Sora No Otoshimono

2009 Japanese media franchise directed by Hisashi Saitō

Sora no Otoshimono (そらのおとしもの?), also known as Heaven's Lost Property, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Suu Minazuki. The plot revolves around Tomoki Sakurai, a highly perverted young man struggling to live a peaceful life. His already-difficult life worsens when he encounters a fallen Angeloid named Ikaros, who soon becomes his servant.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1: A Full-frontal Hero Arises in the WorldEdit

Tomoki Sakurai: (In Voiceover) I Don't Think I've ever Had a dream like this before. In a dream, there's a girl I've never met. I Love her... and she loves me back. But ... in the End, She always... The Sky always spirits her away and I wake for a dream.
Eishiro Sugata: Hello, Everyone. My name is Eishiro Sugata. This is my assistant, Pretty-kun. Look at this. There appears to be an anomalous hole, of some sorts, moving above the Earth's surface. Scientists from across the globe have been working to figure out Whatit is... and have dropped monitoring instruments into the anomaly, but they haven't been able to come to any sort of conclusion. But you see, their hypotheses are flawed because they're grounded in reality. As you are no doubt aware, Columbus, Discoverer the Americas, was able to demonstate how an egg can stand on its tip by thinking outside the box. No one believes in the unreal until they see it for themselves. You could say that it's akin to the world beneath a girl's skirt -- it's a world not yet known.
Computer Voice: But I have the ability to see it! I can see the keywords that connects everthing: "A Whole New World." Now, thenext issue is... what makes up this "Whole New World" of ours? Metaphorically-speaking, you could say that, under the panties...

Sohara Mitsuki: Tomo-chan, get up! Get up! We're going to be late!
Tomoki Sakurai: Let me sleep a little longer...
Sohara Mitsuki: For crying out loud... I said get up! (Gasps, then she start screams)
Tomoki Sakurai: What's Wrong, Sohara?! Aw, aw? They say it's a good sign... when the flag's flying at full mast, Sohara.
Sohara Mitsuki: Yes!

Episode 2: An Airborne Prismatic Panty AdventureEdit

Tomoki Sakurai: (In Voiceover) My name is Tomoki Sakurai. I'm just your average student who loves peace and quiet. But I'm surrounded by... a girl with a murderous karate chop, a weirdo that flies through the sky, and as if that wasn't enough, I'm getting loads of SOS messages in my dreams. Oh, and to top it all off, an alien creature dropped off the sky. The Following story depicts the downfall of my quiet and peaceful life.

Eishiro Sugata: Hello, Everyone. My name is Eishiro Sugata. This is my assistant, Pretty-kun. The Earth has magnetic lines of force running between its northern and southern axes. In other words, it has a magnetic field. But, if this black hole is causing the Earth's magnetic field to become slighty disturbed... To give an example, migrant birds rely on the magnetic field to determine which way to fly. An abnormality in the field will cause a bird to lose sight of its destination and it'll plummet from the sky. If this is the case, then it's not out of the question for something to now be able to fly, when before, it couldn't. There's a reason for everything. Basically, anything that flies up there in the sky has a specific reason to be flying. What's important is the first one to take flight. That's not good. I Think I'll mark that down as a fail.

Sohara Mitsuki: Please don't let them grow any bigger... Good morning, Tomo-chan! For crying out loud... He's still asleep? Tomo-chan! Wake up. You're gonna be lat-
Tomoki Sakurai: I-It's not what it looked like, Sohara-san. I was trying to take off this chain when...
Sohara Mitsuki: Yes! What's this all about?! Who's That? Why's she here?!
Tomoki Sakurai: Well, um... She fell out of the sky.
Sohara Mitsuki: Tomo-chan, you jerk! There's no way I'd believe something like that.
Tomoki Sakurai: But it's true! Look, Sohara! See? She's flying. See? See? Look! See? See? Sohara! Ah!! Sohara! F-First things first, I have to do something about this chain...
Ikaros: Um, I can extend the chain as far as you wish or even remove it altogether.
Tomoki Sakurai: Why didn't you tell me that earlier?! Okay, I'm off!
Ikaros: Yes, Master.
Middle School Students: Good morning, morning.
Tomoki Sakurai: Sohara! Listen to me! Ikaros! Don't follow me! Get over here!

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