Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion

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Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion (previously Spooky's House of Jumpscares) is a 2014 survival-horror video game developed and published by Lag Studios (now developed by Albino Moose), apart from the main game is an endless mode and two DLC's (Karamari Hospital and The Dollhouse), and a revamped Unity version of the game 'Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion: HD Renovation'.

Main GameEdit

The main game follows a curious historian who explores the titular Mansion of the game and is greeted by Spooky: A cute, wisecracking ghost that dares them to make it all the way through the 1000 room mansion. Being unable to exit through the door behind them, the player is forced to continue ever forward, escaping the "Specimens" and uncovering the secrets the Mansion holds.


Specimens are the monsters that chase you throughout the game, all but one having their own, unique, death screen. Each of them (with the exception of Specimens 1 and 2) have a specialized room that builds up their arrival, often with lore or information about the Specimen itself.

Specimen 1Edit

Simply a cardboard cutout that pops out of the wall. Most of its various designs are cute, though some can be quite disturbing. The only threat these pose is temporarily blocking the player's path which can be dangerous when being chased by certain specimens.

Specimen 2Edit

Specimen 2 is the first, and arguably easiest Specimen in the main game. It appears to be a humanoid, semi-solid creature made of a dark green substance, missing an arm, and has no discernable facial features other than a large mouth with teeth. This specimen was inspired by the "Lub-glubs" from Adventure Time. It's Specimen room (at room 60) is relatively plain, with the only noticeable difference being a dark green puddle on the floor and a table with a strange note written in red text:

Spouting, Splashing, Soaking
Innards, Ingest, Invoking
Nailing never stops the choking

The only redeeming and somewhat problematic quality of this specimen is the dark green puddles that spawn on the floor when it chases you. These significantly slow you down, but not enough to make Specimen 2 a significant threat. However, in Endless Mode, where up to 5 specimens chase you at the same time, the puddles can become a major problem, especially when combined with faster and/or stronger specimens. In the HD Renovation, Specimen 2 will rise from the puddle closest to the player when they enter a room, allowing it to catch up more easily, as well as its ability to float over gaps. This Specimen loses any sense of tension after the player receives the axe, allowing them to hit it, turning it into a puddle for a short amount of time and allowing them to get away easily.
The text for its death screen reads as follows:

I know what you have done, and what you have yet to do.
But it's alright, because I'm inside you now.
We are one but I am many...

Specimen 3Edit

Specimen 3 (referred to as Subject 5 by a "generic lab assistant" in his notes, that's not confusing at all) is a spider-like, centipede creature developed by GL-Labs. This area not only serves as the first specialized specimen room but also the introduction to the secretive GL-Labs, the ones responsible for summoning, containing, and in this case developing the Specimens in the game specifically for the purpose of killing. From a gameplay standpoint, it isn't much of a threat; It gradually speeds up when going along a straight path, which can make it more dangerous in straightforward rooms and long hallways. In the HD Renovation, it can drop down from holes in the ceiling when walked under, allowing it to catch up to you more easily in many rooms.
It's death screen, complete with 3 Specimen 3's crawling out of holes in the ceiling, reads as follows:

In a land of dreams...
I thought I could be free...
But now...
The hunger never sleeps...

After this, all three rush the player, killing them and cutting to the main menu.

Specimen 4Edit

Specimen 4 is the classic Japanese Ghost Girl inspired by "Corpse Party" and Samara from "The Ring", and introduces a mechanic of her own. Specimen 4 and other incorporeal Specimens to come after her, are able to pass through walls and head straight towards them at all times, able to cut the player off in curved rooms, abyss rooms, etc. Specimen 4 attacks via biting the player, with her mouth opening wider as she gets near.
If the player dies to Specimen 4, you will see her open her mouth wide, and seemingly eat the player, then cutting to an image of her bloodied hands holding her stomach:

Hush my child, you're safe now.

Specimen 5Edit

Specimen 5 seems heavily inspired by the horror franchise "Silent Hill", more specifically "Silent Hill 2", with the specimen appearing to be a combination of the nurses and the main antagonist of that game, Pyramid Head. Its starting room is also inspired by Silent Hill's rusty aesthetic, with asylum-esque padded walls and rusty gates. The notes scattered throughout these rooms are written by cult members that have seemingly angered whatever it is that they worship, most likely Specimen 5 itself, by sacrificing a girl that was not "pure", implying that the cult was performing a virgin sacrifice.

This is one of the more threatening Specimens in the game, with such high damage that it can kill the player in two hits, while also radically changing and moving the textures of the walls to disorient the player. The Specimen is very slow to make up for this but too slow to be a major threat alone.

When the player is killed by Specimen 5, the death screen contains a close-up of Specimen 5's face with a blood red pentagram flickering behind it, and text that reads:

Tiny, Shining holes in the sky.
Delicate, perfect emptiness.
Black, growing absences of life.
Cold, swarming death.
And we shall become them.

Specimen 6Edit

Specimen 6 is very polygonal in shape, akin to the graphics of the Nintendo 64, it's starting room itself is inspired by the Shadow Temple from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" and the "Ben Drowned" creepypasta. There are seemingly closed doors on every side, but some are not real and can be passed through, just like the Shadow Temple, as well Zelda-like keys needed to progress. The notes in these rooms describe a merchant that came to a village and set up shop selling puppets to the children there. He was apparently taking business from the other shops there, as the other stores in town were failing, they took their revenge out on him by throwing his puppets in a nearby river. The puppet salesman jumped in after them, crying that his "children" were being drowned. Years later, the children of the town started mysteriously disappearing, and puppets eerily similar to them were found in the nearby forest.

This Specimen is the first to change the dynamic of the game, whereas the player used to simply run from whatever was chasing them, now it's not as simple. Specimen 6 will only move and attack the player when not observed (looking in its general direction will still keep it in place) and will attack when the player is idly observing it for too long. The Specimen spawns at the beginning of each room in front of the entrance, essentially forcing the player to traverse the rooms backward to avoid taking damage. The threat of Specimen 6 is completely negated after they acquire the axe however, being able to hit them, preventing the Specimen from doing anything for the entire room, making it easy to avoid.

When killed by Specimen 6, an animation of Specimen 6 slowly reaching its needle toward the player's eye, ending just short of touching it, is followed by the this text:

To become a puppet is to rid oneself of the pain and harshness of choice.
Now nothing you do is your fault, now you belong to something...
You belong to me...

Specimen 8Edit

Join us.

Why do you run, child?

Your submission is inevitable.

Your flesh will sustain my children.

And I saw, from eyes that were not mine.
And I felt, with a fear I could not reason.
They watch us, they invade us.
And keep us happy, committing treason.
To a King we didn't deserve.
To a Son who waits weeping.
That I knew, from knowledge gained sleeping.

Specimen 9Edit

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Specimen 10Edit

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Now you have nothing to fear.
Now you have nothing to think.
Follow your selfish desires.
Follow your natural instinct.
After all you're just an animal.
It's much easier than trying to think.

You are more than just an animal.
Use the soul you've been given.
And be responsible for your actions.

Specimen 11Edit

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With every bite with bone and skin.
The temple groaned and shook again.
His dwelling place did I neglect.
To the end with bad effect.

Believe in God, but question the teachings of men.

Specimen 12Edit

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Karamai Hospital DLCEdit

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Monster 1Edit

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Monster 2Edit

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Why did you leave your soul behind?
The worm feeds from you.

Monster 3Edit

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Monster 4Edit

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Dark worms scream inside my brain.
Begging me to eat again.
Hearts, and blood, and bile, and soil.
I must consume to end turmoil.

Monster 5 (Ghost Cow)Edit

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Your fear allows me to enter your mind.
Your obligation allows me to control your hands.
Your reason allows me to break your eyes.
Your guilt allows me to loosen your neck.
Your expectation allows me to hide the truth.
Your tendencies have allowed me to make you (after killing The Protagonist)

The words: Fear, Obligation, Reason, Guilt, Expectation, and Tendencies, spell out the word F.O.R.G.E.T. Monster 5 has caused the Hospital staff to order and commit heinous acts and not remember, so this fits with its lore.

Monster 6 (Becca)Edit

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Don't get up before Saturday.(a reference to Rebecca Black's song Friday)

Monster 7Edit

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You awake in a wasteland not meant for you.
The ground underneath you screams.
The sky above violently pulls you.
And the air around you presses down, trying to worm its way in.

New game +Edit

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The SwordEdit

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Secret EndingEdit

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The Dollhouse DLCEdit

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Woormy CharlesEdit

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Hooked DollEdit

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Helgate ChaseEdit

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Endless ModeEdit

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Unknown SpecimensEdit

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Unknown Specimen 1 (White Face)Edit

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Unknown Specimen 2 (Otto the Otter)Edit

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Unknown Specimen 3 (Spooper)Edit

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Unknown Specimen 4 (Tirsiak)Edit

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Unknwon Specimen 5 (Lisa)Edit

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The CatEdit

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The cat is the 2nd and only friendly NPC in the game first encountered at room 410.

Well hello there. Are you lost, little one? (The Cat greeting The Protagonist)

This place can help those who are ready, but expect turmoil more than you are used to(after greeting The Protagonist)

Two sides of the same coin
Knowing your projections can help you achieve freedom

The mask you wear serves its purpose well, but be careful not to lose yourself in it.

Put on your mask.(written on the computer screen)
Be who you are to others
Be part of something
Become more than yourself
Follow the group

Balance is the key to keeping your mind free and sane.

Knowing your shadow can greatly help you, but be ready to see what you'd rather not be.


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The Doll (The Dollhouse DLC)Edit

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