Star Ocean: The Second Story

1998 video game

Star Ocean: The Second Story (SO2 for short) is an RPG developed by tri-Ace, and published by Enix. It was first released in the year 1998 in Japan, 1999 in America, and 2000 in the PAL region, all three on the Playstation console.

Thhe game takes place in the fictional, and futuristic year of SD (Stardate) 366, also known as 2452 AD. It is set 20 years after the original game in the series, and roughly 406 years before Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. SO2 offers the player the opportunity to experience the storyline from the perspective of either the male or the female lead character. This decision affects certain scenes that are only referred to in one path but are fully shown in the other, as well as determining whether or not certain characters can be permanently added to the traveling party. Also, due to the fact that there are a grand total of 86 endings (all playable characters could have an ending alone, with one of the other characters in the party, or possibly with some special NPC), this greatly increased the game's replayability.

A remake of the original game, Star Ocean: The Second Evolution, came out in Japan in 2007 for the PSP. This version not only includes new cinematics, but also a special playable character who 'first' appeared in Star Ocean 3.



Regular conversations

Claude: What is this? (pointing to the Quadratic Sphere or Sorcery Globe)
Rena: Is that...the Sorcery Globe?
(Shigeo appears and fires a laser near Rena)
Rena: Yikes!
Claude: Rena!
(the rest of the Wise Men appear)
Vesper: (facing Rena's pendant) Why does that woman have a Quadratic Key? We created the core and crystallized that key. There should only be one key!
Rena: (walking forward regardless of Shigeo's warning) Who are you!?
(Shigeo charges up a laser)
Claude: Watch out! (gets in front of Rena and is hit by Shigeo's laser)
Rena: Claude!
Rena: Claude, pull yourself together! (heals Claude)
Decus: Powers of healing... You must be a Nedian?
Rena: Nedian?
Claude: What are you saying!? Just who are you!?
Ruprecht: My, my. How primitive these beings from underdeveloped planets are. They are so quick to raise their voices.
Nicolus: Not seems to me that boy is not of Expel. He is an Earthling, I believe.
Ruprecht: (surprised) Excuse me...but why would an Earthling be here on the outer edge of the universe?
Nicolus: That I do not know.
Berle: What's more, on such an underdeveloped planet not only find an Earthling, but also a Tetragenes.
Rena: Earthling? Space? Claude?
Nicolus: Hmmm...There is no way you could understand. So let me explain it to you. That boy is not from Expel. He is a being from another planet.
Rena: A being from another planet?
Nicolus: That is correct. The stars that you believe to be points of light are actually home to various types of living creatures. Like Earth and like Expel. But this is of little importance. Because you are a Nedian...just like us.
Rena: I am...a Nedian...just like you?
Claude: Rena, do not listen to what they say! What is your purpose? Were you the ones ones who destroyed Eluria!?
Berle: There is no need for you to know our purpose.
Claude: What!?
Decus: And what's more, you're too late. The planet is already on a collision course with Nede. Even if you knew our purpose, there is nothing you can do.
Rena: Collision?
Claude: Why would you do such a thing!? Are you trying to destroy the planet!?
(Cyril evilly laughs)
Claude: What's so funny!?
Cyril: (still laughing) Just like a lower organism. I suspected they had such shallow thinking. So what if one planet in this area is destroyed? It is merely one means for us to return to Nede. All of these are merely stepping stones to regaining our powers and making the galaxy and universe ours!
Claude: You're going to conquer the galaxy?
Cyril: Yes. Of course, worms such as you would not understand.
(Expel begins to shake)
Indalecio: The time is near. This planet will soon collide with Nede.
Claude: Why? Why did you pick this planet?
Indalecio: This planet was merely the planet with a period and orbit closest to that of Nede. That is all.
Nicolus: The "Quadratic Sphere" is called the Sorcery Globe in your world. We used it to alter the planetary orbit. In order to make it collide with Nede.
Berle: But we had no idea that there would be a Quadratic Key on this planet. Thanks to it, our plans were sped up by more than 100 years!
Rena: This thing you have been calling a Quardratic Key, what exactly is it?
Ruprecht: It is made by crystallizing the Heraldry Stone what you call an "Energy Stone". It's hanging around your neck.
Rena: This is it, this pendant? But why?
Vesper: It is not surprising that you as a Nedin would have it. Only a Nedian could have created a Quadratic Key.
Decus: Enough of this. After all, you will all die right here!
Claude: (running toweards the Wise Men) I'll never let you! We'll defeat you and put an end to these foolish doings!
Indalecio: Too bad. Even if you beat us, you can no longer change the orbit of Expel.
Claude: We will see about that!
Cyril: What a fool. Well, humor him and put up a fight!
Shigeo: (hovers towards the party) THEY SEEM TO HAVE A DEATH WISH.
Marsilio: (walks towards the party) The only sympathy I can offer is to kill you without making you suffer too much.
Berle: Leave them to me. I alone will suffice for these fellows.
(Marsilio and Shigeo back away)
Berle: My name is Berle, one of the Ten Wise Men. You should be proud that you were able to face me.
(Battle starts)

Private Action conversations


PAs in both games


Exclusive to Second Evolution


Welch: Rena, you came at a good time.
Rena: What?
Welch: Ashton, Ururu and Gyoro have learnt a performance!
Rena: A performance?
Welch: Yea! Just watch!
Rena: Umm, well I...
Welch: What?! are you saying you're not going to watch?
Rena (if you choose to watch): No, No.. I'll watch, I'll watch.
Welch: Alright then.
Ashton: Ahh..
Welch: Ashton! What was with that sigh, Come on! Gyoro and Ururu too, let's go! 1, 2,3 go!
*Ashton performs a dance and song*

I'm Ashton,
The Dragon Warrior!

Ururu! Gyoro!
And me!

Me and the 2 are really, really REALLY good friends!

Welch: So how was it? Totally great right?
Rena: Well, umm...
Welch: Alright, time to take this on stage, we can hit it big!
Ashton: *Light sobbing*

Ending conversations


Rena and Bowman

*Rena is standing near a bookshelf in the Linga University Library.*
Bowman *enters, and walks to stand next to Rena*: How are your studies going?
*Rena is startled by Bowman [three yellow marks]. She turns to face Bowman.*
Rena: Oh, hi Bowman.
Bowman: You sure were absorbed in something. You didn't even hear me until I said something.
Rena: There are so many books here. And when I start reading them they're all so interesting I forget the time...
Bowman: Ha ha ha... Just as I thought. You should be in academia. You know? The most important thing for professors is that they enjoy what they study.
Rena *head lowered in embarrassment*: Professor? I'm nowhere near THAT...
*Bowman begins talking and Rena raises her head.*
Bowman: That's where you're wrong Rena. You're professor material. I guarantee it!


*Rena and Chisato are standing next to each other over a desk in Rena's room. A scroll is laid out on the desk, which Rena is apparently writing on.*
Chisato: So with your help, the Ten Wise Men were defeated in the Nede year 3700000014. At the same time, you put an end to the long history of Energy Nede.
Rena: To the ... long history of ... Energy Nede. *rolls up the scroll and takes it off the desk* Whew, we are finally finished.
*Chisato and Rena turn to face each other.*
Chisato: Yes, it has taken quite a while ... 1-2-3 to finish it.
Rena: Thank you so much for staying along with me for so long.
Chisato: No problem at all. I had some free time. But why did you think to record the history of Nede after all? Now that Nede is gone, it has no particular meaning.
Rena: I don't care if no one ever looks at it. I just wanted to leave evidence in some form that the people of Nede did exist. In order to prove that the presence of Nede was not in vain.