Spartacus: Vengeance

second season of Spartacus

Spartacus: Vengeance (2012) is the second season of the American Starz television series Spartacus (TV Series).

Season 1



Crixus: I did not come to lend you aid you mad fuck! I came to stop you!
Spartacus: You would place yourself between Glaber and what he deserves?
Crixus: As you would place yourself between Naevia and me! What do you think would be the result of killing a fucking praetor? The senate would burn upon itself, belching forth fire and vengeance! They would not send a few men as they do with Glaber; they would send thousands! A true army! Which we will never be.

A Place In This World


The Greater Good


Empty Hands



Doctore: Is it true? Did you lay with her?
Gannicus: -- Oenomaus. [Oenamaus attacks Gannicus.]
Gannicus: I never wanted to feel the things I felt for her!

Glaber: I am not the fool you and your daughter think me.

Agron: I begin to question fucking plan.

Spartacus: I have had my fill of games - let us leave this arena forever.

Gannicus: Help me with him...

Chosen Path

Spartacus: Freedom is not a stick of wood to be presented as a bone to obedient dog. It is a thing all men deserve.

Gannicus: [laughs] I knew you'd lead these men to their deaths eventually. Is this the day you would do it?
Spartacus: They are but loyal. A quality you seem unfamiliar with.

Seppius: Seppia-
Glaber: Leave this life knowing she's safe... beneath my roof. My hands to comfort her in the days to come.




Naevia: [Sparring with Crixus] Yah!
Crixus: Good! Now keep eye on angle of my shoulders, it will give clue to my next— [He strikes and Naevia blocks his sword. He subdues Naevia, holding her in his arms] You learn quickly.
Naevia: I have advantage... of being taught by a god.

Agron: Fuck the gods.

Gannicus: I brand myself fucking enemy of Rome to deliver her to your hands, only to find them weak and trembling?

Ilithyia: The child is yours.
Spartacus: You lie.
Ilithyia: Would then my tongue make false noise? It yet speaks bitter truth. Monthly blood ceased after you came to me in Batiatus' villa. Lucretia had promised Crixus; a cruel jest. Tis a memory that lingers, is it not? Of that night. Of you inside me.
Spartacus: Yes. As does memory of my hands around your throat.

Spartacus: You do not know my heart!


Crixus: You fight well...for a simple fuck east of the Rhine.
Agron: You also fight well....for a shit eating Gaul.

Wrath of the Gods

Gannicus: If I am to die today, at least it shall be among brothers.

Crixus: I would not have us part so quickly!
Ashur: Glaber awaits. I must return, with reply.
Crixus: Your head will serve equal purpose.
Ashur: Spartacus?
Spartacus: I find no fault with his reasoning.
Ashur: The mighty Crixus, forever intoning of the honor of the gladiator, where stand such now with the cutting down of a defenceless man?
Crixus: Give him a sword. (Spartacus throws a sword to Ashur) You once dreamt of honor upon the sands, make this your final arena!
Ashur: You stand a champion and I gravely wounded, there is yet no honor in such contest.

Glaber: [gravely injured] You've won nothing...Rome, will send legions in my wake....and you will fall to deserved end!
Spartacus: Perhaps....yet it is not this day! [kills Glaber]

Spartacus: Let Rome send their legions! We shall face them, and see them all join Glaber in death! [to Crixus] Now, we shall become an army.


  • Liam McIntyre - Spartacus
  • Manu Bennett - Crixus
  • Cynthia Addai-Robinson - Naevia
  • Dustin Clare - Gannicus
  • Peter Mensah - Oenomaus
  • Katrina Law - Mira
  • Dan Feuerriegel - Agron
  • Pana Hema Taylor - Nasir
  • Heath Jones - Donar
  • Ellen Holman - Saxa
  • Lucy Lawless - Lucretia
  • Viva Bianca - Illythia
  • Craig Parker - Glaber
  • Nick Tarabay - Ashur