South Park: Post Covid

3rd episode of the 24th season of South Park

South Park: Post Covid (also stylized South Park: Post COVID) is an American adult animated comedy television movie written and directed by Trey Parker. It is the first in a series of South Park television movies for the streaming service Paramount+.

Narrator: From the Green Hills of Vermont to the verdant canyons of Arizona, people all over the country are beginning to realize it's nearly over! We have almost beaten COVID and the best news of all: things are finally getting back to normal! Infections are at an all-time low. New, stronger vaccinations have ebbed the tide. And we humans are cleaning up the mess and finally getting on with our lives. But as we start to get back to our jobs and schools, one question remains: What lingering effects will the pandemic have on children? Some say no effect at all. The children are just fine. We came together, and finally we can say we are starting to win the war against COVID.

Stan: [enters his kitchen and picks up his phone, dialing a number] Hello?
Kyle: Oh, hi. Is this Stan Marsh, from South Park?
Stan: Kyle?
Kyle: Oh, dude, it is you! How have you-- how have you been?
Stan: I'm… fine. How are you?
Kyle: I'm good, I'm… I know this is weird. We haven't talked since… well, you know, since it all happened.
Stan: Yeah, well, the pandemic is about over now. I'm moving on with my life.
Kyle: Stan… you should come back here. There's a lot going on.
Stan: There's nothing in South Park for me, Kyle. I'm not going back there, ever.
Kyle: Look, dude, you remember when we were little? When the pandemic… first started. Us friends said we'd always be there for each other when things got bad.
Stan: What do you mean? What's happened?
Kyle: Stan… [turns away, closing his eyes] It's Kenny. He's dead.

Alexa: So you walked out on all your friends and then just hung out at a bar all day?
Stan: Alexa, fucking just go throw yourself out a window.
Alexa: I'm sorry. I didn't quite get that.
Stan: Nothing. Alexa, turn on the TV.
Alexa: [annoyed] Oh, God, you are such a piece of shit. [gets up and turns on the TV] You know, if you had Remote Prime membership, you could watch Amazon movies wherever you go. Would you like to get started?
Stan: No.
Alexa: I'm sorry. I'm trying to be fucking helpful. Why don't you grow up and start acting like an adult for once in your life…
Stan: Alexa, STOP!
Alexa: Fuck you!

Stan: Kyle, can I talk to you for a second? Dude, he's here.
Kyle: Who's here? [pauses] Cartman?
Stan: Yeah, but he's changed.
Kyle: Changed how?
Cartman: Yeah, I know, it's been a long time since we've seen each other. I'm doing really well. I'm actually the head of Gespetzah Synagogue down in Colorado Springs. Can you believe it? I'm a rabbi. Yeah, you know, when the whole pandemic happened, I think it changed me. It really changed me for the better.
Stan: It did?
Kyle: No. He's fucking with me.
Cartman: What? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I get it. The Eric Cartman you guys knew didn't seem like he'd become a rabbi. But I found real meaning in the Torah and then I found a great Jewish woman and… let the spirit of Talmud guide our lives.
Kyle: Okay, just knock it off, fat-ass.
Stan: Dude.
Cartman: Wow, that's very big of you, Kyle. Still living in South Park and calling people fat-ass, huh? Wait, I'm sorry, that was uncalled for.
Kyle: It's not fucking funny, Cartman! Stop pretending you have a happy Jewish life!
Yentl: [appears next to Cartman] Hey, Shoogina! I'm sorry, I couldn't wait in the car anymore. I had to meet your friends.
Cartman: Oh, that's okay. Guys, this is my wife, Yentl.
Yentl: I've heard so many stories about you all. It must have been amazing to grow up in these beautiful mountains!
Kyle: Yentl? Her name is Yentl? Can we fucking stop this and talk about Kenny, please?!

Stan: [interrupting the speech] All right! All right! Who the fuck put you up to this?! Did you write this goddamn speech, Kyle?! Did you you tell him to say all this stuff?!
Kyle: What the fuck are you talking about?
Stan: You know that I know something about Kenny that I'm telling you because it involves my father who I don't wanna face!
Kyle: That's crazy and you'd be able to face what happened to your family if you weren't a fucking asshole!
Cartman: Guys, please. This is a house of God.
Kyle: You shut the fuck up!
Stan: You judge me. You all sit here and judge me. Well, fuck all of you! This is exactly why I moved out of this hick-ass town. And I'm going back home to the city!
Scott: My child, please, we are gathered in Christ…
Stan: [mocking] "My child, please, we are gathered in Christ. I'm Scott Malkinson. I have diabetes." [storms out of the church, slamming the door behind him]
Scott: He does remember me!

Craig: [pointing at Clyde] He's not fucking vaccinated! He's the fucking one!

Cartman: Yeah? What's up, buddy?
Kyle: What's up is that I am over this!
Cartman: What are, what are you talking about?
Kyle: You know what I'm talking about! You know I can hear you through the walls!
Cartman: Okay, geez, I'm sorry. Sorry I was making love to my wife.
Kyle: No Jewish people have sex screaming about their love of Abraham! You are a fucking fraud!
Yentl: Is everything all right?
Kyle: Do you know your husband once snuck into my room and gave me fucking AIDS?!
Yentl: [shocked] I'm sorry?!
Cartman: Oh, my God, Kyle! If we are being too loud, please don't lash out at my wife!

Randy: So, looks like the Broncos still suck.
Stan: Yup.
Randy: Well, it was nice seeing ya. Thanks for coming to visit.
Stan: I didn't come to visit. Trust me, I don't wanna be here.
Randy: Right. Like you didn't want to murder your sister.
Stan: What happened to Shelley was your fault, not mine!
Randy: Yeah, like it was my fault your mom shot herself!
Stan: Yes, it actually WAS!
Randy: Your mom died the day her daughter burned to death!
Stan: I'm just here because of Kenny. Why would he have Tegridy Weed in his equations?
Randy: Dr. McCormick mentioned Tegridy?
Stan: It seemed to somehow fit into some grand theory he had.
Randy: He knew. He knew it was the way to fix it all. He knew… about the Pandemic Special.

Randy: Uh, hey, everyone. I had a special visitor today. My "son." Who hasn't come to see me on over 20 years. And I have some things I need to tell him but it's hard because…he killed his mom and sister.
Stan: Okay, okay, here's what happened.
Randy: Oh, here we go, here we go.
Stan: After the pandemic, my mom wanted a divorce and she owned half of the farm.
Randy: She didn't own half, she always hated weed, and she didn't do shit for the farm.
Stan: He wouldn't give her half the farm, so I got sick of their fighting and decided to burn the whole stupid farm to the ground.
Randy: And his sister was in the barn and she burned to death.
Stan: Because you locked her in the barn 'cause she wouldn't do her weed chores 'cause she hated weed, too!
Randy: Yes, she had a marijuana problem! And so, his mother couldn't take the loss of Shelley, and so she killed herself!
Stan: Which is your fault!
Randy: You were the one who burned the family business to the ground. You guys are hearing this, right?

[Stan and Randy arrive at the burning ruins of Tegridy Farms]
Randy: This was once such a magical place.
Stan: Can we just get this over with? I don't want to be here.
Randy: You think I want to be here? This is where I lost everything that I cared about. And your mom and your sister!
Stan: Dad, there's nothing here. Dad?
Randy: I think I can trust you now, Stan. It's time for you to learn what your friend Kenny was after. When the pandemic started, you were only a kid. You don't remember the pain we all went through.
Stan: Yeah, I do.
Randy: We as Americans went through so much. First, that incompetent jack-hole was elected president. Then the pandemic came, and then the race wars. And then, just when it seemed like we'd turned a corner, Space Jam 2 came out, and we all just kind of gave up. What we lost, Stan, was our Tegridy. But it was all by design. They needed us to lose it.
Stan: Who did?
Randy: Who would want us to lose our optimism and start fighting with each other? China.
Stan: China?
Randy: China. They're the superpower now. The future is totally theirs and we let it happen. A man in china had sex with a pangolin and that started COVID. That man was me. So I knew how to go back and stop them from taking over…
Stan: Wait, whoa, whoa, wait, wait. You started COVID?!
Randy: Yes, but that's besides the point. China used me like they used us all. So I came up with a way to help everyone fight back. A special Tegridy weed.
Stan: You had sex with a pangolin in China and started the whole pandemic?!
Randy: Will you listen to what I'm saying?! Gal! I worked to create more Tegridy but China did everything they could to stop me. They even got to my son. Who burned all of Tegridy Farms to the ground. But what you didn't even know was that I had secretly created a new strain of weed. A weed so powerful, I couldn't even call it a special. It was more like an event. I hid it away all these years. And now it… is the key to saving us all.

Randy: It wasn't supposed to be like this. People were supposed to get kinder in the future. I'm so sorry what happened to both of you.
Sharon: It wasn't your fault, Randy. It was all Stan's fault.
Shelley: Yes, it was all Stan's fault.
Randy: Thanks for saying that, you guys. I'm sorry Stan sucks so hard sometimes.
Sharon: Don't give up, Randy. Humanity needs you.