Soul Eater

Japanese manga series

Soul Eater (ソウルイーター Sōru Ītā?) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo. Set at the "Death Weapon Meister Academy," the series revolves around three teams consisting of a weapon meister and (at least one) human weapon. Trying to make the latter a "death scythe" and thus fit for use by the academy's headmaster, Lord Death, they must collect 99 Kishin souls and one witch soul, in that order or they will have to restart all over again. If they fail to get the important witch soul all their 99 Kishin souls will be confiscated.

Maka Albarn

[Maka Albarn (マカ=アルバーン, Maka Arubān) is Soul Eater Evans' Meister. As such, she stands out as the female protagonist & one of the main Meisters in the story. Maka is impulsive in her decisions & needs Soul to keep her in line at times.
Maka Albarn: "A sound soul dwells within a sound mind & a sound body."
Maka Albarn: "Maka Chop!"
Maka Albarn: "Your soul is mine to take!"
Maka Albarn: "Watch it, or I'll take your soul!"
Maka Albarn: "Humph. There's no way I'll ever consider you my father.
Maka Albarn: "That's your answer for everything! We have to work together here! & don't you want to become a death scythe? You have to take this seriously, Soul! This is a witch we're going up against! Let's just follow my-"
Maka Albarn: "You men. All of you, you're horrible. Cheating on every woman. But you, you I actually decided to trust. I put my faith in you. I can't believe this. I wish that all of you would just die!"
Maka Albarn: "He just ate your soul, you goddamn cat! What are you still doing up there?!"
Maka Albarn: "People need fear to survive. We experience it so we can grow stronger."
Maka Albarn: "The legendary super-skill of the Scythe Meister: Witch Hunter!"
Maka Albarn: "Stop looking at my soul, you creep!"
Maka Albarn: "They need professional help."
Maka Albarn: "I was wondering. Do souls taste good? You seem to like 'em."
Maka Albarn: I screwed up.
Maka Albarn: "The 118th rule in the Death Weapon Meister Academy handbook states, 'In the event of an emergency students are allowed to enter the Death Room without first obtaining permission'."
Maka Albarn: "We have to find a way to face this scar."
Maka Albarn: "It's not that you don't know how to deal with people, it's just no 1 ever took the time to deal with you."
Maka Albarn: "I refuse to let my fear control me anymore."
Maka Albarn: "I'm going to become stronger!"
Maka Albarn: "It doesn't hurt! It's not hot! I'm not scared! I will not be beaten!"
Maka Albarn: "Figure Six Hunter!"
Maka Albarn: "Papa was only 18 years old when I was born. He used to read a lot of books to me back then."
Maka Albarn: "What could that asshole possibly be thinking sending sexy underwear to his own daughter?!"
Maka Albarn: "What kind of fun does he mean? Just what kind of girl does he think I am!?"
Maka Albarn: "We might be scared but that's what makes us stronger!"
Maka Albarn: "If you do continue to fight me, then I'll take your soul. You got it?"
Maka Albarn: "Stop it. Don't move. Not another word. Don't you dare say one more negative thing about yourself. You think of yourself as cowardly and weak, yet whenever something happens, you put everyone else first. And then, you end up getting hurt. Please stop this. You're hurting my friend and I can't take it."
Maka: "Now you will let me have to tear out my TONGUE!"

Soul Eater Evans

Soul Eater Evans : "Not Cool Maka!"
Soul Eater Evans : "Back away! I won't let you touch my Meister!!"
Soul Eater Evans : "The fear of interacting with people…even I understand that one."
Soul Eater Evans : "As a cool guy, I'm used to seeing naked women."
Soul Eater Evans : "Black Star, it's over between us."
Soul Eater Evans : "You're stubborn & reckless, all you like to do for fun is read, so you're boring, & you have fat ankles."
Soul Eater Evans : "Anybody want to take the sexy kitty home? She's free."
Soul Eater Evans : "If you forget your fear you become reckless."
Soul Eater Evans : "As far as I know, music isn't picky about when it gets played."
Soul Eater Evans : "What is this place? Where am I? Wherever it is, it's completely dark. I can't even see my own body. It hurts…Which way is up? Which way is down? Where am I supposed to go? Someone help me."
Soul Eater Evans : "I am your weapon partner Maka! That means I'm always prepared to die for my Meister!"
Soul Eater Evans : "I'm hungry! can we just get his zombie soul already?"
Soul Eater Evans : "Come out! Naptime Is over, zombie!"
Soul Eater Evans : "I hope it's a cool morning. That's how cool days always start out. & a cool guy like me deserves the coolest morning possible."
Soul Eater Evans (to the Demon): "Understanding fear & fighting against it, maintain complete discipline always. Those are great powers in their own right. Besides, this isn't just about me anymore! If we resonate any higher, Maka will be affected too!
Soul Eater Evans : "In the end, the shape & form don't matter at all, it's only the soul that matters right? Nothing else."
Soul Eater Evans : "After all cool men don't cheat on their partners, do they?"
Soul Eater Evans : "Damn that witch. How am I supposed to be cool when she is all hot & naked like that huh?"
Soul Eater Evans : "It's okay, cool guys see naked women all the time, I'm totally used to it."
Soul Eater Evans : "What are you smoking? Don't you see how cool I am? You think I'm going to settle for a flat-chested girl like her?"
Soul Eater Evans : "Huh?! You kidding me?! How's it all my fault?! What're you stupid?! You went crazy, didn't you! Die!"
Soul Eater Evans : "Good idea. Maybe we can throw in some stuff as well!"
Soul Eater Evans : "This isn't cool!"
Soul Eater Evans : "This situation isn't cool at all."

Kim Diehl

Kim Diehl (キム・ディール Kimu Dīru?) is an EAT class meister who has a tendency to charge money from others while performing tasks for them. She is the object of fellow student Ox Ford's affections, though she is often annoyed by his romantic advances.
Kim: "I should start charging for this."
Kim: "I'd be more impressed if you were rich and handsome."
Kim: "Okay. Make sure I'm covered. You ready Jackie?"
Kim: "Good job you guys, Thanks!"
Kim: "It's our turn now, Jackie!"

Little Demon

He is called "Little Demon" by Soul Eater, he is a strange demon of tiny size that appeared before Soul inside his heart after his first encounter with Ragnarok. The Little Demon normally resides in a specific room within Soul's mind, called The Black Room."
Little Demon: "Swing, swing, swing."
Little Demon: "Wouldn't it be nice to have a strong mind, one that can get rid of the fear you feel?"
Little Demon: "Seek out the power you need. Find a rule to break, it will make you stronger. Stronger perhaps then you thought possible."
Little Demon: "Come with me. Overwhelming madness & power await."
Little Demon: "Come on, Soul. There's no point in struggling anymore & you know it. It's time to wake up & accept the inevitable. Let me make you stronger."
Little Demon: "You're going to die if you don't do something, just leave it to me. Do away with reason, let me make you stronger."
Little Demon: "You can't beat the Demon Sword's madness that way. You're sadly mistaken if you think reason & discipline will give you the power you need now. Those aren't enough, I never have seen anyone have it that easy."
Little Demon (to Soul): "Just a minute, you damn brat!! You're turning into a little pathetic log all of a sudden!! What happened to all the spirit you used to have?! Where's your pride?! Forget reason!! Just let loose & go crazy for once! What kind of log are you to live without a little insanity thrown in?!!"
Little Demon: "No the shows only just be beginning there's no more time to think about it, the stage is all set for the big concert, its time to play."


[Black☆Star (ブラック☆スター, Burakku☆Sutā) is 1 of the main meisters that the series follows. He is supposedly around 13 years old at the start of the series. Black Star is the only survivor of the infamous Star Clan, which explains the star on his shoulder. He is partnered with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa.]
Black☆Star: "Assassin's rule number 1-silence: dissolve in the darkness & erase your breath. Wait for an opening to attack your target."
Black☆Star: "Assassin's rule number 2-transpositional thinking: Analyze the target in order to predict his thoughts & movements."
Black☆Star: "Assassin's rule number 3-speed: take out the target before the target notices your presence."
Black☆Star: "I am the great assassin Black Star! & I've come here to assassinate you all!"
Black☆Star: "Sometimes I'm such a big star I can't handle it."
Black☆Star: "It was awesome! I was the biggest star in the whole room yesterday!"
Black☆Star: "Dying now. My breath will be erased, okay?"
Black☆Star: "My name is Black☆Star. I'll surpass the power of the gods."
Black☆Star: "Compared to a man as big as me, you realize how small you are don't you? I understand how you feel. Even I can be frightened by my own greatness. So I find it difficult to stand in front of mirrors."
Black☆Star: "You can look high or low but you wont find a bigger guy than me!"
Black☆Star: "Finishing Strike! Black Star Big Wave!"
Black☆Star: "It could be real difficult to hide when you're as big a star as I am."
Black☆Star: "You wont be laughing once you taste our power of friendship!"
Black☆Star: "Soul! Soul! Are you okay?! It's going to be alright! Black Star is here for you now! Open your eyes! 1 look at my big handsome face & you'll be cured for sure!
Black☆Star: "Stars. Don't. Clean.
Black☆Star: "YAHOO! Black Star on stage front & center YEAH! A big star is here to perform in your tiny village come on out everybody!"
Black☆Star: "Speed Star!"
Black☆Star: "I'm just a dude who's way ahead of his time you know? Does that mean I was born too early because time can't keep up with me?"
Black☆Star: "YAAAAAHOOOO! Fellow students remember this well! I am Black Star the worlds greatest assassin! The big man! I will transcend death! Try not to feel too bad about living in my shadow! It isn't your fault that I'm the biggest star ever! Sooner or later you will all cower before me! Let me hear you now! Scream the name of Black Star!"
Black☆Star: "Hey Tsubaki, come out of there already. You haven't lost to him have you? You can put on a better show than that, come back out on stage. Encore, encore. Tsubaki encore, give us an encore!"
Black☆Star: "Alright then! Come here! Come over here, Black Star's giving you a big hug!"
Black☆Star: "What the point of worrying about the past? A real star keeps moving forward."
Black☆Star: "My soul wave length just got taken away. I'm gunna miss it."
Black☆Star: "I'm Black Star. I'm on a whole different level than you. I'm a big man! I beat death! Who else can say that?!"
Black☆Star: "I'm not going to let myself get beat by a jar!"
Black☆Star: "Who cares about snow? Snow can't touch me, I could be naked out here & it wouldn't bother me at all."
Black☆Star: "Sorry I'm not into Asian chicks"
Black☆Star: "It's me with a capital M! I'm the only 1 big enough to capitalize me!"
Black☆Star: "I'll never show you my tears. These are the tears of those who died with regrets. If there's a way to take away these regrets, I'll make sure I'll find it."
Black☆Star: "If it's fear that you speak of, then I'll stand & face it. I'll never give up. The only time I lose is when I die!"
Black☆Star: "As long as I don't admit defeat, then it'll never be a loss!"
Black☆Star: "Hey Soul, let's piss on Sid's grave!"
Black☆Star: "'Path of the Warrior'? Mifune, let's get something straight. The path I choose isn't of the Warrior or the Demon. You don't know this path! You've never seen it before, Samurai! My path! & nobody else's, YOU GOT ME!"
Black☆Star: "I'm the almighty badass that's gonna transcend the Gods!! When all's said and done, I'm gonna be the one standing on top!!"

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

[Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (中務 椿, Nakatsukasa Tsubaki), the Demon Weapon, is Black☆Star's partner. She can change into multiple ninja weapons, including the chain scythe/kusarigama, shuriken, smoke bomb, & eventually the uncanny sword. Like her brother, she is a member of the Nakatsukasa clan.]
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa: "Excuse me! I'm not a microphone, I'm a chain scythe! A weapon! You don't understand assassination, do you?
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa: "Silence means approaching…quietly! If you're trying to be an assassin, you have to learn how to shut up!"
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa: "The Camellia Blossom, also known as Tsubaki, is a flower without fragrance. It proclaims nothing, blooming in silence. When the blossom's petals scatter, it's quiet & tragic. I am Tsubaki. A silent flower without fragrance."
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa: "I am Tsubaki, a flower without fragrance. When I fall it will be silent & tragic."
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa: "I have a friend who has helped me realize something. He's helped me see that a Camellia does have a fragrance!"
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa: "Yay, London!"
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa: "You guys are a team, you have to work together if you want to do anything! 1 person can't make a decision without the other, you decide together & you fight together!"
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa: "I'll admit Black Star makes some dumb calls from time to time, but the important thing is I'm here to back him up no matter how big a fool he is. If we're fools we're fools together, that's the kind of team we are."
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa: "Our souls, together with you till the end!"

Death the Kid

[Death the Kid (デス・ザ・キッド, Desu za Kiddo) commonly called "Kid" (キッド, Kiddo) by his friends & family, is 1 of the 3 main meisters that the series follows. He is apparently the strongest of the trio, as he is a grim reaper. He is Patty & Liz's meister & Lord Death's son.]
Death the Kid: "Just look Patty! Your stance is off again! The 2 of you aren't in a line!"
Death the Kid: "Symmetry is what makes the world beautiful."
Death the Kid: "ITS ASYMMETRICAL!!!"
Death the Kid: "Symmetry is key. Everything must be aesthetically pleasing. That's why I use the 2 of you as twin pistols in order to preserve symmetry. When I hold you both, I'm completely balanced on the right & left. It isn't perfect because your human forms are so different from each other, though. Your hair styles & height for example. Even your boobs are different sizes!"
Death the Kid: "You're right, I'm an abomination! I'm filthy & dirty! & unbalanced! Why is there only 1 set of stripes?! I'm garbage! Asymmetrical garbage! I deserve to die!"
Death the Kid: "I'm worrying about it! I'm worrying about it! Worry! Worry! Worry!"
Death the Kid: "Tornado Flip!"
Death the Kid: "You're disgustingly hideous! What the hell kind of thing are you? I've never seen anything more messed up in my life! Do you know nothing about symmetry? Whoever made you should be dug up from his grave, shot, & reburied! You make me violently ill."
Death the Kid: "Dammit, Patty!"
Death the Kid: "I'm a pig, a louse, a useless cow! I destroyed Anubis! Such utter garbage cannot be allowed to live! I deserve to die!"
Death the Kid: "No I can't go on like this! I should die! How could this happen? Did I really forget to fold the tip of the toilet paper into a triangle?"
Death the Kid: "What If I didn't fold the toilet paper? Something like that could ruin my life forever. I can't be defeated by toilet paper. If I turn my back on this, I shouldn't be allowed to live anymore."
Death the Kid: "No, it can't be 7! Say 8, dammit! 8 is better! It's physically impossible to cut the number 7 in half & make it symmetrical! It has to be 8 instead! 8 cut vertically or horizontally stays perfectly symmetrical! Take it back, I beg of you! Please say 8! Please!"
Death the Kid: "Hey, can I shoot them now?"
Death the Kid: "Oops. Sorry. My fingers slipped."
Death the Kid: "Black Star, I can't come down. There's water. Carry me."
Death the Kid: "I'll ward off the water from above, and you can handle the water on the ground, okay? We'll work together, it's a good thing there are 2 of us here. This way would be impassable alone. Quite an obstacle."
Death the Kid: "We're hunting after a legendary sword. Finding a fairy or two shouldn't be surprising."
Death the Kid: "Damn, it's awful. Just awful! No matter what I do I can't get the K right! I'm useless garbage! I'm a horrible disgusting person who doesn't deserve to live another day!"
Death the Kid: "If you want to do damage to the other ship, you have to ram them in the middle! Now do it again!"
Death the Kid: "I partnered with these two specifically so something like this wouldn't happen. I need symmetry! Maybe I should have listened to my father. He tried to pick out a good weapon for me, but I refused to listen to him! Stubborn! All I cared about, all I wanted was symmetry! Two symmetrical weapons! Was that so much to ask for?! & now all my efforts have been completely & utterly wasted! Damn it!"
Death the Kid (to Black Star): Your desperation had wound up working against us. Take a closer look, what you actually cut was the shrine's seal in the bag. It's sort of ironic, you were so focused on destroying the syringe that you left yourself vulnerable. Your 6th sense kicked in & took over when you weren't expecting it. In the very end, you must have been hallucinating."
Death the Kid: "I do not deny evil, nor do I believe that any human is completely free of malice. Everything must be in balance. As long as evil & good maintain an equilibrium in this world there is no problem. Perfect balance is the key to everything."
Death the Kid: "I'm going to keep fighting until this world is the way it should be. Until the world is balanced."
Death the Kid: "You disgust me. I am a Grim Reaper. I refuse to grant anyone the freedom to kill!"
Death the Kid: "Reaper Combat Art: Mortal Sin Stance."
Death the Kid: "Just look at it Liz, Patty, just look at how the clouds are! Flowing right toward the sun! It's so beautiful, even the sky is symmetrical!"
Death the Kid: "I dreamed of a perfect world. You weren't there. I'll enforce your death penalty Noah."
Death the Kid: "'Might is right'... those with power direct the course of world affairs and create the order they desire and those with power create he standards for justice."

Liz Thompson

Liz Thompson (リズ(エリザベス)・トンプソン, Rizu (Erizabesu) Tonpuson) is the elder sister of Patricia Thompson and one of Death the Kid's Demon twin pistols.]
Liz Thompson: "Excuse me for being smaller than my little sister! What right do you have to talk about symmetry, anyway? Three stripes on the left side of your hair and none on the right?! That doesn't look symmetrical to me!"
Liz Thompson: "Now, now, Kid. You can't forget that you're a grim reaper. Compared to that, what do three little lines matter?"
Liz Thompson: "Not the sharpest tool in the shed, is he? These little rich kids are always so gullible."
Liz Thompson': "A sound soul dwells within sound skin and sound cuticles.That doesn't sound right!"
Liz Thompson: "I can see through you,Your lying, you want to gobble up my hot body!"
Liz Thompson: "We were born as weapons and we loved the power that came with it. Nothing could scare us. We walked around town like we owned the place, taking whatever we wanted whenever we wanted it. No one ever thought to ask what our lives were really like."
Liz Thompson: "Hey, Kid. Let's forget about consistency for now. We can pass right on through, just don't look at them for too long."
Liz Thompson: "Okay. In your defense, I suppose poorly arranged bombs are terrifying to you as a path full of monster would be to most normal people."
Liz Thompson: "Whoa! Hold on a sec. The Kishin is gonna wake back up if you give up this easily! You're a Reaper. If you can't do this, then who can?!
Liz Thompson: "It's your turn, Patty. Just tell him in that special way that you have."

Patty Thompson

[Patty Thompson (パティー(パトリシア)・トンプソン, Patī Thompson)[1] also spelled "Patti" in some translations is one half of Death the Kid's Demon twin pistols. She is the younger of the two sisters, and the more naïve.]
Patty Thompson]: "Yeah, Kid! You're not garbage. If you were garbage you would smell a lot worse, so why don't we just get up and try again, okay?"
Patty" Thompson: "Garbage is ew, and you're not!"
"Patty" Thompson: ""Hey, sis? I've been wondering something. How come everyone always closes their eyes when they sneeze? Is it to keep their eyes from popping out of their heads?"
"Patty" Thompson: "You broke the Pharaoh! "You broke the Pharaoh! "You broke the Pharaoh!"
"Patty" Thompson: "Yeah, it's going to be freaking awesome!"
"Patty" Thompson: "Giraffe! Giraffe! I love Giraffes!"
"Patty" Thompson: "You better watch out! I can break your neck!"
"Patty" Thompson: "Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream."
"Patty" Thompson: "Get your ass moving now, damn you."


[Crona (クロナ, Kurona) is the first reoccurring antagonist of Soul Eater. The child of Medusa Gorgon, Crona is a Demon Sword Master whose weapon, Ragnarok, resides permanently within their blood.]
Crona: "The doors here only open 1 way. They open inward."
Crona: "I can`t deal with it."
Crona: "This much I know: my blood is black."
Crona: "I'm not very good at talking with girls. They make me nervous."
Crona: "Ragnarok, Screaming Resonance."
Crona: "I don't like it, the dark circles under my eyes will come back & I don't know how to deal with the dark circles!"
Crona: "I've never seen a man with a screw sticking out of his head before. I don't know how I'm supposed to deal with a guy like that!"
Crona: "No, thumbtacks in my shoes would stick into my feet whenever I tried to walk. It would hurt. I don't think I could deal with that really."
Crona: "There are stars & planets floating around me. I don't think I can handle astronomy right now."
Crona: "Hey. My blood is black, you know."
Crona: "I'm scared. Of everyone. I need to learn to deal with people better."
Crona: "Do you want to know where the real hell is hiding? It's inside your head."
Crona: "I hate, hate, hate everyone. But that's okay I can use my screams to blow them all away. I bet dead people are a lot easier to get along with."
Crona: "I can't lose weight! I don't know how to deal with being any skinnier than I already am!"
Crona: "That's gross, & I don't get the comparison!"
Crona: "Ewww…I don't want to hang out with someone disgusting as poop!"
Crona: "Trusting someone not to hurt you…how idiotic is that?"
Crona: "I don't want to lose my only friend."
Crona: "I don't know how to handle this situation!"
Crona: "Stop it! When you squat it looks like you're going to the bathroom!"
Crona: "A black demon like me can only taint things jet black."
Crona: "I will destroy the world."
Crona: "Relationships are painful."
Crona: "I am soul eaten."
Crona: "Don't worry, I'll protect you Maka."
Crona: "Don't hurt Maka anymore. If something's bothering you, why not write a poem?" (raises sword) "We can write one together, okay?"
Crona: "I simply want to fight for you, Maka."
Crona: "Let's meet again, Maka."
Crona: "I'm here to help someone who's alway been there for me. I'm here to... I'm here to stop you Medusa!"
Crona: "I'm tired of hating myself all the time, and I'm tired of betraying the people I care about, and most of all... I'm sick of being some tool for you to use."
Crona: (after being badly wounded) "Maka, please... d-don't cry. I'm happy now for the first time. I finally am... because you...were my friend. It's okay."

The Demon Sword: Ragnarok

[The Demon Sword: Ragnarok (ラグナロク, Ragunaroku), is Crona's weapon partner. Ragnarok is the first inhuman weapon introduced in Soul Eater. Ragnarok has taken to absorbing any soul, evil or not. By taking innocent souls, Ragnarok lost what little sanity he had and his soul wavelength had grown out of control and vastly overpowers Crona's own wavelength, which could potentially eventually lead to Ragnarok devouring Crona's soul. Fortunately, his soul wavelength was evened out when Lord Death confiscated the souls Ragnarok had taken.]
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Goo-pi."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Goop, goop, goopi-pi"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Now now, calm down Crona. You're so scary when you're stressed out like that."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Bloody-needle."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "If you let him hit you with that technique again, I'm gonna stick thumbtacks in your shoes, got it?"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Screw yaself! You won't live that long!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Time to die, screwhead!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Astronomy is a lot easier to deal with than death, you moron."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Oi, Crona. If the grim reaper catches up to us you're not having any dinner tonight."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Crona! Quit thinking about the brat who ran off and focus on the one who's right in front of you!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Kill her..."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Don't be an idiot, girl. You're not gonna manage anything. Don't you remember how this went last time? You and your weapon didn't manage so well. I don't even know why I bother with you anyway. A puny little soul like yours is hardly even worth eating. That Star brat from earlier looked a lot tastier than you. You're an unappetising useless little girl. I don't even need to fight you. I could probably bully you to death from here!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Huh?"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Blabber all you want. No one will hear your screams when ya lose."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Shut up."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Come on, get it in gear, Crona!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Damn it Crona! Look what you did! You got me locked up in here with you because you couldn't pull yourself together!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "You idiot! Take this! And this! And this and this!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "I'm gonna punch you until I can't punch anymore Crona!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Dammit Crona you complete idiot!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Screw you guys!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Damn you little girl! What the hell did you do!? Why am I so little now!?"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "You and CRONA? FRIENDS? You gotta be kidding me! Who'd wanna be friends with a pathetic thing like him!? He isn't even any fun! Wait. I got it! You wanna keep him around as a punching bag! Bullying him is an excellent way to reduce stress! That's what you want him for..."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Well too bad. I'm the only one who gets to beat up Crona! He's mine, you can't have him!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "How could you punch me Crona!? I don't believe it!! You have no idea how it feels to be hit by you!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Well, I'll tell you! It's like when you haven't crapped in 3 days and 3 nights, and then you get a toilet water splash back bonus when you unload it all!!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "You think I'm gonna let you talk to me like that?!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Here we go!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "What you got under there, huh!? Nice dress, pansy. Don't try to fight back!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Ah ha ha... Hahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "I wouldn't be getting too cocky if I were you, stupid humans!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "What'd you do to me you ugly cow!?"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "What are you doing here?! I never agreed to be your friend!!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Wow, that panty-shot of you was more of a turn off than I'd expected, you cow!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "You don't have much to look at under there, do you? Cow..."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "There is Crona's screech alpha you know. Heh, just thought I'd mention that. Don't know why though. We're onlookers. No way we're gonna help you... Not even for 3 pieces of candy..."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Heh, it was just a figure of speech. I don't actually want any candy. I'm not a baby, you idiot."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "It's not a matter of number!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "REALLY? Maka Albarn, you know how to strike a good bargain. It pays to negociate, don't 'cha think?"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Don't underestimate my black blood!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Quit your worrying. Dumbass."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Go after her Crona! Kill the witch! We're on fire now!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Cuts like that are nothing. I'll just harden the blood after you say thank you."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "You mean 'thanks very much'!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "What? Are you trying to study right now? You're a strange girl."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "If you're his friend, then feed me!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Hmh, the food was good at least."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Hey, Crona! You should try and find a partner who can cook, like that Tsubaki girl!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Goopi-pi! Things are getting interesting."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Looks like the hallway's off limits from here. Goo pi pi! Which means it might be a good place to look for the vault."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "It's not my problem if you get yourself caught."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "You saved us Marie! We were trying to find our room and we lost our way..."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "You sure about that?"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Thanks a lot. We couldn't have done it without you."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Who cares, as long as you can drink from it."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Looks like you have added your own girly touch here and there."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Hey! Why didn't I get any? I'm thirsty too!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Sure I do. Wanna see?"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "There's no need to hurry!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Crona, now's your chance."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "What are you waiting for you moron?"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "U-uh... How about some pepper? I like it spicy!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Goopi-pi... That went smoothly..."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "It was easy! Whilst she was out of the room, we just added a little drop to her tea."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Mesuda-sama, two more visitors."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "No no no no... Crona's scary when she's all riled up."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "But their souls sure look tasty."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Let's show 'em Crona."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "This is the end, screwshit."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "They can't pierce through him?"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "He's gone? Hey, screwshit, where'd you go!? Son of a bitch!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Damn, that's it! Hurry and pull yourself together! If we take another hit from his Soul's wavelength, we're done for!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "How to deal with stars? Just do what feels natural, in the moment! Just snap the hell out of it!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Crona, forget about the running boy! Focus on the chick in front of us."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Kill her."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "You gotta be kidding!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "There's no such as, doing it somehow! Have you forgotten? How Crona chopped you up last time?! It's damn annoying! Eating a small fry's soul like yours won't even leave a taste. That star kid from before looks ten times tastier! You're not even attractive! You're worthless, girl! We're gonna beat the crap out of you! That's al that's left to do!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Yeah, keep talking big. We'll cut you down to size."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Hey, Crona!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Why you... Crona! Damn it!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "If you don't behave, I too will get locked!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "It's your fault! Damn you, damn you!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Don't mess around!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Don't mess around, idiot!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Why you, what did you do?! Why is my master like this?!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Become friends with Crona? Don't say stupid things!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "No matter what you do, it's still boring!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "I know! It has to be bullying! Did it succeed? It's a great way to relieve stress, isn't it?"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "You one star Technician!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "I won't let you off! I am Crona's real friend! I won't let you have her!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Crona! How dare you hit me! Do you know how I feel, being hit by you?"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "It's like poop which couldn't come out for three days, which when you suddenly push out with all you got, makes the water in the toilet basin splash you. That kind of feeling!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Don't be cheeky!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Damn!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Don't think everything will go your way, you annoying bunch! This was all your fault you know!? Ugly woman! Besides, I don't remember ever becoming one of your buddies!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Those panties are even more boring than I thought. Ugly."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "There's Crona's screech alpha. I just wanted to say it. We're only supposed to observe, you see? We won't lend a hand. Even if you give me three pieces of candy."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "It's just a figure of speech! I don't really want any candy. Idiot! I'm not a kid!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "It's not a matter of how many!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "What!?"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Maka Albarn, you have a way with words. I was just negotiating."
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "Don't underestimate the black blood, damn it!"
The Demon Sword: Ragnarok: "No problem, dummy!"


[Asura is the Kishin, the series antagonist who influences the events through his madness of terror affecting the minds of others.]
Asura (First words of freedom): "Nakedness is so wrong. I prefer the macho look."
Asura (First words of freedom in dubbed voice): "I'm naked, this is so wrong!! I need to cover up. I like the macho look!"
Asura (SUB): "There's nothing unusual here…The appropriate one stands in the appropriate place after the inappropriate ones have collapsed to the ground, defeated. There is nothing unexpected or odd about it. Because this is reality. Not one shred of uncertainty exists here. Not even fear, of course…"
Asura: "I have to say, you're as reckless now as you always were."
Asura: "Why don't we have a little chat about the past instead? You see, I've had an awful lot to think about ever since you locked me up. There was no escaping it. When you're sealed inside a bag of your own skin there's only so much you can do. Your mind starts to wander."
Asura: "Sitting there in the dark, I had the chance to think about a lot of things, including the nature of the world itself. And after lengthy consideration, I realized something; when all is said and done, this world is an unknowable place. On the surface, all appears rational, orderly. But what lies beyond that thin veneer of reason? Stability and reality? Or chaos and madness? What are we really made of in the end? Is there truly any meaning to the lives we lead? Or are we nothing more than hollow vessels? These are questions we can never answer, because we cannot hope to see beyond the world's fragile layer of skin. So we live our lives filled with uncertainty, never knowing who or what we truly are, or what the future will bring. All we can do is imagine. Life becomes an unsolvable mystery with any number of twists and turns awaiting us. And that's enough to fill any soul with terror."
Asura: "It's not necessarily the uncertainty that makes us fearful. It's more than that. The answers that we imagine are what really frighten us."
Asura: "Imagination is where all our fear originates, it is the mother of terror and mankind's greatest weakness.
Asura: "What you offer is order and authority, which gives humans the illusion of security and peace, but what truly lies under the thin layer of rationality you attempt to impose on the world?"
Asura: "Pain in the present can be dealt with. It's imagining future pain that hurts us the most. It terrifies us."
Asura: "Pain and death aren't so frightening really, unless you let your imagination run away with you..."
Asura: "Naturally. Would you like to hear it? Very well then, it's quite simple. See Reaper, I have decided not to imagine any more."
Asura: "Cowardly, Reaper? I think you should choose your words more carefully."
Asura: "You know for a grim reaper you're impressively naive. Following the rules doesn't guarantee an escape from fear."
Asura: "Don't you see how empty and meaningless the authority you impose is? That's not how the truth is found. You make your followers feel safe by offering them white lies and comforting words... Don't you know that it only harms them more?"
Asura: "Do you find creating the illusion of peace for people that noble of a job?"
Asura: "Have you been listening to a word I've said, old man!? What's wrong with surrendering to madness? That's where the true peace is."
Asura: "Oh I'm plenty of strong. You'll find out soon enough that you're the weak one, Reaper."
Asura: "Exactly what I was thinking. Perhaps you should say Goodbye to your son. What is it something I said?"
Asura: "So I hear, that's most unfortunate though. I hope we'd be able to come to an understanding."
Asura: "We were friends once, so allow me to offer you one small piece of advice. You should be careful about hiding behind authority and blinding yourself to the realities of the world. It might cost you your life someday. Or somebody else's."
Asura: "The root of all fear is imagination"
Asura: "Do you mean that after being defeated by humans I would cower never before?"
Asura: "So you got rid of corporal terror by discarding the flesh, intellectual dread by using Brew!! And you overcame the mental fear by trusting others and depending on it?! But such feeble support will break easily!! It will be all over when it breaks and the madness will take over again. Goodbye till then! Stay fearful with me until that time."
Asura (anime): "There's nothing unusual here... The appropriate one stands in the appropriate place after the inappropriate ones have collapsed to the ground, defeated. There is nothing unexpected or odd about it. That is harsh reality. Nothing uncertain exists here. Not even fear."
Asura (to Maka, anime): "Go on and stab me, I'm not afraid of pain. Not at all... but what about you?"
Asura (anime): "What is Bravery?"
Asura (final words, anime): "Everybody huh... then it’s just like madness."

Lord Death

[Lord Death is the Grim Reaper himself (in Western legends), having root his soul in to Death City to seal Asura. Ultimately, known as the father of Death the Kid, Death is revealed to be Asura's father with both the Kishin and Kid created from fragments of his own soul.]
Lord Death: "Reaper Chop!"
Lord Death: "Yeah, yeah. Hello, hello."
Lord Death: "This last collection, the witch's soul, is very important. If you slip up, all of the ninety-nine Kishin souls the two of you have collected so far will be confiscated."
Lord Death: "If you don't shut up, I'm going to use my Reaper Chop to split your head open!"
Lord Death: "Well hello, son! What's up? It's good to see you! I've forgotten how cute those stripes on your hair are."
Lord Death: "People and Gods alike possess weaknesses. In order to bury those failings, they seek strength and power. Fear and desire are two sides of the same coin."
Lord Death: "Yo! Hey! Hiya! Thanks for comin', great to see you! Okay well that's about all I have to say. Have a great time tonight"
Lord Death: "Mandolin?"
Lord Death: "Our struggle against witches has been going on for centuries. Over the years, many witches have come up with a number of new spells. But for every new spell, miesters and weapons have developed new ways of countering them. For instance, in order to detect and hunt down witches, miesters born would have the ability to sense souls."
Lord Death: "I suppose there's no point in hiding it anymore. If you shut the lid on something that stinks, all you're really doing is hiding the bad smell. To get rid of it, you'll have to open the lid back up and dive in. Hey everyone, could I have your attention for a moment? There's a kishin sleeping underneath the DWMA!"
Lord Death: "It all happened before this academy was created. I'll begin at the beginning, this is a story of a man and his name was Asura. Asura kept himself covered, wrapping his face in long scares and wore five layers of shirts on top of each other. He wasn't good at trusting other people. He didn't rely on anybody. He was basically a big ball of paranoia wrapped in a dozen scares. (800 Years ago) 'Tell me. What happened with the eastern witches?' Guardian: Sir, by the time we arrived there, Asura had slaughtered them all.' Asura was a member of my personal squad. He was by far the best and strongest of all the eight guardians. However, he was also the most frightening one of them all, always terrified of something. Asura became obsessed with power, eventually he broke down the sacred rule and began collecting the souls of humans. (Pause And thus because of him, it was born. The Kishin, the source of all madness."
Lord Death (to Kilik): "I told you he was a frightened man, he was even terrified of his partner as well. So... he ate his own weapon."
Lord Death (to Ox Ford): "You know. Now that I think about it, I'm not really sure if he was ever human to begin with. It's possible he is nothing more than the embodiment of something that lies deep within his heart... Fear for example."
Lord Death: "I'd really hate to say this to you, especially since you just woke up...but it's time for you to die again."
Lord Death: "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but there is no running away this time. You can't leave this room without my permission which I do not intend to give you."
Lord Death: "Oh? Is that so? After all this time, you actually think that you could defeat me? (Pause) Unfortunately for you, the moment that you were swallowed and trapped into my Death Room, the winner has already been decided. Well, what do you say? Shall we end this quickly?"
Lord Death (to Asura): "You filthy unforgiveable swine! That's it, I'M GOING TO SKIN YOU ALIVE AGAIN!"
Lord Death: "Yeah sorry, it won't happen again. This time you will be GOOD AND DEAD."
Lord Death: "Special attack... COFFEE TABLE FLIP!"
Lord Death: "So, you've decided to sacrifice you imagination. Sounds like a cowardly move."
Lord Death: "If there was a better word to describe you, I don't know what it might be! This is how you've been as long as I have known you, hiding cowardice behind cunning! (Deep voiced) You were always riddled with insecurities and plagued by fears, unable to relax until you have hidden them all. In an effort to escape from your petty fears, you partnered with Vajra. You should have fought alongside me, but you were too weak for that! In the end you betrayed not only innocent humans, but your own weapon partner as well!
Lord Death: And Insanity does?! Even if you bury your fears in madness, only new fears will only surface! Are you truly lost already that you can't understand that simple fact? If you continue along the path you've chosen, the world will sink into despair. Even a child could see the heartless evil in that.
Lord Death (to Asura): There's no hope for you! You are beyond saving!!"
Lord Death: "It is far more noble than seeking to destroy them with blind insanity like you intend to!
Lord Death (to Asura): So you keep saying! Well that's because you're not strong enough for sanity!"
Lord Death: "It's about time for us to end this."
Lord Death: "I'll remove your threat ONCE AND FOR ALL! I am the guardian of this world, it is my job to make sure you do no further damage to it!"

Spirit Albarn/Death Scythe


Death Scythe (デス・サイズ, Desu Saizu), Lord Death's current weapon, and Maka's father, whose real name is Spirit Albarn (スピリット=アルバーン スピリット Aruban). He was Dr. Stein's first Weapon partner.

Death Scythe
Death Scythe: "Hey bitch Don't even think of touching my Maka. If you lay a hand on her, as a Death Scythe... no, as her father, I will fucking kill you, you got me, you little octopus head?"
Death Scythe: "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY! Are you trying to tell me that my Maka's not attractive?! Why haven't you made a move on her, you're a man, aren't you!"
Death Scythe: "Maka, your dad loves you."
Death Scythe: "It's more effective if you warn before you chop!"
Death Scythe: "Maka! Please don't hate me, Maka! I love you and mama! I promise, Maka! It's true! It's true! I love you! I love you!"
Death Scythe: "Good times at Chupacabras!"
Death Scythe: "He's using every drop of his blood as a weapon."
Death Scythe: "Oh my darling. My dear white coated angel. Please heal me! My heart is in need of your sweet, sweet medical lovin only you can cure!"
Death Scythe: "I bet Maka's enjoying her present right about now."
Death Scythe: "This fight of ours has become a gamble, and the odds are stacked against us. We're so close, all we need to do now is take the offensive somehow and strike at her!"

Professor Franken Stein

[Franken Stein (フランケン・シュタイン, Furanken Shutain), also known as Professor Stein, is the man that changes Sid into a zombie, the strongest Meister of the DWMA. He was Spirit's partner before, due to suffering the effects of Asura's madness, is given a new partner. He is named after the title character of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, with elements of Frankenstein's monster.]
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "I can't seem to get my head on straight."
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "I have a simpler motive. Experimentation and observation that's all a true scientist cares about. And I am a scientist. Everything in the world is an experimental test subject, of course that includes myself as well."
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "All the more reason to dissect one, before the whole species dies off."
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "Soul Force!"
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "I think I'd like to dissect you now!"
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "Spirit Body."
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "Double Palm Soul Force. Twin Spears."
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "Witch Hunter!"
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "Are you helping because you're a doctor? Or is it because you're a Witch?"
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "Ha ha ha ha! Promise me something if you're gunna sue go after Spirit first okay?"
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "This is fear. That's good then, I had forgotten what it felt like."
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "You know about it don't you Witch Medusa? About the Kishin beneath the DWMA."
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "Are you ready to fight against fear itself? Will you cross beyond that door? Let your souls make the decision for you."
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "You can't even imagine how disastrous things would be if the Kishin is revived. It's madness is like a plague."
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "We have come this far. We're just a step away, but the moment the sutures come undone, the fight will start all over again. (He then imagines the tail snake killing him.) And as Medusa said, I'm more likely to be the loser. Her tail snake is pointed directly towards my throat just a hair's breathe away from beheading me. But right now, I can't seem to picture myself being defeated. All I can imagine is dismembering that witch, dissection is what I do best... (Pause effect.) My only chance is to roll the dice and hope I win."
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "Made you look."
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "Whats good and evil is determined by those of who are in power."
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "Where am I? What path should I take? Move ahead, join the new world that's awaiting to be born, or turn back to the old world? Am I still stable or am I being consumed by the madness? Is this the truth that I see, or the fabricated delusions of insanity? Water ever-flows from higher elevations down to lower ground. More and more water collects in one place forming a river. So it is too with the lives of men. Set in their ways, they hate the loss of the old order. They fear change, but what if it's better to fall from higher grounds to join the new river? Old or new where everything is controlled by the order, but that's okay. The only thing I need right now is... to obey the new rules.."
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein (to Marie): "I'm going to cut you open now!!
(Professor) Dr. Franken Stein: "There are some friendships that can never end. It took me a long to realize that, but I finally get it now."

Sidney "Sid" Barett

[Sidney "Sid" Barett (死人(シド)・バレット, Shido Baretto; Literally meaning "Dead Person"), a man who died and was subsequently turned into a zombie by Dr. Stein.).]
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "Good morning, good afternoon, good night. How have you been? And all that. I always try to remember my manners, that's the kind of man I was."
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "Ding Dong, Dead Dong."
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "I always was a man to start class at the bell. Punctuality is important."
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "I never was the kind of man to hold back!"
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "I've always been an enthusiastic educator! That's the kind of man I was!"
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "Back when I was alive I was definitely a man who would never tell a lie, but a lot of thing have changed since then."
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "I don't spoil my students. That's not the kind of man I was."
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "Tsubaki? So that sneaky little brat dumped his punishment on her and took off did he? Back when I was still alive I hated it when dirty tricks like this were pulled!"
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "I'll let this one slide, that's the kind of man I was."
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "I was a very meticulous man you know, that hasn't changed."
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "When I was alive, I was a rather cautious man thank you very much."
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "I was not the type of man who went sneaking around reading woman's diaries."
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "That's just the kind of man I was."
Sidney "Sid" Barett: "LIVING END!"

Ox Ford

[Ox Ford (オックス・フォード, Okkusu Fōdo) is a spear technician and one of the top students at the DWMA in terms of grades and is Harvar's meister. He is named after the University of Oxford.]
Ox Ford: "Oh no I'm not a fool, you see I'm at the top of my class at the DWMA. I really am quite intelligent."
Ox Ford: "Oh the humanity."
Ox Ford: "How could he do such an awful thing to my beloved Tsubaki? Hiro, you're a dead man!"
Ox Ford: "We have to remember, this is Hiro. He's a perpetual failure, he'll get tired of the 1000 provisions and give up before to much longer. Ha-ha-ha-ha."
Ox Ford: "No! Say it isn't so! How could this happen to Hiro of all people, it can't be true! AHHH!"

Harvar D.Éclair


Harvar De Eclair (ハーバー・ド・エクレール, Hābā Do Ekurēru), is Ox's partner and a fellow student in the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Harvar: "Think you'll get top score again this year Ox?"
Harvar D.Éclair: "Stand up."
Harvar D.Éclair: "What are you gonna do now Ox? You can't get expelled from the academy."
Harvar D.Éclair: "Quit it will ya?"


[Excalibur (エクスカリバー, Ekusukaribā) is a comrade of Lord Death's whose great power that is unrivaled by any other weapon within the series continuity. However, possessing a madness wavelength that intensifies rage, his habit of alienating others makes his use ..... rare]
Excalibur: "Welcome. Welcome to my cave young ones. Please forgive the belated salutations. I am the holy sword Excalibur!"
Excalibur: "My legend dates back to the 12th Century thank you very much."
Excalibur: "Young ones! Do you want to hear the legend of me? Do you want to hear a heroic tale?"
Excalibur: "My mornings begin with a cup of coffee with cream at the cafe. My afternoon begins with hot tea with two lumps of sugar. And my evenings... In the evening I change into my pyjamas."
Excalibur: "The taller the chefs hat the greater the chef.... FOOLS .... Who said I was a chef?!"
Excalibur: "Before becoming my Meister there is a list of 1,000 provisions you must pursue. Be sure to look through all of them, they're important. I greatly look forward to your participation in number 452: The five hour story telling party."
Excalibur: "No. 022: On a refreshing morning, start out with a refreshing greeting".
Excalibur: "Number 058 of the 1,000 provisions I would like you to observe, never talk to me while I'm humming to myself. This is an important provision do you understand?"
Excalibur: "No. 075: Celebrate Excalibur's birthday in grand-style."
Excalibur: "No. 172: Seek harmony. Seek it, thus. First! A haircut!"
Excalibur: "This brings us to number 278 of the 1,000 provisions you must observe. I hate carrots. Never even think about putting them in my food, you get it?"
Excalibur: "SILENCE! This is number 349 of the 1,000 provisions you must observe. Meisters should eat everything regardless of personal likes and dislikes. Never say anything as selfish as "I don't like carrots." again."
Excalibur: "No. 452: Attendance at the five hour story-telling party is absolutely mandatory."
Excalibur: "Have you forgotten provision No. 573? Always walk 3 steps behind me."
Excalibur: "No. 578: The hero must never tell a lie."
Excalibur: "No. 602: Food must be prepared with the freshest ingredients."
Excalibur: "No. 667: You must praise Excalibur at all times."
Excalibur: "To sum up that is what led to number 679 of the 1,000 provisions you must observe. Always place a dehumidifier in your room."
Excalibur: "Hey! Hold on, come back! I'll tell you what! I can lower those 1,000 provisions down to 800, just as long as you take part in the five hour story telling party."
Excalibur: "You want to hear my legend, don't you? FOOL... FOOL... FOOL... Ugh... Fool."
Excalibur: "My legend dates back to the 12th Century you see. My legend is quite old. The 12th Century was a long time ago."
Excalibur: "Nothing beats a cup of herbal tea in the morning."
Excalibur: "Of course they are my family. Isn't it obvious? And a wonderful family they were. It happened long ago when I was still in the flower of my youth. The cities began to grow wild, people lost hope for the future. They became lazy, idol time wasters. And to my everlasting shame I was no exception. Thus, I began to watch the 7 O'Clock news religiously every night!"
Excalibur: "Humming and the nightly news share a very tight connection indeed."
Excalibur: "A symphony can not be created using common sense and probabilities.It is already written in the fate of the composer. No... that's not it. A symphony is the inevitable result of a bad childhood, deafness, and too many beans eaten after a certain time of day."
Excalibur: "Thus I found myself carrying the entire weight of the troop as I preformed my dance before a capacity crowd at the opera house."
Excalibur: "One must take time to think! Rushing forward without considering things beforehand is the hight of foolishness. Ahh yes, that reminds of of another time when I had to consider things, that case was long ago but I remember it still. It was back when I still hung my hat on Bakers St. and called it home."
Excalibur: "It's quite basic actually, perhaps the simplest of tricks there is. True it may not seem so simple from an ordinary persons point of view, some people may even consider it a baffling, utterly perplexing problem. Things will often appear complicated on the outside while in truth they are simplicity itself. Of course how one sees these things depends on the person, many people find there is a fine line separating the complex to the very simple."
Excalibur: "I was all dried up. Yes, nothing could satisfy me anymore. I was but a shell of a man. An unspeakable emptiness grew deep within my heart. I became frustrated, sad, hollow. The gaping hole inside of me was growing larger everyday. Slowly consuming me from the inside out. At least until that day came."
Excalibur: "Thus at long last the fighting between the rival gangs had ended! To sum up this leads us to number 778 of the 1,000 provisions you must observe. Never mail a letter without the return address or the proper postage. And don't call collect."
Excalibur: "FOOL! As someone who is unaware of the vital role that singing has played in the cultural history of mankind you are in no position to question me. Remember that the next time you stop to consider your place in this world. You do not possess the power to deny a singer his song. Do you understand what I'm telling you?"
Excalibur: "♫ Excalibur! Excalibur! From United Kingdom! I'm looking for heaven! I'm going to California! ♫"
Excalibur: "Well I think that about cover the 1,000 provisions that you are required to observe. Now I would like for you to participate in the most important provision. Number 452 the 5 hour story telling party."
Excalibur: "Victory and Glory!"
Excalibur: "Attention, Meisters around the country. I have a great opportunity to announce. You want to be a warrior don't you? So why not test yourself by mastering me? Only one person can have this honour, so act quickly! Observe my exquisite form. Notice my unparalleled sharpness. Act now and you'll receive four free hours at my five hour story telling party! Enter yourself for my special drawing. I will be teaming up with the winning Meister. Don't let this chance pass you by. Send entries to the address below. May victory and glory be yours!"
Excalibur: "This academy is nothing special. My legend is far more impressive than anything that has ever happened at this school. All students and Meisters must hear it."
Excalibur: "Fool. My legend dates back to the twelfth century you see. It began on a midsummers day with the sun blazing overhead. No, wait. It was a blustery Autumn day. I was the unsavoury fellow back when it all started. Which was in the winter as I recall. I remember the tough crowd, all the hot babes fought over me that summer. Yes. Yes that's right, it was summer. A scorching midsummer day. I was a dangerous man at the time. And yet, refined somehow. Everyone thought so. They still think so to this day. Although, maybe they didn't think so as much back then. But they definitely said I was dangerous, I'm sure of it...And I know I've always been refined so they must have been thinking it. Yes. Yes indeed. Everyone thought and said and talked about how amazing I was. I'm still amazing of course, but no longer the bad boy that I was back then. On that chilled, frozen winter day. I will continue the re-telling of my legend; But first, there will be a five minute break. Stand still and await my return."
Excalibur: "Hm? What do you want? The stated five minute break hasn't passed yet. Say... Don't I know you?"
Excalibur: "You can't wait five minutes? Fool."
Excalibur: "Now that you mention it, my legend began on the same day as today. A Tuesday or a Wednesday. Or a Saturday perhaps. No, it was on Monday. No. I suppose it could have been a Tuesday or Wednesday. Thursday's a distinct possibility or Friday even. Although Monday does sound right. And Saturday is a lovely day to begin a legend with. Perhaps it was a Thursday? Or Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday or Friday? There's always Monday too. And Saturday, we can't forget Saturday. No, no. It was almost certainly on a--"
Excalibur: "We fight then?"
Excalibur: "♫Sushi, sushi sushi roll-roll! Sushi, sushi sushi roll-roll! California-roll, California-roll♫-- Wanna fight?"
Excalibur: "Hiro! Good morning!"
Excalibur: "Now let us begin another great day, shall we?"
Excalibur: "Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
Excalibur: "Your twenties will be the great transitional period of your life. It is a time of crossroads. Of immense change of incredible uncertainty. Indeed my 20's were such a period for me. That was when I evolved from a no good troublemaker to the legendary sword you see before you today. Many men envy my hairstyle you see and they were inspired... and formed a fringe group, a sort of cult if you will - Dedicated to the adoration of my daring hairstyle. They met every week. Or was it everyday? As you may have noticed, humans are very young from the time they are born until some years later. I however was born old and wise and would often discuss abstract..."
Excalibur: "That is all!"
Excalibur: "This man is the culprit! That's right! This man is the brother of the girl who went missing 10 years ago and the Author of this terribly tragic tale of revenge and murder."
Excalibur: "Everyday."
Excalibur: "I want some red king crab."
Excalibur: "Seconds."
Excalibur: "Well done! You have met the 1000 provisions. As a reward, I'll sing you a song. Listen carefully."
Excalibur: "Now, on our way. A-choo! A-choo! A-choo! A-choo! Only a sneezing fit, let's go. A-choo! A-choo! Nh-hee! Nh-hee!"
Excalibur: "Welcome to the story telling party! We will begin with my personal history! I shall recount my legend from it's historic beginning!"
Excalibur: "By the way, this tophat of mine is lined with the finest quality English seaweed roll."
Excalibur: "Fool. You shouldn't make assumptions... Fool. You may not be able to understand the subtle genius of my character but I assure you there are others who do. Worry not everyone. I shall return. See you later!"
Excalibur: "Fool. Why wouldn't I be here?"
Excalibur: "...Fool."
Excalibur: "...Immortality."
Excalibur: "Huh. What kind of greeting is that?"
Excalibur: "It was not idol curiosity that let to Eibon's immortality research. Indeed, the true reason... is much more tragic... His wife lay dying. Eibon's obsession with immortality was born because he desperately sought to save his beloved. But no matter how great the inventor, or how noble the cause... Transcending death is an impossible feet. Not even Eibon could hope to succeed in such an endeavour. But when all seemed lost, someone appeared by his side. Offering help and comforting words. That someone was... The Witch, Arachne."
Excalibur: "HA! That's just a bonus. My reason goes a great deal deeper than that... FOOL. That isn't it... I've come to observe."
Excalibur: "It begins."
Excalibur: "Look closely everyone. This is Eibon's ultimate creation. The magic tool Brew is assuming it's true form."
Excalibur: "And there in lies it's most fearsome power. If used the wrong way, Brew could destroy the entire world."
Excalibur: "FOOLS. What do you use your eyes for? Decoration?
Excalibur: "FOOLS. Nothing has been decided yet. The battle's still going on... FOOL! Of course I am... FOOL! SILENCE! I require a cup of tea before I deign to answer that."
Excalibur: "Fool! I said tea... and I mean tea..."
Excalibur: "FOOL! Those in power have the responsibility to maintain honour!"
Excalibur: "FOOL"

Killik Rung

Kilik Rung (キリク・ルング, Kiriku Rungu) is an EAT class meister whose weapon partners, the young children Pot of Fire (ポット・オブ・ファイア, Potto obu Faia) and Pot of Thunder (ポット・オブ・サンダー, Potto obu Sandā), take the form of a pair of large gauntlets. Fire and Thunder are twin brother and sister, respectively, who never speak but have the ability to communicate with nature and sense danger.
Killik: "Sorry, this is only enough for me."



Hiro (ヒーロ, Hīro) is a character that appeared only in the special chapter within the Soul Eater manga and a single episode of the anime.

Hiro: "Ah..."
Hiro: "So... So this is... The Holy Sword 'Excalibur'? ...Victory and glory? I could become a famous hero."
Hiro: "With this legendary sword as a partner, even someone like me could achieve everlasting renowned and magnificence."
Hiro: "It's decided; Of going after the Holy Sword Excalibur."
Hiro: "Sorry, sorry."
Hiro: "Huh? What's up?"
Hiro: "What? Why are you asking me?"
Hiro: "It's something that only I can do? Leave it to me."
Hiro: "Huh? Okay, what is it Black☆Star?"
Hiro: "Ow ow ow ow! I'm gonna die!"
Hiro: "My eyeballs are gonna pop out of my head, ow ow ow!"
Hiro: "Ugh. Damn. Reaching the Holy Sword's the only chance I've got. It's time to say farewell to the academy's favourite errand boy. I will be transformed!"
Hiro: "Ha ha ha! Please. What a pitiful bunch you are. I've been reborn as a true hero. Ordinary people like you don't stand a chance against me."
Hiro: "Did you see before, Black☆Star? My incredible strength? I'm no longer the miserable loser I was. The Holy Sword has changed all that. I've been transformed into a powerful hero."
Hiro: "Hm, oh please. The 1000 provisions I must observe to be Excalibur's meister are so easy to handle I could do it in my sleep. It seems to me the real question is - How come you weren't able to handle the Holy Sword?"
Hiro: "Kilik Rung. Black☆Star. Death the Kid. A battle between the three best Meister's in the academy, and Excalibur. A worthy match-up. Ah. I'll be joining the fight as well so you can see my new abilities up close and personal. Excalibur!"
Hiro: "Victory and glory...are mine now."
Hiro: "When all is said and done the three of you will be nothing more than a footnote in the legend of the Holy Sword Excalibur."
Hiro: "My new name is Hiro the Brave. I am, Hiro the Brave!"
Hiro: "If you do not follow the light, no blow you strike will ever touch Hiro the Brave."
Hiro: "With this, you will be defeated. Last move - Hiro the Atomic."
Hiro: "Hm, so guys. What do you think about the new me, pretty powerful aren't I?"
Hiro: "Huh, this is the perfect example of soon to be legendary powers. I've made it into the girls' locker room."
Hiro: "Aww, if you don't like it you'll have to find a way to defeat me!"
Hiro: "Everybody worships me now that I'm Hiro the Brave. The exctacy and uncertainty of being the chosen one is overwhelming."
Hiro: "And a very good morning to you Excalibur!"
Hiro: "This day will never come again, so we should spend it together. Let's enjoy! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
Hiro: "Wow, you figured it all out... Hey! Please don't throw things! Ahh!"
Hiro: "This was the only location with enough room."
Hiro: "Magnificent Excalibur. Munificent Excalibur! Magnanimous Excalibur!"
Hiro: "When is your birthday? Really? Then I think of 365 ways to celebrate, each one will be better than the one before!"
Hiro: "Yes, right away!"
Hiro: "Gladly, Sir!"
Hiro: "Thank you so much. Yay!"
Hiro: "I'm truly a man to be revered. Everyone, look. Behold my splendour. Worship me!"
Hiro: "Today was a perfect day, huh?"
Hiro: "GYUH! Of course, I'm sorry."
Hiro: "Sneezing?"
Hiro: "Ah. Goodmorning Black☆Star. Would you like a sandwich or a soda maybe?"
Hiro: "Oh yeah, that. I put it back again. Stupid sword."
Hiro: "The sneezes. Once he started those sneezing fits, there was no way to stop it. Sneezing's gross. Spit and snot goes flying, it goes everywhere, I can't stand it. Seriously, the damn thing would be better off dead."
Hiro: "Being transformed was nice while it lasted I guess. Hey? Do you know another other ways to completely change a person?"
Hiro: "Real helpful. Maybe I'll just start with some weight training for now."

Medusa Gorgon

[Medusa Gorgon (メデューサ・ゴーゴン, Medyūsa Gōgon) the first main antagonist in the series, Crona's mother who used her child in a scheme to free Asura & then subject the world into the Kishin's madness while observing & setting events up from the shadows.]
Medusa Gorgon: "Snake, Snake, Cobra, Cobbra."
Medusa Gorgon: "It will be alright, have faith in yourself. Crona, you will be a Kishin."
Medusa Gorgon: "Um well Miss Maka? Can you do me a favor & help me out with your father? I can't get him off my leg."
Medusa Gorgon (to Eruka): "You don't feel as good on my foot now, change yourself back into a frog."
Medusa Gorgon: "You're horrible! Commenting on my appearance like that! I don't have to listen to this from you! It's sexual harassment!"
Medusa Gorgon: "The Kishin's power surpasses human understanding. It is evolution itself. Lord Death & his little academy have protected the world by acting as a check against power. The DWMA seeks only to maintain the status quo, that's its mission. But still…time continues to march forward. It's only natural for the rest of the world to progress with it, don't you agree? That's how nature works. & yet, Professor Stein, this academy has made a point to keep that from happening. Do you really want to live in a world of stasis? Where nothing changes, you're a scientist like me. Surely you must understand."
Medusa Gorgan (to Stein): You really are a fool, aren't you? It may look like I have failed to you, Professor Stein. But all of my work has pertained to the Black Blood from the very beginning. Oh, & 1 other thing, another part of your theory that is completely wrong. I didn't abduct the Demon Sword Meister from anywhere. You see, Crona's my own child.
Medusa Gorgon: "Poor Crona. Do you even know what you're saying? You will always be mine & nothing can change that."
Medusa Gorgon' (to Crona): "Your whole life you've listened to what I said. You would do anything I told you to do because I would have been the only 1 who was there for you."
Medusa Gorgon: "Why bother denying beyond these? You would never betray me. How could you? After all…No matter what's happened…You're still my child…"
Medusa Gorgon (to Crona): "This is what all that talk about killing me comes to in the end? Of course I knew you wouldn't deliver. At least you provided me with some entertainment."
Medusa Gorgon: "What happened to your defiance!? Crona!!??
Medusa Gorgan (to Crona): I know what you just did! You think hardening the Black Blood will make you safe. You are so wrong! Have you forgotten who you're dealing with? I'm the 1 who made you what you are in the first place!"
Medusa Gorgon (To Justin Law): "You think that you can punish me? How arrogant. You're the one who betrayed the Grim Reaper. Tell me, what do you think that your sentence will be? What gives you the right to be the one to punish me?"
Medusa Gorgon (To Justin Law): "I'm a witch. It's our job to blaspheme against God."
Medusa Gorgon (Final words): "I love you, Crona."


[Free (フリー, Furī), referred to as The Man with the Demon Eye while he was in prison, is a Werewolf from the Immortal Clan. Free is the first and only Immortal in the entire Soul Eater series, and usually proclaims his immortality to his fighting opponents. He is also the first character introduced with a Mixed Soul, as he is part Human, Witch, and Werewolf. Free was imprisoned for so long that he forgot his own name, and when Eruka Frog helped him to escaped, he took the name Free as he was now "free."]
Free: "What kind of person do you think I am? You think I take handouts from whoever comes along? Thaaaannnnkkkk youuuuu! It's easy to get outta there when you got someone on the outside with a key, but you wanna know what I was gunna try before you showed up? I had a plan! See, I was planning to try that thing they do in the movies, ya know where they tunnel under the wall using a spoon to steadily dig away at the ground underneath it? I always thought it was a really cool idea when they did that! So... I decided I would give it a try myself. But all they ever gave me was chop sticks! You can't dig with those! Well I tried to think of another way out, I thought about it all the time, and I realized something. I'm just not an idea man!"
Free: "I'm immortal."
Free: "Wolf Wolves. Wolf Wolves."
Free: "I always forget not to put those things where they can skewer me. But it's okay, no problem at all nothing to see here. After all, I'm immortal."
Free: "Goddamnshit shit!"
Free: "My first fight in 200 years and I screwed it up. I'll get it right next time I just need some practice. Yeah, just a little."
Free: "I guess I exaggerated a little bit about the time. I'm a man after all, we do show off sometimes."

Eruka Frog

[Eruka Frog (エルカ・フロッグ, Eruka Furoggu) is a frog-themed witch who serves under Medusa Gorgon. She can transform into a frog, enabling her to escape or spy on others."
Eruka Frog: "Ribbit."
Eruka Frog: "I can't stand that witch, stupid snake woman."
Eruka Frog: "Next time I really am going to kill you Medusa ribbit!"
Eruka Frog: "It's so lovely to have been born a Witch."
Eruka Frog: "Free, we gotta inject the Black Blood into the Kishin, if we don't then Medusa is gonna slaughter us!"
Eruka Frog: "Tadpole Jackson!"


[Blair (ブレア, Burea) is a cat in the series. She has strong magical skills, however, she has stated explicitly that she is not a true witch.]
Blair: "Pum, Pum, Pum, Pum. I always get what I want, so just give it to me. Pum, Pum, Pum, Pum. I'm a beauty, beautiful pretty lady. But you know, you know I've got a secret yes I do. Pumpkins, Pum, Pum, Pumpkins. Pum, Pum, Pumpkins because that's my magic spell. Pum, Pum, Pumpkins, Pum, Pum, Pumpkins yeah!
Blair: "Pum, Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Halloween Cannon!"
Blair: "Oh! My little scythey boy!"
Blair: "Pum, Pumpkin, Smashing Pumpkin!"
Blair: "I never said I was a witch, did I? You just made that assumption all on your own. I'm really just a cat with a ridiculous amount of magical power."
Blair: "Now which one of you young men wants to take a bath with me?"
Blair: "Good morning, Soul. There's no hurry, right?"


[Mifune (ミフネ) is a recurring human character who seems to be of normal birth. He is a samurai who has sworn to protect the witch Angela, drafted into serving Arachnophobia.]
Mifune: "My name is Mifune. I am the guardian of the witch Angela."
Mifune: "Is it a path of a demon... or a path of a warrior? Black☆Star... On which path will you walk?"
Mifune: "I thought I'd seen at least some potential in you... But it seems I've overestimated you."
Mifune: "If I killed a kid, that would give me nightmares."
Mifune: "Sword Fang! Horizontal Line Attack!"
Mifune: "Sword Fang! Horizontal Line Attack!"

Justin Law

Justin Law (About to use his attack): Oh great Lord of ours who dwells within the City of Death, May thy name be kept true. Oh Lord of Death! I am your servant of peace! I am a pillar of justice! I am a blade of faith! In the name of the great Lord Death, "Law Abiding Silver Gun!"


Eibon: "Let me ask you - If another sin were added to the seven deadly sins, what do you think it would be...?" ... "Any 'Justice' taken too far is its own evil."
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