaden Korr, you'll also work with Master Katarn. Now, let's begin with your first lessons, and may the Force be with you.

Light Side Ending

  • Jaden, you did more than we could have ever hoped. You have become a true Jedi.
  • I've heard from the New Republic. The Imperials supporting the Disciples of Ragnos have been defeated have been rounded up. It seems they lost their power when the scepter was destroyed.
  • Rosh, I hope your experience has taught you the patience and humility that may one day will turn you into a great Jedi.
  • Jaden, you fought bravely, resisted the Dark Side, and saved another Jedi from certain death. You will be a valuable member of the Jedi Order.


[Start of the dark side ending of the game]
Rosh Penin: Jaden, no! Let go of your anger!
Jaden Korr: Why should I?! You yourself said how powerful the dark side was.
Rosh Penin: I was wrong!
Jaden Korr: No. You were weak!
Rosh Penin: Jaden, NO!
[Jaden ignites his/her lightsaber, impaling Rosh. Jaden then drops Rosh and turns to leave.]
Alora: Well done, Jedi. You have become one of us!
Jaden Korr: No!
Alora: Join us! With Ragnos as our ruler, we can serve him and rule the galaxy!
Jaden Korr: Join you?! Why should I trade one master for another? The Scepter of Ragnos is too powerful to be left in the hands of someone as weak as Tavion. If anything, it should belong to me!
Alora: Oh, you think so!
Jaden Korr: You, on the other hand, are useless. I should have killed you on Hoth!
Alora: You won't get a second chance. Tavion has taught me much since then.
[Jaden fights and kills Alora, then leaves. Kyle Katarn arrives, and Rosh sits up.]
Rosh Penin: K... Kyle?
Kyle Katarn: Rosh!
Rosh Penin: I'm sorry... Jaden has turned... you've lost... both your students.
[Rosh nearly falls, but Kyle catches him.]
Kyle Katarn: No. You are a Jedi.
Rosh Penin: Thank... you... [dies]
Kyle Katarn: But I've still lost Jaden. Where did [he/she] go? [Realizes] Oh, no! I've got to get to Korriban!

Jaden Korr: Tavion! Give me the scepter!
Tavion: Ah, Kyle's good student... or is it? I sense the Dark Side in you. Are you here to witness the resurrection?
Jaden Korr: No. I'm here to kill you; something my old master couldn't do.
Tavion: But why? With Ragnos reborn, the Jedi will be wiped out, and we can serve him as he rules the galaxy!
Jaden Korr: I will no longer 'serve' anyone! I will have the scepter and its power for myself! Now, give it to me!
Tavion: Impudent whelp! I will enjoy slaying you!
[Jaden defeats Tavion; she falls to her knees, disarmed.]
Tavion: I will not cower... as I did before Katarn. Finish it. Kill me!
[Swinging his/her lightsaber, Jaden kills Tavion. Kyle arrives just as Jaden reaches down to pick up the Scepter of Ragnos]
Kyle Katarn: Jaden, stop!
Jaden Korr: Don't get in my way, Kyle!
Kyle Katarn: Jaden, I know you're angry, but it's not too late to renounce the Dark Side. Tavion and her cult have been stopped; we can end this here!
Jaden Korr: Ohh, no. This is just the beginning!
Kyle Katarn: Jaden, the lure of the Dark Side is strong, but it will ultimately destroy you! Fight it! Rosh resisted it, you can too!
Jaden Korr: Rosh was weak! He was too afraid to grasp the true power of the Dark Side!
Kyle Katarn: I can't let you do this, Jaden...
Jaden Korr: Then stop me, 'Master'!

Luke Skywalker: [after finding Kyle buried under some rubble] Kyle, what happened here?
Kyle Katarn: Jaden has turned to the Dark Side, and [he's/she's] taken the scepter.
Luke Skywalker: And Rosh?
Kyle Katarn: Dead. Jaden killed him. [He/She] felt betrayed by Rosh and the anger was too great for [him/her] to control.
Luke Skywalker: I... misjudged [him/her]. I'm sorry, Kyle.
Kyle Katarn: I've failed both my students, Luke. Maybe I shouldn't be teaching at the academy. It's not as if I've been the perfect Jedi myself.
Luke Skywalker: No, Kyle. Yoda and Ben were great teachers, yet even they lost students. I can still sense good in [him/her]. There's always hope, Kyle. Remember that.
Kyle Katarn: You may be right. Well, at least Tavion and her cult have been stopped. Ragnos won't be coming back.
Luke Skywalker: But the scepter is too powerful. We must find Jaden and destroy it.
Kyle Katarn: I'll take care of it. As my student, Jaden is my responsibility. I'm taking a leave of absence from the academy for a while. If I find Jaden, I'll let you know.
Luke Skywalker: Be careful. If there's anything I can do to help...
Kyle Katarn: I will.
Luke Skywalker: And may the Force be with you, Kyle.