Stanley Cavell

American philosopher (1926-2018)

Stanley Louis Cavell (September 1, 1926 – June 19, 2018) was an American philosopher. He is the Walter M. Cabot Professor Emeritus of Aesthetics and the General Theory of Value at Harvard University.

Stanley Cavell

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  • The achievement of happiness requires not the ... satisfaction of our needs ... but the examination and transformation of those needs.
    • Pursuits of Happiness (1984)
  • I know how to give the meaning of a word but not how to give the intention of a word.
    • The Division of Talent (1985)
  • The crucified human body is our best picture of the unacknowledged human soul.
    • The Claim of Reason: Wittgenstein, Skepticism, Morality, and Tragedy (Oxford: 1979), p. 430

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