St. Patrick: The Irish Legend

2000 television film

St. Patrick: The Irish Legend is a 2000 historical drama film about the life of Saint Patrick (AD 387–463) who was born in Wales and who brought Christianity to Ireland.

Directed by Robert Hughes. Written by Martin Duffy.
The man. The myth. The legend.  (taglines)


Calpornius: The years of slavery must have taken their toll, now you must seize the day as it presents itself. Patrick, you're my only son, the priesthood is nothing but poverty and obedience, how can you chose that above a life of wealth, status, and opportunity?!
Patrick: It's not my choice! Father, it's a calling I can hear. I keep having visions.
Calpornius: Visions?! You let visions rule your life?!
Patrick: It was a vision that led me home, I put my faith in it and here I am and now the visions are calling me back and I must put my trust in them.


  • The man. The myth. The legend.


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