Stanley Spencer

English painter (1891-1959)

Sir Stanley Spencer (30 June 189114 December 1959) was an English painter. Much of his greatest work depicts Biblical scenes, from miracles to Crucifixion, happening not in the Holy Land but in the small village (Cookham) where he was born and spent most of his life.

Quotes edit

  • When I lived in Cookham I was disturbed by a feeling of everything being meaningless.But quite suddenly I became aware that everything was full of special meaning and this made everything holy... I observed this sacred quality in most unexpected quarters.
    • As quoted in Sermon by Artists (1934) Golden Cockerel Press
  • Do you know what good art is? It is saying "ta" to God.
    • As quoted in Times Thievish Progress (1970) by John Rothenstein; "ta" is a British form of "thank you."

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