Sophia Akuffo

Ghanaian judge and politician

Sophia Abena Boafoa Akuffo JSC (born 20 December 1949) was the Chief Justice of Ghana from 19 June 2017 until 20 December 2019.

Sophia Akuffo in 2017

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  • It's been going on in this country (Ghana) for the longest time, when I was appointed by President w:Jerry Rawlings, I became an NDC judge. When I make a decision against the NDC, I became an NPP judge and so on and so forth...and these are some of the unnecessary pressures that are put on the judiciary, not by anybody saying go this way or that way, but public perception, sometimes it gets to you.
  • And you know what, I cannot fathom the reason for something being done in a particular way, especially when its been done for others but its not being done for others, I start getting suspicious, I have grown to the age where I have seen it all, and therefore I easily become suspicious.
  • It's (being a Judge) been full, it's been interesting, it's been restful. and I can choose my times more effectively than before...but for me, it's been very I have served, I finished, I'm happy to be retired, I'm happy I'm not each time saddled with having to write judgements and agonizing with decisions and so on and so, I really don't miss the work. And I don't think that most judges after a long pause on the bench miss the daily grind, I doubt it.
  • There are standards for the public service...and conflict of interest is something that always can be dealt with, whether it is written in black and white or not... and conflict of interest does not necessarily have to be actual; it can be potential.
  • If by the grace of God, I've got a voice why shouldn't I use it? In fact, I've decided that after this I am always going to find a voice to espouse. Why shouldn't I? I think that is why God has given me life beyond retirement and I think that every day after retirement I must use it to worship God.
  • Nobody tells me what to think, except God and nobody can tell me what to do with my time and what to say about anything going on in this country (Ghana). Thank God we have a constitution, flawed though it might be but at least the right to say what I want to say and the freedom of conscience, that's mine and nobody will trample on it however influential they are.
  • I find it wicked, I find it disrespectful, I find it unlawful, I find it totally wrong, period! Because you don’t solve your problems by sacrificing your aged. That is the last thing you should do.

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  • Sophia Akuffo is a different type of human being. She doesn't need to do this, but she's doing it! God bless her.

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