Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

1999 PlayStation video game

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (also known in Europe and Australia as Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer and originally Spyro the Dragon 2, or simply known as Spyro 2) is a Playstation game that was released in the United States in November 1, 1999 and is the first sequel to the Playstation game Spyro the Dragon.


Intro / #1: We Need a VacationEdit

Spyro: Is this rain ever gonna stop? I've forgotten what the sun looks like. We should go on vacation! Somewhere warm, somewhere sunny. [sees a portal that says...] Dragon Shores! Yeah! I haven't been there since we kicked Gnasty Gnorc's butt! How about it, Sparx, you up for a vacation at the beach? [The duo hurry to the portal gate] Last one there is a Gnorc!

#2: I've Got a DragonEdit

Elora: Is it working, Professor?
Professor: Almost... just a few more adjustments to these orbs, and...
Hunter: Maybe this isn't such a good idea. Bringing a dragon here could just make Ripto more angry!
Elora: Calm down, Hunter, and stop fidgeting!
Hunter: But you saw the Professor's book! They have claws like this, and teeth like this, and they spit fire like this! [pretends to spit fire] (Sorry.) They sound much more dangerous than Ripto!
Elora: That's exactly the point, a dragon is our only chance of stopping Ripto and you know it! [The orbs begin to glow]
Professor: It's working... IT'S WORKING! I've got a dragon!
Spyro: [comes tumbling out of the portal in a heap along with Sparx] Woah... rough landing! [looks at the others] Hi! Which way's the... [trails off, realising he's not at Dragon Shores] ...Beach? [the others stare] Hey, stop staring! Haven't you guys ever seen a dragon before?
Hunter: [surprised] You're a dragon?
Spyro: You got a problem with that, pussycat? [Ripto, Crush and Gulp appear and destroy the portal]
Ripto: Well, well... someone forgot to invite me to the party! [sniffs] Are you trying to keep something from me? [notices Spyro] A dragon?! You brought a dragon to Avalar?! I... hate... DRAGONS! [Zoe, who flies to Ripto zaps him and steal the scepter] OW! Crush, kill it, kill it! [Crush swings at Zoe, but misses and hits Ripto and eat scepter by Gulp] Gulp, you imbecile! You ate my scepter! I'll deal with you later!
Spyro: Who was that jerk?
Elora: That was Ripto, and you have to get rid of him! He's causing all sorts of trouble around here... but I haven't got time to explain. Here, take this magic guide to Avalar. [holds out a guidebook, which Sparx takes] It'll help you begin to understand our worlds. Right now, I have to follow Ripto and see what he's up to. I'll meet you in Summer Forest, okay? [she leaves]
Spyro: Hey, wait a minute! [sighs; to Sparx] How do we get ourselves into these messes, pal?

#3: I'm a Faun, You Dork!Edit

[Summer Forest. Moneybags is thrown through the roof of the castle]
Elora: Oh, no... [sees the flags on the castle get replaced with Ripto's flags. Spyro and Sparx come from the Glimmer portal] Oh, hello! We didn't get a chance to introduce ourselves before; my name is Elora.
Spyro: Uh, hi! I'm Spyro. What are you, some kind of goat?
Elora: I'm a faun, you dork!
Spyro: Oh, sorry.
Elora: Did you meet the Gem-cutters in Glimmer?
Spyro: Yeah, they gave me a souvenir too! They called it a talisman.
Elora: [surprised] They gave you a talisman?
Spyro: What, is it special? I just stuck it in the guidebook you gave me.
Elora: There are 14 talismans in Avalar, and they are all magical! If you can collect enough of them, they can be used to defeat Ripto! [Hunter comes out of the portal] Hunter, where have you been?
Hunter: I, uh... got a little lost.
Elora: Spyro's going to help us collect the talismans!
Spyro: I am?
Hunter: He is?
Elora: Spyro, look… There's no way you can get to Dragon Shores right now. Ripto and his monsters have taken over the castle here in the Summer Forest. You're going to have to go to Avalar's worlds, and convince the inhabitants to give you their talisman. You can keep them in your guidebook.
Hunter: Hey, I can do that! Why doesn't the dragon just torch Ripto?
Elora: Hunter, you can't even keep track of your running shoes! How can we trust you with 14 talismans? [Hunter looks sheepish; to Spyro] If you come across any orbs, they're important too, but I'll tell you about them later.
Spyro: Okay, no problem! I'll collect a few talismans, give Ripto the old hotfoot, and be in Dragon Shores by lunchtime!

#4: No Dragons? Wonderful! (Original Intro)Edit

Elora: [voice over] Before you get to the castle dungeon, Spyro, I thought that you might want to know how Ripto and his monsters arrived in Avalar. You see, last week in the Winter Tundra, the Professor was working on some new super portal technology.
Professor: There, that's the last orb in place! Now, let's see... all we need are some co-ordinates!
Hunter: How about... "22475"? [chuckles to Elora] That's my birthday. (April 22, 1975.) [walks over and enters to co-ordinates]
Elora: No, Hunter! Don't!
Hunter: What? [the portal glows and Ripto, Crush and Gulp tumble out of it]
Ripto: [crushed by Gulp] Get off me! Get off me, you useless baffoons! Why can't either... of... you...? [looks around him] Where are we? [sniffs] Hmm... No dragons? Wonderful. Crush, go back and pack my bags! We're moving in! [grins evilly at the three of them] Say hello to your new king.
Elora: [horrified] Professor, shut it down! Hurry!
Professor: Oh my, oh my! I can't see the switch, I think I've broken my glasses!
[Crush confused at the portal and is like, "Uh… what am I supposed do now?"]
Ripto: [angry] Crush! Go through the portal, you idiot!
Elora: [turns to Zoe] Tell all your friends to take the orbs and scatter them throughout Avalar, quickly!
[Crush watches Zoe and several fairies grab the orbs and fly off]
Ripto: Noooo! Gulp, Crush! Get the orbs now! [tries to grab an orb, but ends up being dragged away... after Crush and Gulp chase after the fairies] Oooooooh... You despicable little creature, I'll kill you!
Elora: This is bad news for Avalar. Hunter, why didn't you chase him?
Hunter: [embarrassed] Uh... yeah, I um... would've gone after him, but then he said something about not liking dragons?
Elora: [inspired] Professor, can we catch a dragon to help us?
Professor: Yes... yes, I think so! We'll need a world that has an alignment much better suited to intercepting one of these creatures. How about... Glimmer?
Elora: Good idea! We'd better go right now!

#5: Bring it on, Shorty!Edit

Ripto: Noooo! Crush! [to Spyro] You may have been able to defeat that simpleton, but Gulp will be more than a match for you!
Spyro: Bring it on, shorty!
Ripto: [growls angrily] Gulp, come here now! [Gulp pushes his way under the door] Destroy him, and make sure it's painful! [Gulp tries to get in, causing the roof to start collapsing] What?! The roof...?! Gulp, get me out of here! [turns to Spyro] So long, dragon! [escapes]
Spyro: What a wuss!

#6: Boo!Edit

Moneybags: Hmph! That Ripto has caused enough damage! All his meddling has cost me a fortune. If it wasn't for Spyro, I'd be bankrupt! If Ripto were here, I'd give him a piece of my mind. [Ripto and Gulp come up behind him, unnoticed] In fact, I'd give him a lot more than that! I was a champion bantamweight boxer at University, and I still know a few moves... [mimes fighting an imaginary opponent] Take that, and that! [turns around, finds himself face to face with Ripto and Gulp]
Ripto: Boo!
Moneybags: [shrieks] Why, you... you...! [loses his balance and falls, screaming. Ripto laughs evilly. The flags of the castle are rolled up and replaced with Ripto's flags]

#7: Gulp, Lunchtime!Edit

Ripto: Gulp, we've finally made Avalar ours. You've earned a special reward. [pulls Zoe out from his cape; Gulp suddenly sees Spyro fly up behind him] Gulp. What is it, boy? Oh, the fairy. Here you go. [Spyro flames him, causing him let go of Zoe. Ripto runs off with Spyro in pursuit.] You singed my cape! Dragon, you are really starting to get on my nerves! [leaps onto his throne out] Say goodbye, flame-breath! Gulp, lunchtime! [Gulp leaps into the arena] Gulp, finish him off and you can have all the fairies you can eat! I'm going to enjoy this...!

#8: Spyro, You Did It!Edit

[Ripto's throne falls from the overlook, taking him with it. Ripto's flags on the castle are replaced with the old flags]
Elora: Spyro, you did it!
Spyro: Woah! Elora, where'd you come from?
Elora: I was just outside the castle in Autumn Plains... the castle is now free again! There's no sign of Ripto! And since you've been around, the creatures of Avalar are finally starting to get along! [Zoe and a couple of fairies fly over with a lawn chair and umbrella] Since you've done so much for Avalar, and since I know you've really missed being on vacation... we really wanted to do something nice for you. It's not much, but we hope you like it.
Spyro: Wow, this is great! Aren't you gonna join me?
Elora: Uh… no. I'd like to, but I've got to go check on the Professor in the Winter Tundra. He's still trying to fix the super portal so we can send you home.
Spyro: [yawning] Oh... that sounds interesting. I think I'll just hang out here for a while and soak up a few rays... [falls asleep and Elora leaves. Spyro awakens abruptly] Hey, where'd Elora go? I'd better follow her.

#9: You Little Fools!Edit

[We see Hunter, Elora and the Professor all standing next to the super portal.]
Professor: I think I've finally come up with a way to access the Dragon Worlds from the super portal! This power crystal should give us the extra boost that we need. Just a few more calculations to set it up... I think I have it... excellent! Everything is finally ready! We're going to need a lot more orbs, but with the power crystal boosting it, the super portal should work again. [Apparently, the Professor has celebrated too soon, a bomb appears right in front of the portal, blowing the trio to their knees and knocking every single orb off the portal, even the power crystal! It appears Ripto isn't quite finished... yet.] (Or... not…)
Ripto: So, you thought you had gotten rid of me? Well, I'm afraid not! I persuaded that fat bear, Moneybags, to sell me a few bomb(s).
Elora: [to the Professor] Quick, the power crystal!
Ripto: [to the Professor] Don't even try it, book-boy, or you'll be the world's smartest pile of ashes. [grabs hold of the power crystal] This is just what I need for a new scepter!
Elora: Hunter, do something! Quick!
Hunter: Uh... Hey, give that back! [After Hunter's... "bravado" display, Ripto runs to the castle. Elora looks at Hunter with disdain.] Well, I tried.
Ripto: [laughs] You little fools! After I destroy you all with my new scepter, I'm going to rename this place "Riptonia"! [evil laughs; runs into the castle door, ergo, Moneybags is kicked out on his rump. And a familiar scene, the flags of the Winter Tundra castle are rolled up and replaced with Ripto's flags]

#10: What, YOU AGAIN?!Edit

Ripto: [attempting to test his new scepter, uses three petrified sheep as target practice, but they just won't stay still] Gaaaah! Come back here, you useless animals!
Spyro: [shows up on the scene.] Hey, shorty! Maybe I can help!
Ripto: What, YOU again?!
Spyro: Yep! If you wanna test that power crystal, why don't you try it on me? I'll stand still, I promise.
Ripto: Hmm... I like that idea. [to Spyro] Dragon, you've just sealed your fate!

Ending / #11: Come on, Sparx!Edit

[After Ripto is defeated, the power crystal merges with the guidebook, and the last castle is finally under Avalar's rule! Spyro charges through the doors to an eagerly awaiting crowd consisting of Hunter, Elora, Moneybags and the Professor.]
Elora: I don't think we can ever thank you enough, Spyro! [Elora then grants Spyro a kiss on the cheek.] I suppose you have to go now?
Spyro: Yeah, I'd better, they'll be missing me in the Dragon Worlds, and I've still got a vacation to take. I need it more than ever now!
Elora: Before you go, I think that Moneybags has something he wants to give you.
Moneybags: Hmph! I most certainly do not!
Elora: Hunter! [Hunter promptly pounces Moneybags, pinning him and allowing Sparx to get the gems Spyro rightfully earned.] Spyro, Moneybags is very sorry that he made you pay so much on your way through Avalar. We want you to keep the gems as a reward for helping us.
Spyro: Wow, thanks! Sparx, can you grab 'em?
Professor: Let me just type in the new co-ordinates… and... there! Spyro, you can now go to Dragon Shores!
Spyro: Hey, why don't you guys come with me? I bet you could use a holiday.
Elora: I'm afraid we can't, Spyro. Ripto may be gone, but he caused a lot of damage during his short stay. We'll be cleaning up for weeks! Just remember, though, that you can always get back to Avalar from Dragon Shores if you want to visit.
Spyro: Well, okay. Come on, Sparx! We've got a lot of vacation to catch up on! [With that, Spyro runs through the portal for some well earned R & R.]

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