Spartacus: Blood and Sand

American television series

Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010) is an American television show, airing on Starz, about the historical figure of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who from 73 to 71 BC led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic.

Season 1


The Red Serpent [1.01]

Sura: The council has decided?
Spartacus: We go to war.
Sura: I've asked the gods to bless your sword.
Spartacus: Once the Geti are driven from our lands there will be no reason to ever pick it up again.
Sura: What would my husband do without it?
Spartacus: Grow crops, raise goats, make children.
Sura: Forever.
Spartacus: Forever, to be by your side.
Sura: When do you leave?
Spartacus: First light.
Sura: Then come to bed. If one night is all we have, I should make the most of it.

Spartacus: I woke expecting my wife beside me.
Sura: She rose early to pray that her husband would stay with her.
Spartacus: I thought we were in agreement.
Sura: We were.
Spartacus: Were?
Sura: The gods came to me last night, in my sleep.
Spartacus: What did they show you?
Sura: My husband on his knees, bowing before a great red serpent, the life draining from his veins.
Spartacus: What meaning did you take from it?
Sura: A warning. If you go to war you are destined for great and unfortunate things.
Spartacus: The Geti worship the mountain wolf. They place no faith in snakes. It was just a dream.
Sura: And if it isn't?
Spartacus: I gave my word, Sura. Blood and honor. It speaks to the man. Nothing will keep me from returning to your arms. Not the Geti, not the Romans, not the gods themselves.
Sura: The nights grow so cold. What am I to do without you in our bed?
Spartacus: Lift your dress (She does, he ties a piece of his cloak arond her leg) keep me close to your thighs. The thought will warm us both.
Sura: Kill them all.
Spartacus: For you.

Glaber: Align yourself with Rome, pledge your service the auxiliary, and join us in our campaign.
Spartacus: To what end, to what end?
Glaber: Victory.
Spartacus: And how is it to be measured? The Geti have raided our villages in the past, raped our women, and killed our children. Each time we have pushed them back, only to see them return. If we are to align with Rome, the purpose must be clear. The Geti dead, all of them.
Glaber: Dead, all of them.

Albinius: What name does the man carry?
Glaber: I never cared to ask.
Batiatus: The way he fights like the legend of the Thracian king of old, Spartacus he was called.

Sacramentum Gladiatorum [1.02]

Batiatus: What, the gods haven't pissed on me enough for one day?! Legatus fucking Glaber spurns me like a common slave, but no, let's add shit to the piss! Let's pour it in his mouth!

Batiatus: Why are you here, in this place, under my hospitality? Do you know why?
Spartacus: Because I trusted in the honor of a Roman.
Batiatus: You are here because of my grandfather. He built this ludus. He believed that no man was without worth. That even the most vile among us could rise to honor and glory. He instilled these beliefs in my father, who in turn passed them on to me. I am a lanista. Like my forefathers, a trainer of gladiators. I see things in men that they themselves have lost, small spark, an ember, I give it breath, tender, until it ignites in the arena.

Batiatus: Well then, how do you know she still lives?
Spartacus: How do you know the heart beats beneath your chest?
Batiatus: Most days I don't. I'm just a simple Roman trying to make his way against the whim of the gods, the politicians, the miscreants. So often you can't tell one from the other, but you. You are the most dangerous of animals, beast born of the heart.

Batiatus: What would you do to hold your wife again, to feel the warmth of her skin, to taste her lips, would you kill?
Spartacus: Whoever stood between us.
Batiatus: How many men? A hundred, A thousand?
Spartacus: I would kill them all.
Batiatus: Then do it in the arena. Fight for me, and the honor of my forefathers. Prove yourself, climb to the pinnacle, gain your freedom, and that of the woman you've lost.
Spartacus: I did not lose her. She was taken from me.
Batiatus: A man must accept his fate, or be destroyed by it.
Spartacus: Why would I place my fate in the hands of another Roman?
Batiatus: Because of what they hold. Your wife's? Pass the final test tonight with honor and servitude, call me Dominus, and I will help to reunite you. The choice is yours.

Legends [1.03]

Lucretia: Darling, you must spend coins to receive coins. My husband taught me that.
Batiatus: A wise man.
Lucretia: He has his moments.

The Thing In The Pit [1.04]

Spartacus: You must keep searching for her.
Batiatus: You shit on honorable agreements and press for fresh demands? Tell me, Thracian - how will you pay for her release if found? Hmm? Her transport? Do you shoot magic coins out of your ass? If so, squat and produce!
Spartacus: I shall fight in the arena, my winnings--
Batiatus: No one wishes to see you fight! The crowd's favor, like the wind, is fleeting. Their interest in you has blown out.
Spartacus: There must be a way for me to fight.
Batiatus: Only one. In a place where you needn't follow rules, because none exist. The pits of the underworld. Fight there and survive, and you will fill both our hands with coin. And you may yet feel your wife's touch again.

Ovidius: I had expected them laid earlier. Our agreement called for repayment of your debt, plus 30 percent, to be delivered the day after the games of the Vulcanalia. Yet I find you here, wagering coin still owed.
Batiatus: You will be the first to receive what is due, I assure you.
Ovidius: Words spewed by Janus, from both sides of his face.
Batiatus: You will be repaid soon enough. Unless you'd care to press the matter? [Barca steps forward]
Ovidius: ...At your convenience then. Until such time, the points accrue. [leaves]
Batiatus: [to himself] Ass-eating shit. Speak to me such again, I'll accrue your fucking head.

Naevia: Wait.
Crixus: Domina will grow impatient. You know the urgency of her desires.
Naevia: She did not summon you.
Crixus: Then why am I here?
Naevia: The necklace? You purchased it for me?
Crixus: As I've said.
Naevia: Then why does it grace the neck of Domina?
[Crixus laughs, incredulous]
Crixus: The mind of a woman, you deflect a gesture only to question where it lands. Your words were I cannot accept it.
Naevia: Yes, my words, cut off before completion.
Crixus: Then complete.
Naevia: That it is impossible for me to keep it, regardless of desire. There is nothing in my possession that was not given to me by Domina. Are you so thick that this fact was ignored? Did you think she would not notice?
Crixus: [apologetically] I misunderstood your meaning in returning it.
Naevia: Of course you misunderstood. You have no mind outside the arena, you think only with your sword and your shield, you stupid lumbering...[she is cut off as Crixus kisses her, but after briefly kissing him back she abruptly ends it] You are a fool... Guard!

Sura: Your wounds...
Spartacus: I'm allright.
Sura: You push yourself too far.
Spartacus: And yet I live.
Sura: For how long?
Spartacus: As long as it takes.
Sura: Then kill them all.

Spartacus: It will end one day, and we will be reunited.

Batiatus: My protector, and here I stand bloodied!
Barca: I did not see there was another.
Batiatus: You must see all when my life is in the balance! Ring your crown with eyes, or I'll have the two you possess ripped from your fucking skull!

Shadow Games [1.05]

Spartacus: Glory?
Crixus: There is no greater thing than standing victorious in the arena.
Spartacus: Is there no purpose... beyond the blood? No dream beyond the cheering crowd? Is there nothing else you fight for?

Batiatus: Two slaves, brokered by your hand, made an attempt on my life. Who purchased them?
Remus: I know not of what you speak--
Batiatus: I speak of being fucked! By the gods, by the magistrate, by that cock-suck Solonius and his grinning schemes! I'm of proud family; a family of means and history! You fucking cunt! You sold the men! Common slaves, who tried to kill me, tried to fuck me like a whore! But I will not be fucked! [beating up Remus with a wine cup] I WILL NOT! NOT BE FUCKED! You fuck! You fucking cocksucking-- you fucking hemorrhoid-sucking FUCK! You FUCK!

Theokoles: Capua, shall I begin!

Delicate Things [1.06]

Doctore/Oenomaus: By depriving Theokoles of his life, you put end to a battle left unfinished by my sword. An end to my shame.
Spartacus: I live to see my wife again, because of you. A debt not soon forgotten.
Doctore/Oenomaus: There is no balance between us. Only the promise of future glory.

Ashur: It is no small marvel, the fall of Theokoles. Your wager in the favor of the unexpected outcome, the size of the odds! It's not a simple matter, to cover a win of such margin, eh?
Barca: I give no shit for margins. Beg, steal, or kill to cover what is owed. Or you will have two worthless legs. And nothing in between to prop yourself up!

Pietros: What of the young boy? Ovidius' son? Did they take his life too?
Barca: Such were my orders. But you know of my affection for delicate things. The boy was spared, and set to wander far from the deed. By the time he is discovered, we will be free.
Pietros: And your hands?
Barca: Clean forever more.

Batiatus: Gather proper guard and return with Barca. I would hear truth spilled from his mouth.
Ashur: When a man is pressed, lies flow with greater ease.
Lucretia: End him and be done with it!
Batiatus: Not before I look into his eyes, and see if treachery lurks there.

Doctore/Oenomaus: The Gods have truly blessed you.
Spartacus: Sura would say the same.
Doctore/Oenomaus: And you?
Spartacus: The Gods and I do not tread common ground. Although she made effort many times to place us at even footing.
Doctore/Oenomaus: Wise and understanding, to love a man despite his shortcomings.
Spartacus: She is the only reason my heart beats within my chest.
Doctore/Oenomaus: To find love such as this? A rare and fortunate thing.
Spartacus: You speak from knowledge?
Doctore/Oenomaus: A wife of my own. The thought of her ever upon my mind.
Spartacus: Does she live?
Doctore/Oenomaus: In memory.
Spartacus: I would have desired to meet her. And tell her of her husband's worth.

Batiatus: [as he kills Barca] Now you're free!

Great And Unfortunate Things [1.07]

Spartacus: What else did the Gods tell you about my future?
Sura: That you will never love another woman.

Batiatus: I would keep such blood from these hands, as I have said.
Lucretia: They hold yours. Are they not stained by the touch?

Varro: You act as if you have free will in the matter. You are a gladiator!
Spartacus: I am a Thracian!
Varro: You are a slave! To cling to a life beyond these walls is to see your heart parted from your chest. You above all others should know this.

Batiatus: This morning, I boasted the top retiarius in all of Capua. Now, I possess nothing more than bones and brains scattered upon the rocks!
Spartacus: Apologies.
Batiatus: FUCK YOUR APOLOGIES! I will have return of the value lost! The price of the man will be subtracted from your winnings until the remainder is balanced!
Spartacus: As you see fit, Dominus.
Batiatus: All of this for what? Pietros?! He was nothing! Shit from a whore!
Spartacus: He was a man. His life had worth!
Batiatus: Half a coin at most! Gnaeus was a gladiator! Years of training, each mounting to exorbitant cost - that is true worth!
Spartacus: He did not deserve to live.
Batiatus: [attacking him] I alone decides who lives! Not you! Not a FUCKING SLAVE!

Crixus: Gnaeus is dead? What reason did you have to take his life?
Spartacus: My reasoning lies forever silent.
Crixus: Your actions betray us all. Gnaeus was a gladiator! A brother.
Spartacus: He was no brother of mine.
Crixus: When you swore the oath, every man in here became your brother, deserving of an honorable death in the arena! Your actions shame my fighting beside you.
Spartacus: You speak as if you had choice in the matter!
Crixus: I did, and I chose not to end your life in the arena. A decision I presently regret.
Spartacus: As do I.

Mark of the Brotherhood [1.08]

Solonius: One can never know who is plotting violence, can one?
Batiatus: Or when they may commit the act.

Crixus: You strike a solid blow, against an ill-trained fool who taints the name of Gaul.
Spartacus: He may a fool. But he is one who is fit to train. Again!
Crixus: You doubt that I am fully healed? Because I will show you otherwise!

Solonius: Were Batiatus to seek reprisal for offenses he believes I have made, I would wish warning in advance.
Ashur: I am a villain. But I'm not your villain. Seek another slave.

Spartacus: You over-reach, and here is the result.
Crixus: Do not address me as you would a recruit.
Spartacus: Then do not act like one.
Crixus: Words of import, from the mighty Spartacus. Bringer of rain, slayer of Theokoles. As if you stood against him on your own! Without my aid, you would have nothing. Not even your miserable life.
Spartacus: True. Yet here I stand, and there you sit.
Crixus: You know shit, about being a champion. Of being a true brother. You're only playing at your own part. And one day the game will end.
Spartacus: Death comes to us all. Press me again, and you shall find yours.

Spartacus: You would kill a fellow Gaul, to save a man you hate?
Crixus: I did not save Spartacus. I saved a brother, who shares the mark. You have earned a glorious death, and shall die at the hands of a gladiator.

Whore [1.09]

Mira: You do not desire me?
Spartacus: I desire only sleep. And the absence of dreams.

Lucretia: [to Mira] Take your dress off. [Mira does so] Tits, ass and cunt. All appear to be without disease or deformity. Which tells me the fault is not in the flesh, but in the bitch.
Mira: Apologies, Domina.
Lucretia: Return to his cell tonight and I expect his cock in you. Or you'll find a sword in its place.

Spartacus: [to Mira] If you value your life, never awaken a gladiator.

Lucretia: Mira. How did your evening pass with our champion?
Mira: He made many demands of me.
Batiatus: Many demands, eh?! Our Thracian is ready to stud.

Crixus: [to Naevia] You are my heart. I will never doubt the beating of it again.

Party Favors [1.10]

Batiatus: When I put on the toga virilis, it was in this very room, surrounded by my father's champions. Even then I knew that one day my own titans would eclipse them all. None more so than Spartacus, the Bringer of Rain!
Spartacus: You honor me.
Batiatus: You stand above all others. Continue on this path, and we will have the world!

Varro: Aurelia tells me Sicilia is a island blessed by the Gods. You must visit us there when you gain freedom.
Spartacus: I no longer concern myself with thoughts beyond these walls.
Crixus: And nor should you. A true champion dreams only of the arena.
Spartacus: And what does one dream of when he's no longer a champion?
Crixus: Regaining the title from the thief who stole it from me.

Spartacus: It is a distance to travel- from a woman's mouth to the man's ears.

Batiatus: How can you keep besting a man so far above your station?
Spartacus: I sprung from my mother with sword in hand. The ways of battle are second nature, passed down from father to son.
Batiatus: I regret my own father never saw the advantage of military glory. Never saw the spoils that could be won, the patronage, the alliances forged had he taken up arms. He aspired to be no further than what he was. A simple lanista, far from Rome. You and I, however, we have fashioned wings, to raise us higher than the muck and mire of heritage. Higher than our fathers could never imagine.

Varro: There is no choice.
Spartacus: There is always a choice.

Old Wounds [1.11]

Doctore: It is never an easy thing to see a friend once loved now absent breath.
Spartacus: He should yet walk. That foolish grin, and dreams of a life beyond these walls.
Doctore: Every night breaks. And we must all wake.
Spartacus: I would the gods turn back the sun and set me in his place.
Doctore: He fought with honor. As did you both.
Spartacus: His heart was stilled for a boy's amusement. Where is the honor in that?
Doctore: Varro left this world a gladiator. And shall be remembered as such.
Spartacus: No. He will be remembered as a husband. A father. And a friend amongst enemies.

Calavius: What is this madness?
Batiatus: Madness? No. It's only reason, born of a clear mind and wounded heart.
Calavius: Wounded? I have done you no injury.
Batiatus: The man's crimes escape his lofty notice.
Calavius: Release me!
Batiatus: Oh, I intend to. From this fucking world!
Calavius: Whatever your disagreement, let us discuss it as civilized men.
Batiatus: No, you mistake me. I am but a base animal. A beast to be ridden and disregarded.
Calavius: Batiatus!--
Batiatus: You accept my hospitality. Enter my home. Break bread, drink my wine, only to spit in my face! "Leave politics to the men who have the breeding for it"!
Calavius: Offense was not my intent. I sought only to spare you further humiliation!
Batiatus: Spare me?! You don't have power to spare shit, you pathetic cunt! [kicks Calavius onto the floor and pins his neck underfoot] Now speak the words! Tell me my heritage! Tell me my family name bears no weight among you and your noble cockeaters! Huh?! Speak!

Calavius: You wish words from me? May you listen to them well. You are a jest! A man tolerated, because of his ownership of Spartacus, the savior of Capua. When he falls, you will quickly follow.
Batiatus: Tied to a fucking chair in the filth and mire, and yet the man provokes!
Calavius: You still do not see it, do you, good Batiatus? You are beneath me. And you always will be, in this life or the next. Do what you must to balm your wounded pride. I will not beg.

Sura: Why did you kill him?
Spartacus: I had no choice, a man must accept his fate.
Sura: Or be destroyed by it.

[Crowd boos at the sight of Crixus]
Crixus: They have forgotten the honor I have brought them.
Doctore: Then it is time that you reminded them who their true champion is.

Revelation [1.12]

Batiatus: That shit-fuck! Beckons me to the city, only to spurn me like a thin wasted whore. Once again the gods spread the cheeks to ram cock in fucking ass!

Glaber: We return to Rome, absent unworthy entanglements.
Batiatus: Do not turn from me!
Glaber: You forget your place, Lanista!
Batiatus: No. I secure it. Clear the fucking room! Tell Ashur to bring our gift for the Legatus!
Glaber: Forget your gifts. I would part as from a troubling dream, untethered by the memory of it.
Batiatus: Oh, you will remember this day. Until you lay to slumber, never to awaken.

Batiatus: I expect your meetings with Crixus to end.
Lucreatia: [shocked] Quintus -
Batiatus: Do not fucking speak. That you would think me a fool is insult enough. I have always known. And turned eye away only because it made you happy, and caused me no thought. Those days have ended. Set your attentions towards our child. And do not see them stray.

Crixus: I have destroyed us!
Naevia: We yet live!
Crixus: Where do they take you?
Naevia: I do not know.
Crixus: I will win my freedom. I will not rest until I find you!

Agron: What do you speak of?
Spartacus: I speak of nothing.
Agron: Nothing sounds much like escape.
Duro: And how would "nothing" find way past Batiatus and all his fucking Romans?
Spartacus: There is but one path: we kill them all.

Kill Them All [1.13]

Spartacus: You move well. As if lash had never struck.
Crixus: Pain is erased when inflicted upon others.
Spartacus: I would have you at your best when we face each other.
Crixus: Is that all you'd have for me? Rhaskos speaks of your desires. What fever grips brain, that Spartacus would think me to band with him? To risk the lives of my men, my life?
Spartacus: Is there one, without the woman you love within it?
Crixus: I've never had a stronger reason to live.
Spartacus: I know your heart Crixus. I felt the beating of it within my chest once.
Crixus: Then you know I'll fucking survive, and see Naevia returned to me.
Spartacus: As my wife was returned. Batiatus ordered her death.
Crixus: How did you come upon this?
Spartacus: The tongue of his man Aulus before silencing it forever. I will see the house of Batiatus fall, and with it the villain's blood upon the earth.
Crixus: As would I in your position, but I am far removed. My escape would not aid Naevia. How would I purchase her freedom? Or even find her while being hunted like a dog by the Romans.
Spartacus: Join me, and we will find her together.
Crixus: You know that in another life, you and I may have been as brothers. But not in this one. I must win my freedom in the arena.
Spartacus: Then we stand in the way of each other's cause.
Crixus: And both are just, but if I fall I'd have you swear to find Naevia, see her freed.
Spartacus: And I would have word that if you are victorious, one day you will have Batiatus' life.
[the two shake hands, sealing the arrangement]
Spartacus: Tomorrow then, one of us dies.
Crixus: I fear it was always fated so.

Doctore/Oenomaus: Crixus! What is this madness?!
Crixus: Spartacus shows us the way!
Doctore/Oenomaus: He is a dog without honor!
Crixus: This house is without honor! Batiatus ordered his wife dead! And Domina? She has tainted me, because I spur her fucking heart!
Doctore/Oenomaus: I have given my life to this Ludus!
Crixus: No, they stole it from you. From all of us. You asked me to put faith in you. I ask the same. Honor us all, and see an end of this fucking house.

Ashur: You think this will cause difference? Even if life fades, my hand shall yet be felt. It plotted the death of Barca. Saw the Magistrate's end. It even helped force Glaber to patronage. Every beam, every stone in this fucking house bears the mark of Ashur!
Doctore/Oenomaus: It bears only your treachery.
Ashur: My fucking treachery? When did you stand forth for Ashur? When did any of you greet me short of mockery and scorn, fucking cunts!
Doctore/Oenomaus: You received what you deserved! For Barca and all the others that you have betrayed, your time is done.
Ashur: Would that this were the arena.
Doctore/Oenomaus: Your blood would dishonor the sand.
Ashur: Send me on my way, then. As you would a gladiator.

Spartacus: What would you do? To hold your wife again? To feel the warmth of her skin? The taste of her lips? How many men would you kill? A hundred? A thousand? Here stands but one, between you and her. Go to her. Tell her the gods themselves would not keep you apart. Lie! As you lied to me of my wife.
Batiatus: You were nothing before me! I gave you everything! I gave you the means to accept your fate!
Spartacus: Now you are destroyed by it.
[Spartacus kills Batiatus]

Spartacus: I have done this thing because it is just. Blood demands blood. We have lived and lost at the whims of our masters for too long. I would not have it so. I would not see the passing of a brother, for the purpose of sport. I would not see another heart ripped from a chest, or breath forfeit for no cause. I know not all of you wish this, yet it is done. It is done. Your lives are your own. Forge your own path, or join with us, and together we shall see Rome tremble.


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