Spec Ops: The Line

2012 video game

Spec Ops: The Line is a 2012 third-person shooter video game developed by Yager Development and published by 2K Games. The player controls Captain Martin Walker, who is sent into a post-catastrophe Dubai with an elite Delta Force team on a reconnaissance mission, that quickly degenerates into a running firefight against hostile locals and rogue American soldiers. The writers stated that the premise of the game is influenced by various novellas, including Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.

There's a line men like us have to cross. If we're lucky, we do what's necessary, then we die. No, all I really want, Captain, is peace.

Captain Martin Walker edit

  • Gentlemen, welcome to Dubai.
  • Is John Konrad the greatest man I ever served with? Well, I dunno. There was this one time in Kabul when he dragged my bleeding carcass half a mile to the evac chopper, so maybe I'm biased.
  • Orders ain't worth following if it means leaving people to die, Lugo.
  • It's Konrad. He did it. All of it.
  • You brought this on yourself.
  • This isn't my fault...
  • What happened here was out of my control...
  • I-I didn't mean to hurt anybody...
  • This is Captain Martin Walker, requesting immediate evacuation of Dubai. Survivors... one too many.

Colonel John Konrad edit

There were over five thousand people alive in Dubai, the day before you arrived. How many are alive today, I wonder? How many will be alive tomorrow?
  • Welcome to Dubai, gentlemen.
  • This is Colonel John Konrad, United States Army. Attempted evacuation of Dubai ended in complete failure. Death toll... too many.
  • Dubai should have died long ago. We were ordered to abandon these people. Instead, we chose damnation.
  • There were over five thousand people alive in Dubai, the day before you arrived. How many are alive today, I wonder? How many will be alive tomorrow?
  • I thought my duty was to protect this city from the storm. I was wrong. I have to protect it from you.
  • Your friends, dead. The world on fire. And you... alone. You're a failure. Finally, something we have in common.
  • Welcome to Hell, Walker. We've been waiting for you.
  • Well done Walker, you've done what the storm could not: destroyed the Damned 33rd. Do you feel like a hero yet?
  • Someone has to pay for your crimes, Walker. Who is it going to be?
  • It takes a strong man to deny what's in front of him. And if the truth is undeniable, you create your own.
  • The truth, Walker, is that you're here because you wanted to feel like something you're not: a hero.
  • I'm here because you can't accept what you've done. It broke you. You needed someone to blame, so you cast it on me: a dead man.
  • No matter what happens next, don't be too hard on yourself. Even now, after all you've done, you can still go home. Lucky you.
  • Home? We can't go home. There's a line men like us have to cross. If we're lucky, we do what's necessary, then we die. No, all I really want, Captain, is peace.
  • Was it? None of this would've happened if you'd just stopped. But on you marched. And for what?
  • Jeremy. Someday, people will tell you about your father. For that, I'm sorry. I love you.
    (Message to Jeremy)

Robert Darden, "The Radioman" edit

I've been thinking a lot about Murrow, broadcasting outta blitzed London. He helped people. He showed'em something the Nazis couldn't flatten.
  • You didn't actually think we'd just let you walk in here, did ya?
  • Reports are pouring into the studio that everyone's favorite D-bags are down at the mall. Rumor has it, they're trying to "rescue" even more people. You gotta love these guys. They're just gonna keep on trying, even if it kills every last one of ya. Be sure to stop by and tell 'em thanks...
  • That guy? You shot that guy? I liked that guy...
  • He had a... dog... maybe? I didn't really know that guy.
  • Aw, jeez... where's all this violence coming from, man? Is it the video games? I bet it's the video games.
  • I don't know what it feels like to execute people you swore to protect. But Konrad sure does... And he's not talking to anyone at the moment.
    (Radioman Tape: After the Storm)
  • Everything...everything's gonna be just fine...
  • I get why the Colonel does... what he does. But, if these people can still muster enough soul to create art... maybe there's more than he sees. I've been thinking a lot about Murrow, broadcasting outta blitzed London. He helped people. He showed'em something the Nazis couldn't flatten.
    (Radioman Tape: Street Artist)

Others edit

What, I'm supposed to abandon them just because I get homesick? Nah. We're better than that.
  • SSG Josh Forbes (Captured Damned 33rd Soldier): All the Colonel wanted was to keep people alive... Remember that...
  • Dubai Citizen: (After Lugo is lynched by a mob) You brought this on yourself!
  • Falcon 1: Captain Walker, we are here to help. But first I need you to lay down your weapon.
  • Falcon 1: Just hand me your weapon Captain. We're here to take you home.
  • Politician: You know nothing of Dubai, my friend. If you did, you would know the truth is whatever we wish it to be.
    (Radioman Tape: Evacuation Conspiracy)
  • Damned 33rd Soldier: Every insurgent brought before me will feel the same pain. And when they break, we will be like brothers. Having stared down death... and flinched...
    (Interrogator Confession; discussing the use of fire to torture captives)
  • PFC Pete Gobi: I'd love to go home, ya know? I got a daughter I ain't seen since last Christmas. But my baby-girl? She's safe in her bed right now. These people here... they ain't so lucky. What, I'm supposed to abandon them just because I get homesick? Nah. We're better than that.
    (Radioman Tape: Soldier Interview)

Loading Screens edit

Do you feel like a hero yet?
  • How many Americans have you killed today?
  • There is no difference between what is right and what is necessary.
  • If you were a better person, you wouldn't be here.
  • It's time for you to wake up.
  • Squad commands are unavailable when you're alone. No one can help you now.
  • You are still a good person.
  • Can you even remember why you came here?
  • This is all your fault.
  • Do you feel like a hero yet?
  • To kill for yourself is murder. To kill for your government is heroic. To kill for entertainment is harmless.
  • White phosphorous is a common allotrope used in your slaughter at the Gate. It can set fire to soldiers and the innocent civilians they are trying to help.
  • It's Konrad. He did it. All of it.
  • Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two conflicting ideas simultaneously.
  • You cannot understand, nor do you want to.
  • The US military does not condone the killing of unarmed combatants. But this isn't real, so why should you care?
  • We cannot escape anguish. It is what we are.
  • If Lugo were still alive, he would likely suffer from PTSD. So, really, he's the lucky one.
  • Adams blames Walker for Lugo's death. It's his fault they didn't leave Dubai when they had the chance.
  • Walker's obsession with Konrad has brought nothing but destruction—to Dubai and his squad.
  • There is no escape.
  • Life begins at the other side of despair.
  • No one can help you now.
  • Collateral damage can be justified, if the gain outweighs the cost. How much do you think Adams and Lugo are worth?
  • Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you.
  • I exist and I find it nauseating.
  • Walker and Adams have served together for many years.
  • You can't go home.
  • If the Radioman now speaks for the 33rd, then what happened to Konrad?

Dialogue edit

  • CPT Walker: Is John Konrad the greatest man I ever served with? Well, I don't know. There was this one time, in Kabul, when he dragged my bleedin' carcass half a mile to an evac chopper. So maybe I'm biased. But the facts don't lie. The man's a fuckin' hero. Remember when the first storms hit Dubai? You were probably all safe and sound at home watchin' TV. Well, Konrad was leadin' The Damned 33rd outta Afghanistan. 'Stead of comin' home, he volunteered his entire battalion to help with the evac. Bet all you did was send a check. Rumor is, Konrad was ordered to abandon the city. He defied that order. And the 33rd stood with him. Now, the official story's still hazy 'bout what happened next. All we know for sure is that the storms got worse. Much worse. Last thing we heard outta Dubai was that Konrad was leading a caravan of survivors outta the city. That was 6 months ago. Then, 2 weeks ago, we picked up this transmission...
    COL Konrad: This is Colonel John Konrad, United States Army. Attempted evacuation of Dubai ended in complete failure... Death toll... Too many...

  • SSG Lugo: Hey Cap! Captain Walker!
    CPT Walker: What is it, Lugo?
    SSG Lugo: Got a situation, sir!
    CPT Walker: Mission critical?
    SSG Lugo: No, sir!
    CPT Walker: Then take it up the chain, Sergeant.
    SSG Lugo: Roger that! Lt. Adams?
    LT Adams: I hear ya, Sergeant. What's your status?
    SSG Lugo: Status is chafed, sir!
    LT Adams: You say "chafed", Sergeant?
    SSG Lugo: Yes, sir! A local airborne insurgency has infiltrated the US zone designated as my pants! Sir!
    LT Adams: [chuckles] Shut up, jackass.

  • CPT Walker: Gentlemen, welcome to Dubai.
    SSG Lugo: Yup. Still dead.
    LT Adams: Yet to be seen, Sergeant.
    CPT Walker: You got a lock on that transmission?
    SSG Lugo: Yes, sir. About 800 yards away.
    CPT Walker: ...Then we're 800 yards away from seeing who's more full of shit, you or intel.
    SSG Lugo: Wow. If I wasn't a hardened killing machine, that might've hurt.

  • SSG Lugo: [rappelling down a cliff] Wheeeeeee.
    CPT Walker: That's enough, Lugo.
    SSG Lugo: Just keepin' it light, boss.
    CPT Walker: Yeah, I don't need "light". Need you focused on the mission.
    SSG Lugo: What mission? We're basically pokin' a dead dog with a stick.
    CPT Walker: We have our orders. Locate survivors. Leave the city immediately. Radio command from outside the storm wall. They send in the cavalry, we go home.

  • SSG Lugo: Hey... did you guys hear that?
    LT Adams: You fuckin' with us?
    SSG Lugo: I am hurt that you'd even ask.
    LT Adams: Ain't nobody here, man.
    CPT Walker: Sounds like the transmission.
    SSG Lugo: Huh... I could'a sworn I heard somebody.
    LT Adams: Come on. Let's just get this over with.

  • SSG Lugo: Hey! Anyone out there? Stalker says "what"?
    LT Adams: Leave it alone. No one's out there.
    SSG Lugo: Then what the fuck're we doin' here?
    LT Adams: Lugo's got a point.
    CPT Walker: Oh, you're takin' his side now?
    LT Adams: When he's right, he's right.
    CPT Walker: Hey, Command wants us to look around, we look around.
    SSG Lugo: I don't know. Sounds like a waste of three stone-cold, ruggedly handsome Delta operators, such as ourselves.
    LT Adams: Think of it as a paid vacation.
    SSG Lugo: Well, for future reference, I prefer my beaches with a 3-to-1 Sexy Lady:Dead Body ratio.
    CPT Walker: Lugo... do you ever actually hear the shit comin' outta your mouth?
    SSG Lugo: No, I do not, sir. I find it messes with my rhythm.

  • SSG Lugo: [finding the distress beacon] Yup. This is what we're looking for... whatever it is.
    CPT Walker: What's that supposed to mean?
    SSG Lugo: It's a distress beacon, but it ain't military. Someone built this outta spare parts.
    CPT Walker: Any idea who?
    SSG Lugo: Nah, not a fuckin' clue.

  • LT Adams: Goddammit... Walker, you better come see this. [opens cloth on Humvee, causing a corpse to spill out]
    CPT Walker: [turning away] Oh, fuck...
    LT Adams: That's putting it lightly.
    CPT Walker: [examining corpse] Body looks fresh.
    LT Adams: It is. Even worse, he's 33rd.
    CPT Walker: Who did this?
    LT Adams: Probably the same people been ghostin' us.
    SSG Lugo: Well, that doesn't answer the question.
    CPT Walker: [seeing guns aimed at him] Don't worry... I think we're about to find out.

  • CPT Walker: [hiding behind cover] My name is Captain Martin Walker. We're looking for survivors.
    Insurgent: Why? So you can kill us, too? [yells in Farsi]
    SSG Lugo: You speak Farsi? Maybe we can understand each other better [in Farsi] if we speak like this.
    CPT Walker: Good call, Lugo...
    LT Adams: [as Lugo and the insurgent speak in Farsi] This could go south real fast, Walker.
    CPT Walker: No shit. Any ideas?
    LT Adams: See that bus over there? It's filled with sand. Push comes to shove, shoot out the windows. Might give us an advantage.
    Insurgent: Hey! You two! They're planning something! Kill them! [fires on Walker, Adams, and Lugo]

  • LT Adams: Who the fuck are these guys?
    SSG Lugo: They're refugees. Survivors of the storm.
    LT Adams: That's good, right? We should radio Command. Give 'em the news.
    SSG Lugo: Be my guest. I'm sure they'll stop shooting so you can make a phone call.
    CPT Walker: Gentlemen! Less talking, more shooting!

  • [Walker, Adams, and Lugo kill the hostage-takers inside the crashed plane and talk to the survivor]
    SSG Lugo: You're gonna have to talk fast, boss. He's fadin'.
    CPT Walker: We're here to help. Just stay with me, all right?
    Alpha Patrol Soldier: Forget me... They took McPherson... You gotta find him...
    CPT Walker: We will, but I need you to tell me where they took him.
    Alpha Patrol Soldier: They took him... to the... Nest...
    CPT Walker: The "Nest"? The Nest... All right, good. And what about Konrad? Is he still alive?
    [the soldier dies from his wounds]
    CPT Walker: [sighs] Goddammit... Lugo, mark the bodies on TAC. Adams, check outside for tracks. [sighs] I wanna know what the hell is going on in this city.
    LT Adams: [examining the area around the plane] Got multiple tracks headed north.
    CPT Walker: Then we follow 'em.

  • LT Adams: Not to argue, but this ain't exactly within our mission parameters.
    CPT Walker: Yeah, well, our mission went from recon to rescue the minute we found US soldiers butchered.
    SSG Lugo: Buckin' orders. I like it.
    CPT Walker: Orders ain't worth followin' if it means leavin' people to die, Lugo. If Konrad's still alive, and I think he is, I know he'd agree with me.
    LT Adams: [after climbing onto a helipad] Tracks end here. Guess this is the Nest.
    SSG Lugo: Yeah, it's quaint. Very post-apocalypstick.
    CPT Walker: Just don't get cocky. Remember, these guys already took out 4 soldiers and kidnapped another.

  • "The Radioman": [mimicking a "breaking news" alert] This just in... An unwarranted assault on the 33rd today means - hehe - you guessed it: an end to the ceasefire! All insurgents wishing to surrender, please report to your nearest outpost for processing. Haha! We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast. Here we go.
    SSG Lugo: Let me go on record and say this shit just got weird.
    LT Adams: Fuck "weird". This is outta control. Not only do they got people here, they got a fuckin' DJ. We need to radio Command, ASAP.
    CPT Walker: Nah, not yet. Konrad and the 33rd need our help. And this soldier can lead us straight to 'em. Once we know the 33rd is safe, we'll radio for evac.

  • LT Adams: Anyone else feel like we should try talkin' to these guys again? I mean, we did come here to save 'em.
    SSG Lugo: Man, we are way past that point. These people don't wanna talk. They're out for blood.
    CPT Walker: Lugo's right. Best we can do is get outta here and find the 33rd... before these people tear 'em apart.
    LT Adams: OK. Shoot first, questions later. Got it.
    CPT Walker: We find Konrad, he'll answer our questions.

  • Agent Castavin: Dropping C4? What were you thinking?
    Insurgent: They were dug in, sir. We didn't have many options.
    Agent Castavin: You're lucky this whole place didn't collapse. [hops down] Where's the soldier? The one we took from the plane.
    Insurgent: Downstairs, sir.
    Agent Castavin: Is he being guarded?
    Insurgent: At all times.
    Agent Castavin: Good. Think I'll go say hi.
    Insurgent: Agent Castavin, wait--
    Agent Castavin: What?
    Insurgent: He won't talk, sir.
    Agent Castavin: He'll talk to me.

  • LT Adams: Walker... that guy was American.
    CPT Walker: Yeah, I noticed.
    SSG Lugo: Why are the locals takin' orders from an American? And why's he got a hard-on for the 33rd?
    CPT Walker: I have no idea... [sees Agent Castavin right outside the doorway] Shit. Ask him yourself.
    Agent Castavin: [spotting Walker] They're still alive. Take care of them!

  • SSG Lugo: [coughing] Jesus fuck...
    CPT Walker: [coughs] All right, don't get too relaxed. [coughs] We're not stopping. Every minute we waste could be the difference between a soldier going home alive or going home in a bag.
    LT Adams: We got tracks leading to the elevator shaft.
    CPT Walker: Then let's see what's down the rabbit hole.

  • SSG Lugo: Ugh. You smell that? Someone's definitely been living down here.
    LT Adams: If you can call it that.
    CPT Walker: I'd call it survival. Probably been this way since the first storms hit.
    SSG Lugo: Life's hard. Doesn't give 'em a reason to start killin' soldiers.
    LT Adams: The American we saw upstairs gave 'em a reason.
    SSG Lugo: Yeah, but why?
    CPT Walker: Wish I knew.

  • [Walker, Adams and Lugo see a line of executed American soldiers]
    LT Adams: Christ... These soldiers were massacred...
    SSG Lugo: Nah... Look how they're lined up. This was an execution.
    CPT Walker: Just like the Kabul death squads.
    SSG Lugo: Shit.
    CPT Walker: Yeah. Shit.

  • Agent Castavin: We're gonna keep at this until you tell me what I wanna know! [slaps McPherson] How many soldiers are stationed at the Water Depot? [punches McPherson]
    LT McPherson: [coughs] Get your licks in while you can, Agent. [gets punched by Castavin] 33rd's on their way here right now.
    Agent Castavin: The Damned can't save you. The 33rd lost their balls the day they went rogue.
    LT McPherson: Fuck you. Dubai would be at peace, if you hadn't stirred up the locals. [gets punched by Castavin] Got 'em killin' soldiers again. Did you really think we weren't gonna fight back?
    Agent Castavin: We hoped you would. [kicks McPherson] The CIA doesn't start what it can't finish.
    LT McPherson: Well, now's the time to prove it. 'Cuz I'm not tellin' you shit.
    SSG Lugo: [seeing Castavin draw his pistol] No!
    Agent Castavin: What the hell? [gets shot and killed with his own pistol thanks to McPherson]
    CPT Walker: [as Lugo and Adams aim their guns at McPherson] Hold your fire!

  • LT Adams: Lower your weapon.
    LT McPherson: I look stupid to you?
    CPT Walker: No. That's why you're gonna point that pistol somewhere else.
    LT McPherson: Lower your weapon, I'll lower mine.
    LT Adams: Not gonna happen.
    CPT Walker: [after McPherson raises his hands] You got a name?
    LT McPherson: McPherson. First Lieutenant. You?
    CPT Walker: Walker. Captain. We found your friend at the plane. He told us where to find you.
    LT McPherson: Really? Where's he at?
    CPT Walker: He didn't make it.
    LT McPherson: Why am I not surprised?
    LT Adams: So what? You think we killed him?
    LT McPherson: I didn't say that.
    CPT Walker: You're not saying much of anything, Lieutenant.
    LT McPherson: Article 4, Captain. You gotta speak to my commander.
    CPT Walker: Well, where's he at?
    LT McPherson: By now, I'd imagine he's just downstairs.
    CPT Walker: Yeah, I'll bet.
    LT McPherson: Why don't you wait here? I'll go get him. [rappels down to the floor below]

  • SSG Lugo: [finding a wall covered in battle plans] Goddamn... All this stuff is CIA.
    LT Adams: This musta been their safehouse.
    SSG Lugo: Hidin' behind civilians... Not the manliest of tactics.
    LT Adams: That's normal for the CIA.
    CPT Walker: Yeah, but killin' US soldiers isn't.

  • LT Adams: [after engaging Damned 33rd soldiers in a firefight] Those were soldiers. Our own guys.
    CPT Walker: It was self-defense.
    LT Adams: Doesn't make me feel any better.
    CPT Walker: It's not supposed to.

  • 1st Damned 33rd Soldier: [shooting at fleeing civilians] Get back here! Stop running!
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: This is for your own good!
    LT Adams: What the?! The 33rd's chasin' down civilians!
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: [spotting Walker, Lugo, and Adams] It's Grey Fox! Attack! [opens fire]
    CPT Walker: Shit! Return fire!
    SSG Lugo: But they're soldiers!
    CPT Walker: They will kill us if we don't! Now, open fire!

  • 1st Damned 33rd Soldier: CIA! Take 'em out!
    LT Adams: Cease fire!
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: Give it up, Agent Castavin!
    3rd Damned 33rd Soldier: We've found the CIA!
    SSG Lugo: Goddammit, we are not CIA!
    4th Damned 33rd Soldier: Terminate on sight.
    LT Adams: We're Delta Force! We're here to help!
    SSG Lugo: Do the words "friendly fucking fire" mean anything to you?! Jesus Christ, we're not CIA!
    5th Damned 33rd Soldier: Time to pay the reaper, Company man!

  • CPT Walker: All right... We need to keep moving before more soldiers show up.
    SSG Lugo: You mean more American soldiers?
    CPT Walker: Rogue soldiers. It's clear the 33rd is no longer acting as part of the US Army.
    LT Adams: So, what do we do?
    CPT Walker: [sighs] If we're gonna sort this out, we need to find John Konrad.
    SSG Lugo: How's that help? You just said the 33rd were rogue.
    CPT Walker: Konrad wouldn't abandon his duty. The 33rd may be hostile, but I guarantee the Colonel isn't part of it.
    LT Adams: How can you be sure?
    CPT Walker: Because I know the man. Now get that open.
    LT Adams: Not a problem.

  • LT Adams: You okay, Walker? Been awfully quiet.
    CPT Walker: Just thinking about our next move.
    LT Adams: Wanna share your thoughts with the rest of us?
    CPT Walker: Well, from what we've heard, I'm starting to think the 33rd went to war against itself. Whichever side won, seems they decided to stay here and take over Dubai.
    SSG Lugo: Sounds like a mess.
    LT Adams: It is. The CIA's been here for God knows how long, tryin' to clean it up.
    CPT Walker: Long enough to know everything that's going on in this city.
    LT Adams: Including what happened to Konrad?
    CPT Walker: Exactly. If we can make contact with the CIA, then we'll find Konrad.

  • LT Adams: At least we know one agent is still alive.
    SSG Lugo: More than one, actually. If the 33rd's broadcasting this shit, it's for a reason.
    LT Adams: You think it's bait?
    SSG Lugo: It hooked us.
    LT Adams: ...That's fair.

  • 1st Damned 33rd Soldier: Hey, Bradley, you got any gum?
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: Here ya go. Last piece.
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: I don't wanna take your last piece, dude.
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: Take it. Stole it off'a Benson, anyway.
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: Oh. Well, fuck that guy.
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: Hehe... No kiddin'.
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: [sighs] You know, with all the shit goin' on, I forgot how beautiful this place can be.
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: I feel ya.
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: You know, sometimes at night, I'll just come out here and sit. Just listen to the wind.
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: Yeah... Reminds me of how the wind used to howl through the trees where I grew up. Kinda peaceful, actually.
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: Hard to believe there's any peace in a place like this, huh?
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: You gotta look for peace no matter where you are, man. Helps remind you what you're fightin' for.
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: Yeah, true that. Anyway, thanks for the gum. I'm gonna go check upstairs.
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: Anytime.

  • 1st Damned 33rd Soldier: Major, we just received word from the Tower.
    Damned 33rd Officer: Go ahead, Corporal.
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: Operation Reclamation has suffered max casualties. Agent Castavin no longer a threat. Remaining Grey Fox members in vicinity. Be prepared.
    Damned 33rd Officer: What about the civilians? Did we get them out in time?
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: Some. Thirty, maybe forty... we don't know yet.
    Damned 33rd Officer: Goddammit... Forgive them, for they know not what they do...
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: What was that, sir?
    Damned 33rd Officer: Nothing, Corporal. Tell the Tower we are already broadcasting. We're ready for them.
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: Yes, sir.
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: Corporal. Has Lt. Bradley reported in yet?
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: No, sir.
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: Go check the stairwell. See what's holding him up.
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: Yes, sir.

  • SSG Lugo: This is fuckin' insane.
    LT Adams: I don't know. Someone's obviously callin' the shots around here.
    SSG Lugo: It's gotta be the guy on the radio.
    LT Adams: Shit. You think?
    SSG Lugo: It would explain why Dubai's gone batshit.
    LT Adams: Good point.

  • SSG Lugo: Aren't the 33rd supposed to be heroes? This torture sounds a bit extreme.
    CPT Walker: Yeah, well, with the Radioman runnin' the show, it's not that hard to believe.
    LT Adams: How you figure?
    CPT Walker: I actually think I met him once. In Kabul, there was a reporter travelin' with the 33rd. Weird guy. The kind you didn't want loose in a firefight. I never spoke to him. But the Colonel trusted him completely... I couldn't figure out why. Now it looks like that trust finally caught up with him.
    SSG Lugo: So what makes you think he's the same guy?
    CPT Walker: It's his voice. You don't forget a voice like that.

  • CPT Walker: [after reuniting with Adams and Lugo] What the hell took you so long?
    SSG Lugo: Elevator was broke. Had to take the stairs.
    LT Adams: This isn't the time, Sergeant.
    SSG Lugo: What?
    CPT Walker: He's fine, Adams. So am I. No need to get worked up.
    LT Adams: I'm just sayin'.
    CPT Walker: I know... I know. Got a lock on the signal, Lugo?
    SSG Lugo: Yeah. We're close.
    CPT Walker: Then let's move.

  • LT Adams: [looking at Agent Daniels' body] If this is Daniels, he's been dead a long time.
    CPT Walker: [pulling a speaker from Daniels' mouth] We've been set up.
    [Walker, Adams, and Lugo recoil as very sharp feedback noise rings throughout the area]
    CPT Walker: What the hell's going on, Lugo?
    SSG Lugo: No fuckin' clue!
    "The Radioman": Whoa, feedback.
    CPT Walker: Identify yourself.
    "The Radioman": Me? Who the hell are you?
    CPT Walker: Captain Go-Fuck-Yourself.
    "The Radioman": Heh. Well now, Captain... This lil' trap was meant for a fox named Gould. But you ain't Gould. In fact, I don't know who you are. No one does. And that's dangerous.
    CPT Walker: Dangerous to who?
    "The Radioman": Everyone. I mean, come on. You didn't actually think we'd just let you walk in here, did you?
    CPT Walker: Yeah, we did. We're looking for survivors.
    "The Radioman": Well, you found some. It's a bitch, ain't it? [as a helicopter arrives at Walker, Adams, and Lugo's position] Move in, boys.

  • CPT Walker: [after he, Adams, and Lugo are buried under a pile of debris] How's it look, Lugo?
    SSG Lugo: [tending to Adams' bullet wound in his leg] He can walk, but it's gonna hurt. You want morphine?
    LT Adams: Nah. Wanna keep my head clear.
    SSG Lugo: 'Kay. Then hold still. Almost done here.
    LT Adams: What are you thinking, Walker?
    CPT Walker: I'm thinkin' we landed in the middle of a fuckin' war zone.
    SSG Lugo: It's impressive, seein' as this city was supposed to be uninhabited.
    CPT Walker: Exactly.
    LT Adams: Maybe it's time we got outta here. Called in the evac team.
    CPT Walker: We got 8 miles of open desert between us and the storm wall. Helos'd cut us down before we took 10 steps. Our only option now is to reconnect with Gould.
    LT Adams: You sure you wanna cast our lot with the CIA?
    CPT Walker: We have no choice. You've seen what's become of the 33rd.
    SSG Lugo: Captain's right. The Damned are outta control. Someone's gotta stop 'em.
    LT Adams: I know. But can we trust 'em?
    CPT Walker: Gould risked his life to save ours. He's earned my trust.
    LT Adams: And what about Konrad?
    CPT Walker: This isn't just about finding Konrad anymore. It's about doin' what's right.

  • Agent Gould: [through the radio] Captain Walker. If you read me, come in. Over.
    CPT Walker: Copy that. Over.
    Agent Gould: Whew. I was afraid we lost you back there.
    CPT Walker: Well, we took a pretty good beating, but we'll live.
    Agent Gould: Good, 'cause we need all the help we can get.
    CPT Walker: What's going on here, Agent?
    Agent Gould: Insanity, Captain. CIA sent us in looking for survivors. Instead, we found Dubai tearing itself apart.
    CPT Walker: Any sign of Konrad in all this?
    Agent Gould: No, none that I've seen. I heard rumors that he's still alive, but if that's true, he's in hiding somewhere. Dammit! Incoming helo! LOOK OUT!
    CPT Walker: Lugo, get him back on the radio.
    SSG Lugo: I can't. Signal's dead.
    LT Adams: Heads up.
    [shattering glass and whizzing bullets can be seen, followed by an insurgent falling to his death]
    LT Adams: Not lookin' too good for Gould.
    CPT Walker: You got a problem with him, Adams?
    LT Adams: Look, the 33rd needs to be stopped. But isn't Gould's "revolution" just stirrin' the shit?
    CPT Walker: Hey, he saved our ass back there, and right now, he's all we got.

  • "The Radioman": [after Walker, Adams, and Lugo push through the Damned 33rd's defensive line] Don't worry. They'll be back.
    CPT Walker: Hey, fuckface. Tell the 33rd to stand down. This is helping no one.
    "The Radioman": Sorry, but I answer to a higher authority than you, Captain Walker.
    CPT Walker: Oh, so you remember me now?
    "The Radioman": I do, indeed. And I'm not the only one.

  • SSG Lugo: This is just fucked.
    LT Adams: What're you talking about?
    SSG Lugo: People died back there. Not just soldiers and civilians, but Gould. Our best chance of gettin' outta this hellhole.
    CPT Walker: Calm down, Lugo. There's nothing we could have done.
    SSG Lugo: Don't tell me to calm down. [shoves Adams] We got no idea what the fuck we're doin' here!
    LT Adams: [shoves Lugo] Yeah. You're right. Puttin' your faith in Gould, you are fuckin' clueless. Man, I'm through with this shit.
    SSG Lugo: Fuck you! At least I'm doing my job! You're the one who's fine just sitting back, waiting for things to unfuck themselves!
    LT Adams: [punches Lugo] You think I like watchin' these people die, huh?! You think I won't carry this shit to my fuckin' grave?! HUH?!
    CPT Walker: [gets in between Adams and Lugo] Stand down! Both of you, stand the fuck down! ...The fuck is wrong with you two? We're in the middle of a fucking war zone, and you're fighting in the dirt like a couple of goddamn kids! You are Delta operators! Fucking act like it! ...All right, then. We good?
    LT Adams: Yeah.
    CPT Walker: Lugo?
    SSG Lugo: Yes, sir.
    CPT Walker: Good. Now, let's keep moving.

  • LT Adams: I'd say that's the Gate.
    CPT Walker: Adams, take care of the lookout.
    LT Adams: I'm on it. [sneaks up behind the Damned 33rd soldier and stabs him in the throat] Sweet dreams, bitch... [moves to the edge of the building with Walker and Lugo]
    CPT Walker: All right, Lugo, what are we up against?
    SSG Lugo: An army, give or take.
    CPT Walker: No shit.
    SSG Lugo: How are we gettin' through this?
    LT Adams: This might help. [points to a nearby mortar]
    CPT Walker: Fine. Set it up.
    SSG Lugo: [as Adams props the mortar up] You're fucking kidding, right? That's white phosphorous.
    CPT Walker: Yeah, I know what it is.
    SSG Lugo: You've seen what this shit does! You know we can't use it.
    LT Adams: We might not have a choice, Lugo.
    SSG Lugo: There's always a choice.
    CPT Walker: No... There's really not.

  • [Walker, Adams and Lugo find a Damned 33rd soldier badly burned from the white phosphorous]
    Burned Damned 33rd Soldier: Why...?
    CPT Walker: You brought this on yourself.
    Burned Damned 33rd Soldier: We were helping... [dies]
    CPT Walker: What? [looks past the soldier] Oh, no...
    [Walker, Adams and Lugo walk through a group of charred corpses, all dressed in civilian clothing]
    SSG Lugo: Are those... civilians...?
    LT Adams: Where'd they come from? There's no camp here.
    CPT Walker: They took 'em from the Nest... [sees the bodies of a charred mother shielding her daughter's eyes]
    LT Adams: That hotel back at the storm wall? No, no, no. No, those can't be the civvies that got kidnapped. S'not possible.
    [the camera moves slowly to the mother and daughter's bodies; cuts back and forth to Walker's dread-filled face with Adams and Lugo behind him]
    SSG Lugo: Yeah, it is. It's why Gould stormed this place... He didn't want the Gate. He was tryin' to rescue his people... [pointing at Walker, and by extension, the player] This is your fault, goddammit!
    LT Adams: Stop right there, Lugo.
    SSG Lugo: [angrily] But it is! He wouldn't listen!
    LT Adams: We didn't have a choice!
    SSG Lugo: He turned us into fucking killers!
    LT Adams: That's enough, Sergeant!
    SSG Lugo: No! NO!!!
    LT Adams: Control yourself! Now!!!
    [Walker snaps out of it, turns back to Adams and Lugo]
    CPT Walker: [calmly] We need to keep moving.
    SSG Lugo: [to Walker, exasperated] What?
    CPT Walker: Reinforcements will be here any second. We need to keep moving.
    LT Adams: But, Walker... you're not... you're not even--
    CPT Walker: I'm gonna make these bastards pay for what they've done. Now, are you with me or not?

  • LT Adams: [after killing the Damned 33rd inside the Gate] It's over, Walker. They're dead.
    CPT Walker: Good. Start lookin' around. Might be somethin' here that'll clue us into what's goin' on.
    SSG Lugo: Maps, supplies, ammo... Looks like a normal outpost to me.
    CPT Walker: No. There's gotta be more upstairs. All right, check your mags. No idea what we'll find up here.
    SSG Lugo: Can't be worse than what we left outside.
    LT Adams: Hey. Careful, Lugo.
    CPT Walker: Nah... No, he's right. There's nothing good about what happened out there, Lugo... but our hand was forced... And I know by who...

  • [Walker, Adams and Lugo enter the Damned 33rd command post inside the Gate]
    SSG Lugo: What the hell?
    LT Adams: [looking at a row of charred corpses tied to chairs] Phosphorous. I swear, if I never see this shit again, it'll be too soon.
    CPT Walker: [picking up some dog tags] Look at this. Tags.
    SSG Lugo: Whose?
    CPT Walker: Konrad's command team. I knew these men. [hearing a noise] Listen.
    COL Konrad: [through a radio] No better than I did. I promise you that.
    CPT Walker: He knows we're here.
    COL Konrad: I could not inspire them. They led a mutiny. Foolish, in a place like this. I don't blame them. They did what they thought necessary. But if order was to be maintained, an example had to be made.
    CPT Walker: [picking up the radio] Colonel... I'm Captain Walker.
    COL Konrad: Captain... Walker... Yes, I remember you. Kabul, I think it was. You performed admirably, under the circumstances. I don't know if I told you that.
    CPT Walker: Colonel, please... what's going on here?
    COL Konrad: Survival, Captain. Plain and simple. Everything is teetering on the edge of everything. [as the window covers rise] But this you already know. The rest, you'll have to see for yourself. Welcome to Dubai, gentlemen. Now... step outside, Captain.

  • LT Adams: What's goin' on, Walker?
    CPT Walker: We were wrong. Radioman ain't runnin' Dubai. He's just a lackey.
    LT Adams: What do you mean?
    CPT Walker: It's Konrad. He did it. All of it.
    LT Adams: Okay... so what do we do?
    CPT Walker: We play along. For now.

  • SSG Lugo: I thought you said you knew him.
    CPT Walker: I thought I did.
    COL Konrad: That's a bold statement, to claim you knew me.
    CPT Walker: When I served under him in Kabul, he was an honorable man.
    COL Konrad: Because I saved your life? I've saved many lives, Captain. I've ended even more.

  • [Walker, Adams and Lugo come across two men tied to a billboard and targeted by snipers]
    CPT Walker: We got snipers.
    COL Konrad: Tell your men not to worry, Captain. The snipers aren't for you.
    LT Adams: What the fuck is this?
    COL Konrad: This is Dubai, Captain. This is what I face every day. My duty is to maintain order. Without it, we would have died long ago.
    CPT Walker: This is a test.
    COL Konrad: Yes, it is. The civilian on the right stole water-- a capital offense. The soldier on the left was sent to apprehend him. Which he did... killing the man's family in the process. Five innocent people are dead because these two animals couldn't control themselves.
    CPT Walker: I get it. We're meant to choose.
    SSG Lugo: Choose what? Let's get outta here.
    LT Adams: Lugo's right. We need to get as far away from this as possible.
    CPT Walker: That's enough.
    LT Adams: Obviously not, 'cause we're still here.
    COL Konrad: They are guilty. But what is justice? And how would you see it dealt? This is an order, Captain. Who lives? Who dies? Judge these men, or pay the price of insubordination.
    LT Adams: We can't do this, Walker.
    SSG Lugo: Yeah, let's just get outta here.
    CPT Walker: And go where? They have us surrounded.

  • Damned 33rd Soldier: Attack!
    LT Adams: It's an ambush!
    CPT Walker: Dammit, Colonel, if you're still listening, then call off your men!
    COL Konrad: And deny them vengeance for what you did at the Gate? I think not.
    CPT Walker: That was self-defense!
    COL Konrad: Details, Captain. Nothing more.
    LT Adams: What do we do, Walker?
    CPT Walker: We stand our ground and fight!

  • LT Adams: Walker... we need to talk about what happened back there.
    CPT Walker: We got Konrad's attention. What's there to talk about?
    LT Adams: I've never seen you like this before.
    CPT Walker: I'm fine, Adams. We can't walk away from what we've seen here. We're not leavin' Dubai until the survivors can be safely evacuated. I just need you to trust me on this.
    LT Adams: I trust you, Walker. I just don't agree with you.

  • CPT Walker: Captain Walker.
    Agent Riggs: Jeff Riggs. Now, get in here before a sniper blows your goddamn head off.
    LT Adams: You're welcome.
    Agent Riggs: Excuse me?
    SSG Lugo: Maybe you didn't notice, but we just saved your ass.
    Agent Riggs: Kid's got a mouth, Captain.
    CPT Walker: Name's Sgt. Lugo. And he's got a point.
    Agent Riggs: Really? So where's Agent Gould?
    CPT Walker: He, uh... he didn't make it.
    Agent Riggs: Guess you can't save everyone, huh? I'd say you fellas owe me one.
    LT Adams: Typical Company bullshit.
    Agent Riggs: You wanna hear me out before shootin' me down, son?
    LT Adams: You got a plan beyond killin' everyone you see?
    Agent Riggs: 'Course we got a plan.
    CPT Walker: Go on, Agent. What's your op?
    Agent Riggs: About 400 yards from here is the city's main water facility. We were en route when we got pinned down. My op, Captain, is to get that damned water an' cripple the whole damn 33rd.
    SSG Lugo: You really think water's the key?
    Agent Riggs: We're in the desert, kid. Water's the key to everything.

  • Agent Riggs: Get in.
    SSG Lugo: We don't take orders from you, Company man.
    CPT Walker: Easy, Lugo.
    Agent Riggs: You know, the CIA didn't start this war.
    LT Adams: Arming the locals probably didn't hurt.
    Agent Riggs: These people were ready to rise up. We just gave 'em the tools.
    SSG Lugo: Tools to get 'em killed.
    Agent Riggs: Just keep tellin' yourself that, kid.

  • Agent Riggs: There it is, boys. The Dubai Aquatic Colosseum. By my estimation, there's nearly 45,000 gallons of H2O inside them walls. This is the heart of Dubai.
    CPT Walker: Yeah, well, cut out the heart and the beast will die.
    Agent Riggs: Now you're catchin' on. My men are runnin' interference near the front gate. They'll keep the 33rd turned the other way while we sneak in the back.
    LT Adams: You're using the locals as decoys?
    Agent Riggs: They understand the meaning of sacrifice. [tries a door] Hmm. Door's locked. [bangs on the door, alerting soldiers to their presence] Shit, they found us.
    CPT Walker: What's the plan, Riggs?
    Agent Riggs: Hold 'em off. I'll get the door open.
    LT Adams: Gotta be fuckin' kidding me.
    CPT Walker: Forget him. We got bigger problems.

  • LT Adams: I don't trust him.
    CPT Walker: Neither do I. But right now, Riggs and his men are the only people not trying to kill us.
    COL Konrad: Think about who you're helping, Captain. Without water, everyone in this city will die. Your men included. Riggs isn't looking to save anyone. He's here to bury the truth. Along with the bodies...

  • Agent Riggs: Well, I'll be damned... You're still alive. You wanna stay that way, I recommend this. [tosses Walker an M32 MGL] Step lively, people! We're about to bring this city to its knees. [climbs inside the truck's cabin] See ya when I see ya.
    LT Adams: You want me to shoot him, or would you rather do it yourself?
    CPT Walker: We get outta this alive, he's all yours.
    COL Konrad: There will be a price for this, Walker. I hope you're prepared to pay it.

  • Agent Riggs: Hey... lil' help over here... I can hear you bastards talkin'...
    CPT Walker: Riggs? That you?
    Agent Riggs: Walker? Follow my voice... Over here...
    CPT Walker: Riggs...? Where are you? I can't see... [sees Riggs pinned under an overturned truck] Oh, shit. Hang on. I'll get you outta there. [tries to pull Riggs from the wreckage, but fails]
    Agent Riggs: Forget it, there's no point. The water's gone... that's all that matters. [coughs] Fuck, this ain't how it's supposed to end.
    CPT Walker: He was right about you.
    Agent Riggs: Look, if people find out what he did, the whole region'll declare war on us. And we'll lose. Now the world'll never know...
    CPT Walker: You're insane...
    Agent Riggs: S'funny... Gould said the same thing... What I did may not a' been nice. But it was right. Besides, it's not like I'm walking out of here. Just do me a favor, huh? Don't let me burn.

  • SSG Lugo: [over the radio] Walker? Walker, come in.
    CPT Walker: Yeah... I'm here.
    SSG Lugo: Thank God. The 33rd showed up before we found you. We had to run. Started to think you didn't make it.
    CPT Walker: I got lucky.
    SSG Lugo: And Riggs?
    CPT Walker: Dead.
    SSG Lugo: Good.
    CPT Walker: No, not good. He fucked us. Fucked everybody. Thanks to him, everyone in Dubai will be dead in a few days. This city needs to be evacuated, ASAP.
    SSG Lugo: Yeah, I'd love to know how you plan on doin' that...
    [radio static]
    CPT Walker: Lugo?
    "The Radioman": Oh, my bad. Am I... interrupting?
    CPT Walker: Dammit. Sit tight, Lugo. I'm on my way.
    "The Radioman": I'll make sure he gets the message.
    CPT Walker: Go fuck yourself.
    "The Radioman": [censor bleep] Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let's keep it clean, buddy. This is, after all, a family program. Rated E... for EVERYONE'S THIRSTY!

  • Damned 33rd Soldier: All units, converge on the mall. Delta's locked down inside the mall. Move!
    SSG Lugo: Shit! They're dropping soldiers!
    LT Adams: Get into cover!
    "The Radioman": Oooh, that doesn't sound good, Marty. Don't be shy now... It's just you, me, and several thousand very thirsty listeners, and we're all dyin' to know... [singing] Oh, what ya gonna do? Oh, what ya gonna do? Yeah, Marty gonna die when they come for you. Wantin' water and buckets and things like tools. What ya gonna do when they come for you? [normally] Oho ho ho, Marty, Marty, Marty...

  • "The Radioman": So, I've got a question for you guys - what are the 8 scariest words in the English language? "We're Delta Force, and we're here to save you." Hahaha! I always loved that one. What? What... it's not... it's not... that's not funny? No? No...?
    SSG Lugo: Fuck you. You're the one working for a goddamn war criminal.
    "The Radioman": No. Fuck you. You have no fuckin' idea what that man had to do. And I do mean "Had. To. Do."
    LT Adams: He had a choice, just like everyone else.
    "The Radioman:" You're one to talk. Remember the Gate? Huh? Huh? Mmmm, what's that smell? I do believe it's burnt baby!
    SSG Lugo: I get my hands on you, you're a fucking dead man!
    "The Radioman:" Love to see you try, sunshine.

  • "The Radioman": Reports are pouring into the studio that everyone's favorite D-Bags are down at the mall. Rumor has it, they're trying to "rescue" even more people. You gotta love these guys. They're just gonna keep on trying, even if it kills every last one of ya. Be sure to stop by and tell 'em thanks...
    SSG Lugo: I've had it with this fucking guy.
    CPT Walker: How far you think he's broadcasting?
    SSG Lugo: I dunno. But we've been hearin' him since we came through the storm wall. Why?
    CPT Walker: If we don't evacuate the city now, everyone's gonna die of thirst. I think we can use his system to get the word out. Just gotta figure out where he's broadcasting from.
    SSG Lugo: Yeah. No shit.

  • [Walker, Adams and Lugo breach through a door and capture a surrendering Damned 33rd soldier]
    CPT Walker: What the hell is this?
    SSG Lugo: Somebody doesn't wanna play soldier anymore.
    CPT Walker: What's your name?
    SSG Forbes: Staff Sergeant Josh Forbes. Service number 867-53-0 --
    CPT Walker: [holds his pistol to Forbes' head] You are not a prisoner of war. Far as I'm concerned, you're not even a fuckin' soldier.
    SSG Forbes: Y-You can't...
    CPT Walker: I can do whatever the fuck I want. Now, the asshole on the radio - where's he broadcasting from?
    SSG Forbes: Don't bother. He's guarded... you'll never reach him.
    CPT Walker: Our problem. Not yours.
    SSG Forbes: [points to a nearby building] There. Top of the Trans-Emirates Building.
    CPT Walker: [looks at the building while Adams points his gun at Forbes] Lugo - we reach that tower, think you can work the broadcast system?
    SSG Lugo: One mass evacuation, comin' up.
    SSG Forbes: Won't be anyone to evacuate.
    CPT Walker: What the fuck did you say?
    SSG Forbes: Be smart, Captain. This is the desert. How long do you think these people will survive without water? Jesus... All the Colonel wanted was to keep people alive... Remember that...
    CPT Walker: We'll keep that in mind, next time he tries to kill us. [whips Forbes with his pistol, knocking him out] Dubai's running out of time, gentlemen. Let's move.

  • SSG Lugo: So, who's gonna take care of the DJ?
    LT Adams: The hell you talkin' about?
    SSG Lugo: He ain't passin' the torch. We're stealin' the man's mic.
    LT Adams: Three soldiers against a fat-ass with an iPod. I'm less than worried.
    SSG Lugo: Gotta expect the unexpected, Adams.
    LT Adams: Adapt and overcome, bitch.
    SSG Lugo: Hey, whatever's necessary.
    CPT Walker: Where to now, Lugo?
    SSG Lugo: North, across the rooftops. Should take us right to him.
    CPT Walker: Sounds good.
    LT Adams: [as a helicopter flies past] Slow up! Incoming helo.
    CPT Walker: I don't think it's lookin' for us.
    LT Adams: That's a first. Where's it headed?
    SSG Lugo: Radio tower, most likely.
    LT Adams: Reinforcements. Great. Just what we need.
    SSG Lugo: Hey... Be thankful for the extra target practice.

  • 1st Damned 33rd Soldier: What you got?
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: Another fuckin' riot. Goddamn civvies are outta control.
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: It's like the first storm all over again.
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: All that work for nothin'.
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: Colonel said we can always rebuild...
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: What's the point? Won't be anyone left alive.
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: Jesus, you're bein' a moody cunt today.
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: I need a fuckin' smoke. You know if Crosby's on duty?
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: Yeah, he's campin' Crow 2 today.
    2nd Damned 33rd Soldier: Well, tell that fuckstick I want my cigs zipped over here in 10 or it's his ass.
    1st Damned 33rd Soldier: If it'll calm you down, no problem.

  • "The Radioman": Well, well... Sounds like company's come to call. You'll have to forgive me. The place is a mess. You'd swear a storm blew through here.
    CPT Walker: This ain't a social visit, asshole.
    "The Radioman": You think you're so scary. Well, I got news for you, bud. I'm not stuck up here with you. You're stuck up here with me.

  • COL Konrad: This is a mistake, Walker. You'll never get these people through the storm wall.
    CPT Walker: I have to try, Colonel. It's the only way.
    COL Konrad: Then you damn them all.

  • [Walker hops off a zipline and knocks down a Damned 33rd soldier, who suddenly turns into Adams]
    "LT Adams": Walker! What are you doin'?
    CPT Walker: What...? Adams?
    "LT Adams": You can't do this, man! Stop! Just fucking stop!!! [lifts his pistol at Walker]
    [Walker kicks "Adams" down and repeatedly bashes his head in with his gun]
    "LT Adams": Dammit, Walker! NO!!!!!
    [as Walker steadies himself, the real Adams and Lugo arrive on the zipline]
    LT Adams: Jesus! What the fuck did you do, Walker?
    CPT Walker: He... He caught me off-guard.
    SSG Lugo: Hey, it happens. Now, come on.

  • "The Radioman": You know, I hear what you guys are doin', an'... it just gets me to wondering. Who goes around bashing people's heads in? With a gun, no less! It's unnecessary, and impractical!
    SSG Lugo: Laugh it up while you can, chuckles.
    "The Radioman": Don't mind if I do. Hahaha... hahahaha... hahah -- Ugh... [coughs] Swallowed my gum... ah! Bastard...

  • "The Radioman": [waving a white flag as Walker, Adams, and Lugo enter] Hey, guys! Hehe... Like that's... like that's a real gun. I mean, come on.
    CPT Walker: Clock's tickin', Lugo.
    SSG Lugo: Yeah, I'm on it. This deck's custom, so... I'm gonna need a minute.
    LT Adams: What's that sound? Are those voices?
    "The Radioman": Easy there, GI Joe. That's just a cloud echo. We hear that shit all the time.
    LT Adams: A what?
    SSG Lugo: It's a, uh, signal bouncing off the storm wall.
    "The Radioman": Hey now, check out the whiz kid!
    SSG Lugo: Ah... that was textbook. You're the guy who built a citywide broadcast system from spare parts. Now, that's impressive.
    "The Radioman": Awww, well... You know. Heh. You said it, not me.
    SSG Lugo: Like, I see where you boosted the transmitter, but... how far's this thing really go?
    "The Radioman": "To infinity and beyond!" Or the storm wall... same difference.
    SSG Lugo: Now you're just fuckin' with me.
    "The Radioman": Oh, ye of little faith... [adjusts the transmitter] You are live and on the air, my good man. Give it a shot.
    SSG Lugo: Wow. That was easier than I expected. Thanks. [shoots "The Radioman" in the head three times, then gets grabbed by Adams] Get the fuck off me, man!
    LT Adams: Have you lost your fucking mind?!
    SSG Lugo: Are you really this fucking naïve?! He kept the 33rd on our ass this whole time! He wasn't gonna let us just walk outta here! I did what was necessary!
    LT Adams: You don't get to make that call!
    SSG Lugo: [pushes Adams back] Well, fuck you! I just did.
    CPT Walker: That's enough! We'll deal with this later. [speaking into the microphone] To anyone who can hear me - I am the commander of an American evacuation force. We're here to rescue you. But first... the 33rd will pay for what they've done.
    COL Konrad: I'm disappointed in you, Walker. No one leaves Dubai. I tried! 1,300 men, women, children dead! Because of my arrogance! And now you want to finish off the rest? If you will not learn from my mistakes, then there's nothing more I can do. Your butcher's bill is high enough. Goodbye, Captain.

  • CPT Walker: [while manning a helicopter's minigun] Circle around by the pool, Adams!
    LT Adams: What? Why?!
    CPT Walker: I wanna see what this gun can do!

  • CPT Walker: [during the helicopter scene from the prologue] Wait... Wait, this isn't right!
    SSG Lugo: Well, it's too late now!
    CPT Walker: Nah, no, I mean, we did this already!
    LT Adams: What do you mean?
    CPT Walker: Ah, fuck it! It's nothing! Just shake these fuckin' guys!
    LT Adams: You got it!

  • [After his helicopter crashes, Walker wakes up in a hellish landscape]
    COL Konrad: Walker? Captain Walker, can you hear me?
    CPT Walker: Ugh... Colonel?
    COL Konrad: Open your eyes, Walker. I need you to see what you've done. Dubai should have died long ago. We were ordered to abandon these people. Instead, we chose damnation.
    LT McPherson: Not all of us...
    CPT Walker: What? Who's there?
    LT McPherson: One of your victims. The one who was just followin' orders.
    CPT Walker: You gave us no choice.
    Agent Gould: There was always a choice. You just fucked it up.
    CPT Walker: I... We tried to save you...
    Agent Riggs: Deep down, you knew we all had to die.
    CPT Walker: [falling to his knees] This wasn't my fault...
    SSG Lugo: Captain...
    CPT Walker: Lugo?
    SSG Lugo: Help...
    COL Konrad: There were over 5,000 people alive in Dubai, the day before you arrived. How many are alive today, I wonder? How many will be alive tomorrow? I thought my duty was to protect this city from the storm. I was wrong. I have to protect it from you.

  • LT Adams: [after Walker snaps out of his hallucination] Walker? Are you there? Goddammit, Walker! If you're alive, then fuckin' answer me.
    CPT Walker: Colonel...
    LT Adams: What? It's Adams! Fuck, man. Where the hell are you?
    CPT Walker: Ugh, not sure yet. Lugo with you?
    LT Adams: Nah. He's been dark since the helo went down.
    CPT Walker: Fuck. Well, where are you?
    LT Adams: Just follow the smoke.
    CPT Walker: Right. I'm headin' your way.

  • CPT Walker: Think we're clear for now. We need to keep movin'. Can you walk?
    LT Adams: I'm fine.
    CPT Walker: Good. We need to find Lugo. Then we take care of Konrad. I think we can still save these people, and I'm not gonna let him stand in our way.
    LT Adams: Right, 'cuz that plan's worked out great, so far.
    CPT Walker: Wasn't asking your opinion, Lieutenant.

  • LT Adams: Not sure he's gonna pull through this.
    CPT Walker: It's a fuckin' broken arm. We've both lived through worse.
    LT Adams: You know damn well that's not what I'm talking about.
    CPT Walker: Well, if there's somethin' on your mind, why don't you say it already, so we can get back to work?
    LT Adams: This whole mission is fucked. We just took out a tower full of American troops.
    CPT Walker: They didn't leave us any choice.
    LT Adams: You didn't leave us any choice! What the fuck happened to us, man?!
    CPT Walker: Nothin'. We're fucking soldiers.
    LT Adams: [bitterly] Oh, I see. My mistake.

  • CPT Walker: You okay?
    LT Adams: Do I look okay to you?
    CPT Walker: What happened to Lugo isn't our fault.
    LT Adams: Don't tell me what I already know. Lugo's blood is on your hands, not mine. ["aims" with finger guns, then "shoots"] Bang.
    CPT Walker: Konrad deserves to die. You know that.
    LT Adams: And what do we deserve?
    CPT Walker: I think we both know the answer to that.

  • LT Adams: So, how we gonna do this?
    CPT Walker: Kill everything that fuckin' moves.
    LT Adams: Sounds like a plan.
The only villain here is you, Walker. There's only you.

  • LT Adams: Shit! Another fuckin' heavy! Take cover, goddammit!
    CPT Walker: Lugo?
    LT Adams: You outta your fuckin' mind?!
    "SSG Lugo": You left me to die!
    LT Adams: Shit! Open fire!
    "SSG Lugo": Don't you get it? It's all a lie!
    CPT Walker: No!!!
    "SSG Lugo": You're no fucking hero!
    CPT Walker: I tried to save you!
    "SSG Lugo": You can't save anyone!
    CPT Walker: I tried!!!
    "SSG Lugo": This is all your fault! YOURS!!!
    CPT Walker: Just. Fucking. DIE!!!
    "SSG Lugo": [after getting gunned down by Walker] The only villain here is you, Walker. There's only you.

  • LT Adams: Shit. Here they come.
    Damned 33rd Soldier: They're pinned down on top of the Gate House! Move in! [the Damned 33rd soldiers take up positions] It's over! We have you surrounded. Lay down your weapons.
    LT Adams: Fuck you! Just shoot me! I'm standin' right here! Come on!
    Damned 33rd Soldier: Secure the building!
    LT Adams: Shoot me, goddammit! FUCKIN' SHOOT ME!!!
    COL Konrad: This is your last chance, Walker. Surrender... or my men will cut you down.
    LT Adams: Don't you dare. [Walker drops his weapon] Well, fuck you, then! I didn't come this far to surrender.
    CPT Walker: It's the only way inside that tower.
    LT Adams: For fuck's sake, give it up! The mission's over! We failed!
    CPT Walker: Not while I'm still breathing.
    LT Adams: Fine... then keep breathing. [shoves Walker over the side] Run, motherfucker!

  • Damned 33rd Soldier: Squadron! Ten-hut! Captain Walker. We're all that's left of the Damned 33rd. We surrender, sir. Dubai is yours.
    CPT Walker: Where... is... Konrad?
    Damned 33rd Soldier: Where he's always been. Upstairs. Waiting for you.

  • COL Konrad: Now that you're here, I want to ask you a question. What did you think when you arrived in Dubai... when you'd seen what I had done? Did you think it the work of a... madman?
    CPT Walker: Yeah... I thought you'd lost your goddamn mind. Or I hoped that's what happened.
    COL Konrad: Oh yes... that would have made things easier... But I wasn't that lucky.
    CPT Walker: You sure about that?
    COL Konrad: I assure you, I'm as sane as you are, Captain.

  • [In Konrad's penthouse, Walker sees him somehow painting an exact recreation of the white phosphorous attack at the Gate]
    COL Konrad: No matter how hard I tried, I never could escape the reality of what happened here. That was my downfall. ...There. Finished. I hope you like it.
    CPT Walker: What the hell is going on?
    COL Konrad: Your eyes are opening for the first time. It hurts, doesn't it? [steps back from the painting] Go on... what do you think?
    CPT Walker: [after staring at the burned woman and child near the center of the painting] You did this.
    COL Konrad: No. You did. Your orders killed 47 innocent people. Someone has to pay for your crimes, Walker. Who's it going to be?

  • CPT Walker: John? Is that you?
    COL Konrad: You tell me.
    CPT Walker: I'm done playing games, John.
    COL Konrad: I assure you, this is no game.

  • COL Konrad: It seems that reports of my... survival... have been greatly exaggerated.
    CPT Walker: This isn't possible.
    COL Konrad: Oh, I assure you, it is.
    CPT Walker: How...?
    COL Konrad: Not how. Why? You were never meant to come here.
I... I didn't mean to hurt anybody...

  • CPT Walker: What happened here was out of my control.
    COL Konrad: Was it? None of this would have happened if you'd just stopped. But on you marched. And for what?
    CPT Walker: ...We tried to save you.
    COL Konrad: You're no savior. Your talents lie elsewhere.
    CPT Walker: This isn't my fault...
    COL Konrad: It takes a strong man to deny what's right in front of him. And if the truth is undeniable... You create your own. The truth, Walker, is that you're here because you wanted to feel like something you're not. A hero. I'm here because you can't accept what you've done. It broke you. You needed someone to blame. So, you cast it on me. A dead man.

  • COL Konrad: I know the truth is hard to hear, Walker. But it's time. You're all that's left. And we can't live this lie forever... (points a gun at Walker) I'm going to count to five, then I'm pulling the trigger.
    CPT Walker: You're not real... This is all in my head...
    COL Konrad: Are you sure? Maybe it's in mine. ONE.
    CPT Walker: No... Everything... all this... it was your fault!
    COL Konrad: If that's what you believe, then shoot me! TWO.
    CPT Walker: I... I didn't mean to hurt anybody...
    COL Konrad: No one ever does, Walker... THREE.

  • [if Walker gives in to his guilt]
    COL Konrad: FOUR. Is this really what you want, Walker? So be it. FIVE.
    [Konrad pulls the trigger; in the same split-second, Walker places his own gun to his head and shoots himself]

  • [if Walker defies Konrad and shoots him]
    COL Konrad: It takes a strong man to deny what's in front of him...
    CPT Walker: Stronger than you were.
    COL Konrad: [as his image shatters] Whatever you say, Walker. No matter what happens next, don't be too hard on yourself. Even now, after all you've done, you can still go home. Lucky you.
    Damned 33rd Soldier: [as Walker looks out over the balcony] What now, sir?
    CPT Walker: Huh?
    Damned 33rd Soldier: The men are asking - what do we do now?
    CPT Walker: We complete our mission.
    Damned 33rd Soldier: And what mission would that be, sir?
    CPT Walker: [turns around to find nobody there] Just get me a goddamn... radio? [turns back to the balcony] This is Captain Martin Walker... Requesting immediate evacuation of Dubai... Survivors... One too many...

  • Falcon-1: [as Walker approaches carrying an AA-12] Commander, this is Falcon-1. I think we found him. Captain Walker?
    Soldier 1: He's armed!
    Soldier 2: It's okay. Hold your fire.
    Soldier 3: I don't understand... What's he doing?
    Soldier 4: Look at his eyes. Somethin's not right.
    Falcon-1: Captain Walker, we are here to help. But first, I need you to lay down your weapon.
    Soldier 2: He's not complying.
    Falcon-1: He's shell-shocked. Give him a second. Just hand me your weapon, Captain. We're here to take you home.
    Soldier 1: Can he even hear you?
    Falcon-1: Quiet. Captain? [slowly inches towards Walker]

  • [if Walker drops his weapon]
    CPT Walker: It's over... Time to go home. [climbs into the Humvee, which drives off]
    Falcon-1: You know, Captain... We drove through this whole city to find you. We saw things. If you don't mind me asking... what was it like? How'd you survive all this?
    CPT Walker: ...Who said I did?

  • [if Walker is killed by the soldiers sent to collect him]
    CPT Walker: Remember back in Kabul, John? Before things got bad? We were talking... About nothin', really. I said somethin' about goin' home, and you... You said... "Home? Heh... We can't go home."
    COL Konrad: There's a line men like us have to cross. If we're lucky, we do what's necessary and then we die. No... All I really want, Captain... is peace.

  • [if Walker kills the soldiers sent to collect him]
    Command: [over the radio] Falcon-1, this is Command. Do you copy? We heard shots. Is everything okay? Sgt. Roberts, what is going on?
    CPT Walker: [somberly] Gentlemen... welcome to Dubai. [walks off into the desert]

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