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Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning (Japanese: スパイラル〜推理の絆 Hepburn: Supairaru: Suiri no Kizuna?) is a shōnen mystery manga series written by Kyou Shirodaira and illustrated by Eita Mizuno. It was published by w:EnixEnix and then Square Enix in Monthly Shōnen Gangan from February 2000 to October 2005 and collected in 15 bound volumes. The series focuses on Ayumu Narumi and his efforts to solve the mystery of the Blade Children, cursed geniuses with cat-like eyes lacking a seventh rib bone. A prequel series by Shirodaira and Mizuno, called Spiral: Alive, was published in Gangan Wing and Monthly Shōnen Gangan from April 2004 to June 2008 and collected in five bound volumes.

Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning


Episode 1: Spiral of Destiny

Ayumu Narumi: Yes. This is Narumi residence. Oh, is that you, brother?
Kiyotaka Narumi: Regarding the mystery of the Blade Children...
Ayumu Narumi: Yes?
Kiyotaka Narumi: "Until the unseen truth is in your hands." Please Pass that on to Madoka as well.
Ayumu Narumi: What was that about? (Back in his day) I saw the dream of that day. Oh no. I overslept. (Ayumu's Brain Thinking) Speaking of which... was it today? Two Years ago, the day that my brother disappeared. "The Mystery of Blade Children..." Why did my brother... leave that message behind when he left?
Takashi Sonobe: Are you okay?! Get ahold of yourself!
Ayumu Narumi: What is it? It's dangerous, there is no fence.
Takashi Sonobe: Was it you? Did you push her down?
Ayumu Narumi: huh?
Suemaru Wataya: Thanks for coming, Inspector.
Madoka Narumi: your report.
Suemaru Wataya: The injured is a second year student at Tsukiyomi School, Shiranagatani Sayoko. She fell from the fifth floor, and hit the truck directly below. It's a miracle that she only sustained minor injuries. Due to her state of shock, she won't be available for a hearing. At the current location, a fence guarding the stairs also fell. Is it an accident? suicide? Or murder? Any one of these could be possible.
Madoka Narumi: Given the current situation, the possibility of suicide is low.
Suemaru Wataya: Why is that?
Madoka Narumi: Those glasses, don't you think they are strange?
Suemaru Wataya: Certainly, it doesn't fit the female students.
Madoka Narumi: It's not that. Most people generally care about how they look before they commit suicide. But for a girl of her age, would she commit suicide while wearing those glasses?
Suemaru Wataya: But maybe that girl likes to wear glasses...
Madoka Narumi: Did you carefully look at her picture on the student ID? She normally doesn't wear glasses. In other words, she wouldn't wear glasses if she didn't have to.
Suemaru Wataya: I see.
Madoka Narumi: You need to be more observant if you want to be a detective.
Suemaru Wataya: Okay...
Hiyono Yuizaki: Then, Professor Sonobe thinks that the first year student Narumi is the perpetrator, that's what you think, right?
Takashi Sonobe: As the teacher, I don't want to think of him as the perpetrator, but I saw him standing exactly where she fell from.
Hiyono Yuizaki: Quite a statement, isn't it? Narumi-san, What are you going to do?
Ayumu Narumi: Like I said, I didn't do it. After all, there are no idiots who would drop somebody on top of a truck if they wanted to kill them.
Takashi Sonobe: But, that truck just happened to park there today, it usually doesn't stop there.
Hiyono Yuizaki: That is what the professor says, Narumi-san, how are you going to argue this?
Ayumu Narumi: Anyway, I am not a perpetrator.
Hiyono Yuizaki: Narumi-san. is there somgthing woung?
Ayumu Narumi: No. By the Way, Who are you?
Hiyono Yuizaki: Sorry for a late introduction! Second Year student at Tsukiyomi School, Head of the Newspaper club, Yuizaki Hiyono! Look, I am will recognized...
Madoka Narumi: Okay, okay, sorry for interrupting your fun, Investigating the crime scene is the police's job.
Suemaru Wataya: According to witness Professor Sonobe... "Actually, I transferred to this school just few days ago." During my afternoon break, I was walking around campus. Then I heard a scream fron a female student... And Then, That girl fell down from the stairs along with the fence. I went to her without thinking. At that time, I noticed that person looking this way from the stairs. As stated by Professor Sonobe, the scene went like that, why were you there at that time?
Ayumu Narumi: I was sleeping on the roof. And then, when I thought it was time to come down, I heard scream. Do you have any objection to that?
Suemaru Wataya: Chief! This guy is a perpetrator!
Madoka Narumi: You know... We well continue the questioning. When you left that place, did you notice anyone suspicious?
Ayumu Narumi: No, I was alone.
Suemaru Wataya: It's this brat after all! According to what you just said, the only one who could have pushed her down in this world and in that moment can only be you. In other words, you are the perpetrator!
Ayumu Narumi: Sorry, but I don't have time for this. it will be bad if I don't go home soon.
Suemaru Wataya: Will your mama by mad at you?
Ayumu Narumi: No...
Madoka Narumi: Your pretty sister will, right? If you don't go home soon and prepare dinner...
Suemaru Wataya: Huh?
Madoka Narumi: Not enough observation, Mr. Wataya. What is my full name?
Suemaru Wataya: Assistant Inspector Narumi Madoka.
Madoka Narumi: And what is his full name?
Suemaru Wataya: Narumi Ayumu... Narumi... is that...
Madoka Narumi: It's not "that", geez.
Suemaru Wataya: Then, could it be?
Madoka Narumi: This guy is my brother in law. I will let you go home today, but do you know what position you are in now?
Ayumu Narumi: It has become quite a troublesome thing.
Female Student 1: What is she doing?
Hiyono Yuizaki: I see, that inspector is Narumi-san's Sister. Seems like it has become more interesting.
Madoka Narumi: What is this?
Ayumu Narumi: "what", you say... it's curry as you can see.
Madoka Narumi: Certainly, it can't be anything but curry, but... It's not that! Didn't you say tonight's menu was from some resort on the base of a mountain around the Mediterranean Sea? Expect where's the smell of fresh sffron? What happened to the taste of wasabi?
Ayumu Narumi: You know, because of all that investigation during the day, I lost all my time. I couldn't have made something like that.
Madoka Narumi: Ah! Not only that, this... I thought it was strange to have cooked curry without using the pot. I discovered... Evidence of a cheap meal, instant curry pakckage!
Ayumu Narumi: Just as expected from an inspector.
Madoka Narumi: Are you trying to get on my nerves?! (Brain Thinking) Today is the two year anniversary, isn't it? Since Kiyotaka-san left...
Ayumu Narumi: By the way... isn't today the first day you started working where you are?
Madoka Narumi: Huh? What are you saying? That it's depressing to say that an unsocialable sister liveed at home, right?
Ayumu Narumi: It's depressing to have a selfish sister who uses others too. Ouch. What? Isn't it true?
Madoka Narumi: You are in serious trouble. As it stands, at that time, there was no one else who could have pushed her down.
Ayumu Narumi: (repeated) "No, I was alone."
Madoka Narumi: Your presentation was terrible. There is a slim chance that it's suicide, and instead of an accident, it looks like she was pushed with great force. And at that place,the only one who could have done it at that time, is you.
Ayumu Narumi: In other words, without using special tricks, I am the only perpetrator.
Madoka Narumi: Special Tricks?
Ayumu Narumi: First, you should figure out what the trick is.
Madoka Narumi: What are you saying? What's that trick?
Ayumu Narumi: That's alright, I am the only amateur. I will go wash the dishes.
Madoka Narumi: You figure out something, didn't you?
Ayumu Narumi: By the way, you should watch out of Sonobe. That guy, even thought he only came recently, he mentioned the parking spot for the transport trucks, right?
Madoka Narumi: Right...
Ayumu Narumi: Before that, without learning it around campus, a new teacher shouldn't know something like that. In other words, he came and looked up that place before.
Madoka Narumi: But at that time, he ran straight in front of the girl. He was on the ground, so if he pushed her off, it would have taken him a long time to get to the ground.
Ayumu Narumi: That's way i Said, without using special tricks, only I can be the perpetrator. (Brain Thinking) Also, at that time, Sonobe was yelling at me on purpose.
Takashi Sonobe: (Repeated) Was it you? Did you push her down?
Ayumu Narumi: (Brain Thinking) By yelling at me, he diverted everyone's attention, and then pick up something, and dropped it in his pocket.
Madoka Narumi: Ayumu? One moment, Ayumu? Why did you suddenly stop talking? If you don't tell me everything, we can't clear the charges.
Ayumu Narumi: It's nothing, I don't mind.
Madoka Narumi: What are you saying? We are talking about you.
Ayumu Narumi: Well, I am just a highschool student, I will leave the inventigations to the inspectors.
Madoka Narumi: You never speak clearly.
Ayumu Narumi: Always indirect, is it? It's true... That I am sealed within myself. Am I afraid to open my mind to be involved? Or... Am I afraid to be inheriting this darkness?
Kiyotaka Narumi: "Until the unseen truth is in my hards."
Ayumu Narumi: I am different from my brother.
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