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Sonic the Hedgehog is an American comic book series based on the Sega video game franchise, published by IDW Publishing. It is the third licensed comic book iteration based on Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog intellectual property, after Fleetway Publications's Sonic the Comic and Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Sonic the Hedgehog edit

#1-32, #41-44, #50-51 written by Ian Flynn; #33-40, #45-49 written by Evan Stanley

Fallout (#1-4) edit

Sonic the Hedgehog: It's what I do. Just keep moving, doing good, saving folks, and living as free as the wind. Living by my way. My own way.

Tumble the Skunk: You lookin' to scrap?
Rough the Skunk: Then get ready to crumble!
Tumble the Skunk: Brace yourselves for--
Rough and Tumble: ROUGH & TUMBLE!

Tangle the Lemur: Woo! And ow. Woo and ow!
Sonic the Hedgehog: [destroys an Egg Pawn about to shoot Tangle] Watch your back!
Tangle the Lemur: Whoops! Thanks. Welcome to my hometown! Sorry for the mess. We've got a bit of a robot problem.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Problem? What problem?
Tangle the Lemur: [smashes an Egg Pawn] Ha! You're sweet not to notice. [Sonic smashes another Egg Pawn] Nice one! You're a natural. Do this a lot?
Sonic the Hedgehog: You could say that. Sonic the Hedgehog.
Tangle the Lemur: Oh, sweet! Always wanted to meet you. [shakes his hand with her tail] Tangle the Lemur.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Charmed.
Tangle the Lemur: Likewise.

Tangle the Lemur: [to Sonic and Blaze] I know we all just met, but... [stretches out her tail] ..hop on?
Sonic the Hedgehog: [leaning by Tangle's tail with Blaze] Ready?
Blaze the Cat: Ready.
Tangle the Lemur Bon voyage!

The Fate of Doctor Eggman (#5-8) edit

Mr. Tinker: I hope you'll come back to visit! I'd love to show you Eggman Land once it's completed!
Sonic the Hedgehog: (thinking) "Eggman Land?!" His terrifying personal theme park?! Did he just slip up with his ruse? Or is he...?

Shadow the Hedgehog: Have you forgotten that he made you suffer? That he's tried to destroy you- multiple times? How can you suggest leniency for him after all that?
Sonic the Hedgehog: Heh- you tried to destroy me in the past too, remember? (beat) You even tried to obliterate an entire planet. So-what? You want me to take you out with Eggman? After all, if he can't be forgiven, can't you?

(Silver the Hedgehog's monologue)
When I left, my time had been conquered by the Eggman Empire. Everyone lived in fear, choking on polluted air. When I went back, the Eggman Empire was gone--but so was everyone else. There was nothing left. No people, no animals, no machinery. Only water and sparse, metallic plant life.

Silver the Hedgehog: It's okay if you prefer to work alone... ...but it looks to me you've put together a team. And I'd be proud to be part of it.
Whisper the Wolf: (whispering) ...Maybe.

Silver the Hedgehog: Let's see here... Looks like there was a major update across the Eggnet. It's almost like Neo Metal Sonic isn't hiding what he's doing any- Oh crap!
Sonic the Hedgehog: We need to call Knuckles-now!

The Battle for Angel Island (#9-12) edit

Doctor Starline: Trust me, dear doctor. I made my career out of studying you. But don't worry... ...I intend to fix that. I will restore you to your former glory. Dr. Eggman will be reborn!
Mr. Tinker: But I'm not him! I don't want to be Eggman!
Doctor Starline: And he certainly wouldn't want to be you. Just lie back, relax, and think of Eggman Land.

(in flashback)
Doctor Eggman: How dare that Sonic damage you! He wouldn't recognize a work of art if it punched him in the face! You punch him in the face, right?
(Metal Sonic gives thumbs up)
Doctor Eggman: Attaboy!

Infection (#13-16) edit

Dr. Eggman: My metal virus is a complete success! Even with the slightest exposure, my synthetic concoction spreads across all organic tissue; converting it into my own robotic slave. It's an army that builds itself!

Tumble the Skunk: That's not fair. I had a tail again. The length. The heft. I had it all back...
(Sonic looks at Tumble in confusion)
Sonic the Hedgehog: Okay, man. It's over. Let it go.
Tumble the Skunk: Heartless. You're just heartless. All I ever wanted to do was cave your head in...
Sonic the Hedgehog: And just like that. My sympathy is spent.

Doctor Starline: I wanted to meet you-experience you-for myself. The Blue Blur! Hero across time and space! The only being alive to be able to stand up to the overwhelming might and brilliance of Dr. Eggman through sheer skill alone! Can I measure up? Can I complete my objective with you in my way? Everything about this encounter has been constructed to be the ultimate test of our abilities and willpower!
Silver the Hedgehog: He did not sound this creepy or crazy when I talked to him!

Tumble the Skunk: We'll cave-in the mines!
Rough the Skunk: Bury you in rubble!
Tumble the Skunk: You're gonna get wrecked by...
Tumble and Rough: -ROUGH & TUMBLE!
Sonic the Hedgehog: If that's going to be your thing, it actually has to rhyme!
Rough the Skunk: We did rhyme!
Tumble the Skunk: Well... Not exactly...
Rough the Skunk: What?!
Tumble the Skunk: "Rubble" and "Tumble" only kinda rhyme at best!
Rough the Skunk: I offered to go by "Tumble and Rough"!
Tumble the Skunk: That doesn't flow and you know it!

Amy Rose: They're not responding! It's like they're completely soulless!
Sonic the Hedgehog: Eggman somehow turned them into zombie robots. So... "zombots"? (jumps over Zombot Tumble with hand touching him) Yep! I'm going with "zombots"!

Doctor Eggman: Attention citizens of Windmill Village! It is I- your beloved Mr. Tinker! My memories are a little jumbled, but I do recall your kindness and generosity. You all took good care of me! And as the old saying good deed goes unpunished.

Crisis City (#17-20) edit

Sonic the Hedgehog: I'm gonna go take care of the infection. Thanks for bringing the truck.
Shadow the Hedgehog: I know.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Don't let the zombots touch you. If it happens, you should be fast enough to run it off like me.
Shadow the Hedgehog: Cowards run. I win.

The Last Minute (#21-24) edit

[Eggman and Starline are debating whether to use the Warp Topaz to regain control the Zombots]
Dr. Starline: You are anything but cautious! You've yet to inoculate us to the Metal Virus!
Dr. Eggman: Shows what you know! There is no vaccine!
Dr. Starline: [shocked] were you going to protect us from infection?
Dr. Eggman: By not touching the Zombots. Duh.
Dr. Starline: What if there was a spill on the Faceship?! Or a mishap in the field?! Or it mutates and becomes airborne?!
Dr. Eggman: You've exceeded my threshold for nitpicking, Doctor.
Dr. Starline: [gritting his teeth in anger] It's not nitpicking! It's common sense!
Dr. Eggman: You'll shut your bill or I'll staple it shut!
Sonic the Hedgehog: [appears behind them, having been watching] Aww, is the honeymoon over?

Tangle the Lemur: [revealing her Metal Virus infection to Sonic] I've been holding back, trying to keep from turning too fast. But I'm not going to last much longer.
Sonic the Hedgehog: [stares in horror, despondent] Tangle... I'm sorry...
Tangle the Lemur: For what? It's not your fault.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Isn't it? Maybe if I'd listened to Shadow or... Or if I hadn't let Metal Sonic go...
Tangle the Lemur: [strikes a Zombot behind Sonic with her tail, showing she doesn't care] You didn't bring Eggman back. That was Starline. You made sure Metal was harmless. Eggman weaponized him again.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Yeah, and I haven't been able to protect my friends. Or anyone else.
Tangle the Lemur: Yeah? Then I guess nobody's guarding that shuttle full of nothing?
Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle, you... [smiles] You're not going to let this get to you, are you?
Tangle the Lemur: NEVER! Because you're Sonic the Hedgehog. You'll make this right. I know you will. Now, less moping and more moving!
Sonic the Hedgehog: Yes, ma'am!

Amy Rose: Where's Tangle?
Sonic the Hedgehog: [grimly] She got infected. She's staying behind to cover all of us. She said she was sorry...but heroes have nothing to be sorry for.
[long silence; after a moment, Whisper—true to Tangle's warning about how she'd react—breaks down]
Whisper the Wolf: [screaming hysterically, tears in her eyes] TANGLE!
Amy Rose: Whisper! Don't! Sonic, help me!
Sonic the Hedgehog: I can't!
Whisper the Wolf: [shoves Amy aside, but is grabbed by her Wisps and dragged back to the shuttle] Don't!

Doctor Starline: [to Eggman] Doctor, I have found a solution to the problem of not being able to control the Zombots.
Doctor Eggman: I told you I'd figure something out. Quit pestering me about it!
Doctor Starline: [beat] No, sir. [the Deadly Six emerge from a Warp Topaz portal behind him] I insist.

All or Nothing (#25-29) edit

Doctor Eggman: [pulls the Warp Topaz glove off Starline's hand] Thank you, Metal. Starline? You're fired.
[Metal Sonic throws Starline into the portal which then closes]
Tails: Are we okay with this...?
Sonic the Hedgehog: The guy brought Eggman back to his old self and tried to blow me and Silver up. Yeah. We're okay with this.

Master Zik: My, my! You fledglings have quite impressive air boards! Perhaps I'll take one of them for myself.
Storm the Albatross: Uh... b-boss?
Jet the Hawk: What's the matter, Gramps? Afraid to fight your own battles?!
Master Zik: I retired from the battlefield long ago. But I suppose you children could do with a lesson in discipline and humility.

[Tails and Amy stand on a defeated Zomom]
Amy Rose: How do you like that? Overpowered...
Tails: And outsmarted.

Zeena: You... hit me!
Cream the Rabbit: I hate fighting! I hate seeing my friends hurt and scared! And I hate how mean you are!

Cream the Rabbit: I'm sorry, Gemerl...
Gemerl: Do not be. I required your assistance after all. Thank you.
Cream the Rabbit: Yes, but... [reveals her infected arm as she starts to cry] I got sick. I...don't want to make the others sick. S-So you have to go back on your own. I-I'll... I'll... [beat] I'll be brave. I'll just hide my eyes. Like it's a scary movie.
[Gemerl throws the red Chaos Emerald into portal and flies away carrying Cream]
Cream the Rabbit: Gemerl?
Gemerl: [looking at Cream being zombified] I will stay with you are well.

Zor: Y-you can't leave me like this! Y-you're supposed to be heroes! I'm trapped! Powerless! This is inhuman! It's... it's... ...perfect!

Espio the Chameleon: [looking at the yellow Chaos Emerald] I may have been the only one here in body... [reflection on Emerald shows Espio with Vector and Charmy] ...but you were here in spirit.

Master Zik: Humor an old man and beg for mercy? It's been so long since I crushed the enemy under my own heel.
Jet the Hawk: We're the Babylon Rogues. We don't beg. We don't give up. [blasts Zik off his perch with a gust of wind] AND WE DON'T LOSE!

[A giant Zavok blasts Angel Island with a fireball]
Knuckles the Echidna: Did he just spit on my island?!
Sonic the Hedgehog: Tails! Rouge! I need air support! Silver! Bring the Chaos Emeralds! We've gotta... [trails off as Zavok throws a handful of Zombots onto the island and he sees who's among them] We've...gotta...
[The zombified Shadow, Vector, Charmy, Tangle, Big, Cheese, and Chocola face the horrified survivors and the two groups stand at odds]
Knuckles the Echidna: [to Sonic, exasperated] Why do you always bring trouble to my island?
Sonic the Hedgehog: I know this looks bad, Knux... Zavok is charged up on Chaos Emerald energy... He's blasting Angel Island with fireballs... And it looks like he's using his souped-up electromagnetic powers to throw Zombots up here.
Knuckles the Echidna: There's literally nowhere left to run!
Sonic the Hedgehog: Yeah, it looks bleak, but I've got a plan. Trust me.
Knuckles the Echidna: You better... [punches Shadow, infecting himself in the process] OR I'M SO GOING TO HAUNT YOU!
Sonic the Hedgehog: [alarmed] Knuckles! Don't—!
Knuckles the Echidna: We've got to keep them away from the Master Emerald and refugees! So save the day already!

Zavok: [sees Sonic, Metal Sonic, and Silver approach] This is your last show of resistance? This is all you can muster? [grabs a handful of Zombots and throws them at the trio] You may have destroyed my means of creating more Metal Virus, but I still command the Zombots! I will have them infect every inch of the globe! I will see your precious world grow sick and perish!

[Super Silver and a cured Super Sonic appear before Zavok]
Super Silver: All right. Ready to save the world?
Super Sonic: One sec. [turns to Zavok] Let me take care of him first.
Zavok: With the last of my strength, I will crush you--!
[Super Sonic subdues Zavok in seconds, causing him to revert to his normal size and fall into the wreckage of the Faceship]
Super Silver: [chuckling a bit] That seemed a little anti-climactic.
Super Sonic: We don't have time to be fancy.

Miles Tails Prower: Ha Ha Ha! They did it! THEY DID IT!
Amy Rose: Hooray!
Big the Cat: Amy?
Tangle the Lemur: Whuzzzuh... Why am I back on Angel Island...? Oh, hey! Miss me much?
Charmy, Espio and Vector: ♪Team Chaotix! They're detectives you want on your side!♪
Knuckles the Echidna: Shadow?
Shadow the Hedgehog: ...Knuckles.
Knuckles and Shadow: Rouge?!
Rouge the Bat: [kneeling on the Master Emerald] The world was about to end! I wanted to spend the last moments with the one I love!

Super Silver: Ngh! It's working!' Where are you sending it?
Super Sonic: I'm dumping it where it won't hurt anyone again! (opens portal to the sun)

Out of the Blue (#30-32) edit

Zavok: [fending off Tangle, Whisper, and the Chaotix] I...will...not...fall!
Silver the Hedgehog: Then you'll be crushed! [pins Zavok down with his psychokinesis]
Zavok: [weakly]

Zomom: Aww... I look like a waffle. Hey, wait. BRING ME WAFFLES!

Knuckles the Echidna: I tolerated you this long since you helped save the world. Don't make me throw you off the island.
Rouge the Bat: (flirting) You're so stubborn. Until next time, handsome.

Blaze the Cat: The Sonic the Hedgehog I knew was a hero, a paragon. He was as swift and free as the wind. He had no master, but fought for anyone and everyone. There was no challenge too great. No threat too dire that he wouldn't face without swagger and a smile.
Sonic the Hedgehog: He sounds very impressive. I'd like to meet him one day.
Blaze the Cat: I... Who do you think you are?

[after Rough and Tumble decline redemption and run off]
Tangle the Lemur: [grinning slyly] So...back in jail by the end of the day?
Miles "Tails" Prower: If they don't get lost in the mines.

[Silver stands over the now-fixed future]
Silver the Hedgehog: [thinking] Sonic... Everyone... Thank you. We made a good future. May your time stay peaceful, too.

[Rouge finds Shadow out in the wild at sunset, lamenting his refusal to heed Sonic's advice about resisting the Metal Virus]
Rouge the Bat: There you are! You can be a pain to track down, y'know? Things seem to have settled down. All the bad guys are in hiding. At least they're not causing trouble. But...I can't find any sign of Sonic or Omega. [Shadow remains silent] Did you hear a word I said?
Shadow the Hedgehog: Yes.
Rouge the Bat: What's up? You're even more brooding than usual.
Shadow the Hedgehog: [thinking] He said to run. What I thought was cowardice was a warning. That one mistake took me out of the fight. Me—the Ultimate Lifeform—miscalculating like's unacceptable!
Rouge the Bat: If you can't talk about it, I'll leave it be.
Shadow the Hedgehog: [referring to Sonic] I owe him. Now he's gone. That's all.
Rouge the Bat: [puts her hand on his shoulder, smiling] There's a big party going down at Spiral Hill tonight. Everyone's invited--even you.
Shadow the Hedgehog: Pass.
Rouge the Bat: Figured, but I thought I'd try.

Jet the Hawk: Where's my ice sculpture? I nearly got infected to save you ingrates! Where's my recognition?
Wave the Swallow: (to Storm) Dinner, and a show.
Storm the Albatross: We oughta save the world more often!


Tangle the Lemur: (hugging everyone else) YEAH! EVERYBODY GETS IN ON THIS!
Jewel the Beetle: Tangle...
Tangle the Lemur: Whoops! Missed you! I think you can wedge in here between me and Sonic.
Jewel the Beetle: I hate to ruin the mood, but... ...the town is still on fire.

Sonic the Hedgehog: [thinking] It's good to be back. Good to be healthy. I hope Silver and Blaze can come back and not have to deal with some kind of disaster. A new day means new adventures! So no more lying around... Time to find out what comes next!

Chao Races and Badnik Bases (#33-36) edit


Tails: I wonder why Eggman abandoned this one...
Sonic the Hedgehog: Maybe it was taken over by Ghost Badniks!
Tails: Ah, stop it!
Sonic the Hedgehog: They only come out under the full moon... Watch out, they want to suck your blood!

Amy Rose: Hold on--We're trying to get Omega fixed! We could use your help.
Shadow the Hedgehog: (turns to Amy before leaving) ...Not interested.
Amy Rose: Ugh! Why he's gotta be such a grump?
Rouge the Bat: Don't take it personally... That was polite, for him.

Rouge the Bat: The only treasure in this chateau is your friendly faces! I checked. Most of the guests in this place are wearing gold plating and rhinestones.
Cream the Rabbit: Good morning, Ms. Rouge!
Amy Rose: Do you think it's a good example to be setting for Cream?
Rouge the Bat: Definitely not! Cream, remember, if you're ever going to loot a hotel, make sure the guests are loaded first.

(Shadow kicks Clutch while holding E-123's head)

Sonic the Hedgehog: So you'd say... the Eggnet is hard to crack? I said, the eggnet is hard to crack? Y'know 'cause eggs, and cracking... Nevermind. It's official. This is the least fun trip to a secret Eggman base I've ever been on.

Belle the Tinkerer: Oh no! I am so sorry, it's a reflex, I can't control it, honest! I'm not a Badnik, I don't even know how to fight! P-please don't use your buzzsaw hair on me.

Sonic the Hedgehog: (holding Belle and running) Hold on tight, we're gettin' out of here. Keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times!

Belle the Tinkerer: Locks? I can do locks!
Sonic the Hedgehog You can?
Belle the Tinkerer: [reveals to have an assortment of tools in her fingers] If there's something that could use a little tinkering, I'm your girl.

Amy Rose: If only Sonic were here...! [slaps cheeks repeatedly] No! You aren't going to let this big, dumb, jerk push you around! You're gonna handle it yourself!

Shadow the Hedgehog: You couldn't dodge that? You really are an embarrassment.
Sonic the Hedgehog: [sheepishly grinning] Oh! Hi, Shadow. Nice to see you, too.

Doctor Starline: [upon triggering an avalanche] So, what'll be? Save your friends, or hundreds of ignorant innocents waiting in the chateau?
Sonic the Hedgehog: Dude, what the heck?! You'd set off an entire avalanche for a distraction?!
Doctor Starline: I know it's kind of a cliche, but I couldn't resist. The heroes, forced to choose between the masses or the ones they hold's a classic!

[After Cream explains her dangerous adventure to her mother]
Vanilla the Rabbit: My, that sounds very exciting.
Amy Rose: [nervously] Exciting, but also safe! Besides, it was Rouge's-- [sees Rouge has left] ROUGE!

Test Run (#37-40) edit

[Tangle leads a dejected Belle out of the machine shop]
Tangle the Lemur: You cause one little industrial accident, and you'll never hear the end of it. They should call it the Rules-toration, huh?
Belle The Tinkerer: [groans] This is a disaster.
Tangle the Lemur: Naaah... You're new, right? First days are always tough. Besides, that kick was epic! How'd that even happen?
Belle the Tinkerer: Oh, yeah...if my tail gets pulled, I do this kick thing. It's automatic. Sorry.
Tangle the Lemur: [grabs their tails, starry-eyed] Weird tail buddies...
Belle the Tinkerer: Please don't pull that.
Tangle the Lemur: I'm Tangle. We could pull the sickest stunts with these babies. Let's be friends.
Belle the Tinkerer: I'm Belle. Nice to meet you...?

[Orbot and Cubot are monitoring Sonic, Tails, and Amy's progress in Eggman's base while Tangle and Belle watch on]
Orbot: Cubot, you know what we have to do.
Cubot: Oh, say it ain't so!
Orbot: [holding a video tablet, resigned] I'm sorry, but there's no other way.
Cubot: Just get it over with! [Orbot presses the call button on the tablet] Maybe he won't pick up?
Doctor Eggman: [appears on-screen] I'm busy, so make it quick! What've you two messed up now?
Orbot: Nothing! Nothing at all! It's just...
Doctor Eggman: You're interrupting some very important brainstorming, Orbot...
Orbot: There might be a slight hitch in operations—
Cubot: Sonic and his buddies broke into the test chambers.
[both robots flinch, expecting Eggman to lose his temper, but he doesn't]
Orbot: Uh, boss? You're not yelling at us.
Cubot: Do you think he's finally losing his touch.
Doctor Eggman: Shut it, Cubot... [pause] So, Sonic's arrived? It's unexpected, but perhaps not entirely unwelcome. As they say, when life gives you lemons... I'll take it from here.

Tangle the Lemur: [regarding Belle's close call with the Egg Pawns, which ignored her] What was that all about?
Belle the Tinkerer: I-I have no idea...
Tangle the Lemur: The truth. You wanted to come here more than I did. Why?
Belle the Tinkerer: I wasn't sure before, but this proves it. Whatever I was built with,'s the same as them. I am a Badnik. But I...I don't want to hurt anyone. I just need answers. And the only person who would know is Dr. Eggman. If you want to leave, or smash me, I understand-- [Tangle sets her back down] Huh?
Tangle the Lemur: Sonic and Tails vouched for you, so you're alright in my book. doesn't matter what you are or where you came from, because you're trying to do good today. Don't worry, I'm sure we can find you some answers.

Tangle the Lemur: Whatever happens, happens. Trusting your gut and accepting the consequences is just what heroes do. Trust me on this.

Doctor Eggman: [conversing with Belle via video call] Well, well... What do we have here? Unconventional material, but I'd recognize that joint design anywhere...there's only one person on this planet who builds machines like that. Me.'re the little helper I put together while I was delusional, thinking I was some sort of small-town inventor. Even in that impaired state, I was still innovating! Tell me...what did "Mr. Tinker" call you?
Belle the Tinkerer: [horrified] B-Belle. Belle the Tinkerer.
Doctor Eggman: Ah, how...sweet.

Zeti Hunt (#41-44) edit

[Sonic battles Doctor Eggman in Winterburg]
Doctor Eggman: Hold still, you miserable...! [swipes at Sonic with his Snowman mech]
Sonic the Hedgehog: I know it's been a while, but is that any way to break the ice?
Sonic the Hedgehog: Fine. We'll skip to me stopping your conquest of this quaint little town!
Doctor Eggman: I don't care about this frost-bitten hamlet! I'm hunting Zeti! [yelps as he barely dodges a blow from Sonic] Zavok and his Deadly Six are on the loose! I need to take them out before they cause more trouble! And since you're too inept to handle them...!
Sonic the Hedgehog: Me? You're the one who invited them to your plague-a-palooza! They're your fault!
Doctor Eggman: No, that was Starline's hairbrained idea to make things better!
Sonic the Hedgehog: And he was your lackey! So, your fault!
Doctor Eggman: He's no longer affiliated with me!
Sonic the Hedgehog: You've got a list of evil deeds a mile long and you're trying to weasel out of this one with semantics?
Doctor Eggman: I have a reputation to uphold!
Sonic the Hedgehog: Forget "Eggman". I'm calling you "Dr. Nutjob" from now on.
Doctor Eggman: Unacceptable!
Sonic the Hedgehog: Back to "Baldy McNosehair" it is, then!

[The Deadly Six reunite in a forest overnight]
Master Zik: We are the Deadly Six once more. What would you have us do?
Zavok: We march back the way you came. We find the towns that so foolishly resisted us. And we raze them to the ground.
Master Zik: [beat] That's it?
Zavok: They are but the first to suffer our revenge. There will be much more to follow.
Master Zik: I understand the desire, but it's too obvious. I trust you've left nothing but misery in your wake?
Zavok: I'd assumed the screams led you to us.
Master Zik: And so you've begun to set a pattern. We are far from Lost Hex, so we cannot return home. We are in the lands of our enemies, who are numerous and organized. It won't take them long to realize our targets and prepare for us.
Zavok: Then we face them on the battlefield! We rout them or fall in glorious battle!
Master Zik: An acceptable end, to be sure, but we can accomplish so much more. You've heard of the Restoration, yes? They bring safety, stability, and worst of all, hope. Tear it out by the roots, and the world has no means of recovering from our viciousness.
Zavok: [ponders the idea before accepting] Wise council, master. [to the other Zeti] We will march for the nearest town as I said. We will firmly establish our pattern of attack by ruining all that stands there. As the heroes rush to defend the other two towns, we will instead double-back and assault the Restoration's base when its defenses are at their weakest.
Master Zik: Now that is a plan.

Zomom: [about Restoration HQ's machine shop] No control room and no food! This place sucks!

Zavok: [to Tails, holding Sonic hostage] You're out of tricks, boy. Now what?
Miles "Tails" Prower: I use the skills Sonic taught me, that's what!
[Tails spin-dashes Zavok in the abdomen and face, but is then pinned down]
Zavok: And now your skills have failed you.
Miles "Tails" Prower: Guess I'll just go back to tricks, then!
[he reveals a Zeti-Zapper hidden in his tail fur and tags Zavok with it, subduing him]

Vector the Crocodile: [to Belle, about Doctor Starline] Are you okay? Did he hurt you?
Belle the Tinkerer: He broke my heart.
Vector the Crocodile: Like...literally? 'Cause Tails can maybe fix that.
Belle the Tinkerer: [breaks down sobbing] No...
Vector the Crocodile: Ssh... It's gonna be okay now. I'm here. And you've got friends waiting for you.

Zavok: Consider, my pack, that we took on a conquest far greater than any Zeti ever dared undertake. There is honor and glory to be found in that, though our victory was stolen by these rodents by a hair's breadth. But in defeat, there is knowledge. [he and the other Zeti look down at Sonic's world below, grinning maliciously] These paltry tricks cannot defeat us again. Lost Hex will not contain us forever. We will return to the world below with a vengeance. Wiser, stronger, and even more ruthless than before.

Trial By Fire (#45-49) edit

Jewel the Beetle: What gives me the right to tell these people what to do? The only things I'm good with are paperwork and rocks! I stumbled through the Metal Virus, then Eggman attacked, then the Zeti... The Restoration can't even keep its own people safe. And I...I can't even help my best friend.
Amy Rose: You know what else you've been doing this whole time? Your best. You've made it this far, and with every new challenge you're getting a little stronger. Even if you don't think so yet, I'm certain you can handle this. Sometimes, you gotta take things on faith, y'know?

Tangle the Lemur: [watches Belle honk her nose] Funny clown nose...
Belle the Tinkerer: [glares over her shoulder] If you tell anyone, I will disassemble your bicycle and hide every piece.

Jewel the Beetle: [sees Tangle and Belle with a Motobug, frightened] BADNIK!
Tangle the Lemur: Wait! It's safe!
Belle the Tinkerer: At least, we think it is...!
Tangle the Lemur: It helped us get out of the woods. I guess it's defective?
Amy Rose: A friendly Motobug? There's a first for everything. They're kinda cute when they're not trying to run you over.

Tangle the Lemur: Jewel, there's something I gotta do, too... I'm quitting the Restoration! [the other girls stare at her, dumbfounded; she sweats nervously] Uh... That's not what I meant! Well it is, but not like how it—ah, geez.
Jewel the Beetle: Tangle. It's okay. I...I know. The Restoration has been stifling you. But you stayed, for me. And I let you do it, because I wasn't brave enough to go it alone.
Tangle the Lemur: I...
Jewel the Beetle: What the Restoration's's not for everyone. The world needs people like you, too, Tangle. So even if you go your own way, it's okay. I'll be okay. No matter what, I'm so, so proud of you. [hugs Tangle]
Tangle the Lemur: Thanks, Jewel.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Sometimes a little change is just what the doctor ordered.
Amy Rose: [laughs] No! No doctors! Are you trying to jinx us?
Sonic the Hedgehog: What? I'd have thought you'd be rarin' to go after that nice, relaxing vacation of yours.
Amy Rose: Ah...I give up. I guess a break just isn't in the cards.

Don the Rooster: What was it this time? A rampaging monster? Deadly assassins?
Espio the Chameleon: Returning library books. Charmy's banned for life, but if we told him, he'd be heartbroken.

Rough the Skunk: I swear, I was minding my own business, doing like you said...when bam!. They were right on top of me! Don't worry, though, I gave 'em the slip. Gave 'em a whiff of the ol' "stink bomber". Turned 'em right around.
Clutch the Opossum: Were you able to deliver the crate?
Rough the Skunk: Must've dropped it in all the excitement.
Tumble the Skunk: Guess we can't get out of the city that way again.
Clutch the Opossum: [beat] Our one route for moving cargo, gone. Because you were spotted in a sewer.
Tumble the Skunk: Hey, all this sneakin' around isn't easy...
Rough the Skunk: Yeah, how was I supposed to know the Chaotix would be down there? They're not pushovers!
Clutch the Opossum: I've heard of them. I brought you two on because I need help I can rely on. Help I can trust. [gestures at his junk collection as the skunk brothers exchange nervous glances] This is everything I could salvage from my home before my property was confiscated. The last of my wealth, my hope...stuck here, with no way to get it out of the city to my buyers because the whole city's been turned upside-down. All because you got spooked by some third-rate gumshoes who weren't even looking for you. So, do I need to show you what happens to those who disappoint me?

Tumble the Skunk: You tracked us down?
Rough the Skunk: Might think we're humbled...
Both: But you've never tangled with ROUGH & TUMBLE!
Vector the Crocodile: [rapping] So that's how you play it? Okay, then I'll say it... You're judgement's slippin' thinking to try the croc? Gonna be trippin, better watch that walk... Chameleon's the other one to fear, never know when he'll appear, but it's you I wanna hear... Stingers comin' on the next pass, beehive's ready, gon' kick—
Charmy Bee: [interjecting] That's me! I'm the bee, right?
Tumble the Skunk: [angrily pummels Vector] Only we get to rhyme! And your metre is trash!

Clutch the Opossum: Once upon a time, my reputation would have preceded me... You know, I was perfectly content to enjoy my retirement in White Park with my Chao. That is, until some wild pack of Do-Gooders thrashed my home... Now I see that it was a blessing in disguise—a wake-up call, even. There's a whole new generation of heroes out there! Heroes I've never tricked, swindled, or beaten! And as long as I'm alive, that simply won't stand. It's high time I rebuilt my empire. It may be a humble start, but it's reliable; there's always someone out there looking for weapons.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The only thing I'm worried about right now is lunch. How do tacos sound?
Miles "Tails" Prower: Wait, not chili dogs? Are you okay?
Sonic the Hedgehog: I like to eat other things! I'll just have a chili dog for dessert.

[Sonic, Tails, and Belle share a moment of silence after Belle reads Mr. Tinker's final letter to her]
Belle the Tinkerer: He's really gone... [lets the letter blow away in the wind, defeated] I was stupid to think I could make a difference.
Sonic the Hedgehog: [stops the letter with his foot and hands it back] You've already made a difference, Belle. All the little wins, the good memories between the hard times, the friends we make...those are real. Nobody can take that away. We'll keep moving forward together.
Miles "Tails" Prower: We've gotta check out the city. If you want to go back to the workshop, that's okay.
Belle the Tinkerer: [beat] No. Sonic's right. Let's GO.
Sonic the Hedgehog: That's more like it! Hang on, you two. I think this calls for a little extra speed.

Battle for the Empire (#50-51) edit

Doctor Starline: Finally! After all the plotting, planning, and frustrations, my dream is finally coming to fruition! My perfectly calibrated doppelgangers will destroy Sonic and Tails! My overwhelming army of Badniks will blitz all global resistance! And then I can welcome Dr. Eggman to my side where he belongs!
Doctor Eggman: [appears at the control tower windows in the Egg Emperor] Excuse me,'re in my seat.
[he attacks, but Starline dodges and lunges at the Egg Emperor]
Doctor Starline: Superlative entrance, sir! Immaculate! Nevertheless, I'd hoped it'd never come to this!
Doctor Eggman: Because you knew I'd destroy you!
Doctor Starline: No, sir...I didn't want to embarrass you!

Kitsunami the Fennec: Hello. I am Kitsunami. You are my target.
Miles "Tails" Prower: [breaks free of Kit's water tendrils, bewildered] Hold on a second! Why am I your "target"? There has to be a misunderstanding!
Kitsunami the Fennec: No misunderstanding. This is entirely by design. It takes approximately 118 milliliters of liquid and 40 seconds to drown. [grins] This shouldn't take long.

Surge the Tenrec: [rejecting Sonic's appeals] If I volunteered to work with Starline, I obviously didn't have anything good going in my life. If he kidnapped me, nobody has tried to find me.
Sonic the Hedgehog: [sighs, disappointed] Fine. We'll do it your way.
Surge the Tenrec: [resumes attacking] Yeah! Gimme that freedom to do as I please! No regrets!
Sonic the Hedgehog: Nope! None! 'Cause I won't let you take that from anyone else, either. You can choose to be a problem. Which means you choose to get a whoopin' from me!
Surge the Tenrec: I was build to end you! Your morals! Your friends! Your world! I'm burning it all down and dancing on the ashes!

[Belle and Metal Sonic catch up with Eggman after Starline's defeat]
Belle the Tinkerer: Father! I found your letter. The one you wrote as Mr. Tinker. Before Starline ruined our lives.
Doctor Eggman: He does make made a mess of things, doesn't he? Putting me back into the correct frame of mind wasn't one of his mistakes, though.
Belle the Tinkerer: I...know that's how you feel. And I can't change that.'ve come to say goodbye. My father is gone. I have...I have to move on.
Doctor Eggman: [glances at Starline's body] "Father" this and "Father" that. Why are you both so blasted clingy? [approaches the two robots] So! If you're not with me, then you're against me. Planning on dueling Metal Sonic tonight?
Belle the Tinkerer: N-No, sir. I fixed him, in fact. Just like how I'm going to help the other robots you abandon.
Doctor Eggman: [beat] How did you manage to bypass the control signal?
Belle the Tinkerer: I-I-I used myself as a secure router.
Doctor Eggman: So you interfaced with [Metal Sonic's] coding directly?
Belle the Tinkerer: Y-Yes?
Doctor Eggman: Oh-ho-ho! Splendid. Tell you what! You've done such a good job, I'll give you a choice. You can either join me as a mechanic or you can go back to Sonic and his bothersome buddies.
Belle the Tinkerer: [turns her back, firmly] I said this was goodbye! Of course I'm going back to my friends!
Doctor Eggman: [cackles] Very well! Be seeing you, Belle.

Doctor Starline: [last words] I planned everything out. Down to the smallest detail. I had every advantage. Accounted for every contingency. And I still lost. I did everything right. [Doctor Eggman] destroyed all that effort in minutes. I'm a failure. An utter, disgraceful failure...

[Surge hangs above a shaft after a missed strike at Sonic]
Sonic the Hedgehog: Whoa! Sorry. Ten-second truce so I can haul you out, okay? [he reaches out, but she zaps him out of spite] YOW!
Surge the Tenrec: Heh. Got the last hit.
[the ceiling collapses, knocking Surge into the shaft]
Sonic the Hedgehog: Surge?! [brief pause] That's the real problem with giving people a choice. You can't stop them from making the wrong ones.

Dr. Eggman: [over microphone] Attention, Sonic and Tails! I'm afraid you've caught me at an awkward moment! My Eggperial City wasn't ready for visitors, and then the late Dr. Starline just had to make a mess of the place. Nevertheless, you are guests in my home, and I must be a gracious host! So please, allow me and my ludicrously massive swarm of show you a PROPER WELCOME!!!

Overpowered (#52-56) edit

Belle the Tinkerer: [as Kit struggles in her arms] Ugh, I'm trying to help! If we don't get out of here--
Kitsunami the Fennec: Let me go! [elbows her in the nose, causing her to fall on top of him him]
Miles "Tails" Prower: Kit, it's okay. Nobody's going to hurt you...
Kitsunami the Fennec: NO! [tearfully] Where's Surge?! I-I need...I need to find her!
Miles "Tails" Prower: Uh, she...well...
Kitsunami the Fennec: I've been gone too long. She'll be so angry...
[Sonic hears Metal Sonic bearing down on the group and approaches Kit, limping on a sprained leg]
Sonic the Hedgehog: Okay, this is a big ask, but Metal Sonic is coming, and fast. Out of all of us, you're the only one who can stop him from turning us into lunch meat.
Kitsunami the Fennec: I-I...
Sonic the Hedgehog: We're out of time, Kit. You can use those wacky water powers of yours to make Metal severely regret his life choices. You in?
[He extends his hand to Kit, who hesitantly takes it]
Kitsunami the Fennec: Yes, sir.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Nice. Thank you.

Doctor Eggman: Cubot! If you touched any of my prototypes, I swear, I'm going to turn you into a rice cooker.
Surge the Tenrec: Sorry, that was me. [emerges from a cloud of smoke with her powers enhanced by the Dynamo Cage] Ooh, yeah. This is gonna be fun.
Orbot: Cubot, speak to me!
Cubot: [cowering on the floor] Ssh, Cubot's not here.
Doctor Eggman: Who's in there? It better not be Sonic...
Surge the Tenrec: Not Sonic...better. [approaches] Huh, so you're Eggman. I'm taking your stuff.
Doctor Eggman: One of the pests who came in with Starline. What are you, some lunkhead flunky he hired? [turns away] Actually, I don't care. Robots, don't aim for the head. I want my device back in one piece. [his Egg Pawns shoot at Surge, but she absorbs their fire behind his back] What did she think the Dynamo Cage was, a hat? The things I have to deal with...
Orbot: [fearfully hugging Cubot] Uh, boss?
Doctor Eggman: Ugh, what now?
Orbot: I think we may have a bit of a problem.
Surge the Tenrec: Groovy.
Doctor Eggman: [angrily] That is not how it's supposed to work! What have you done to my Dynamo Cage?!
Surge the Tenrec: [scoffs] You genius doctor-types think you know everything. [destroys the Egg Pawns and jumps onto Eggman] It's not your "Dynamo Cage" anymore. It's mine, and I'll use it my way.'re lucky Sonic's at the top of my hit-list. [zaps him on the nose] Don't get too comfy, Doc. I'll be back for you. [she leaves]

[Belle sees Kit going out to help Sonic in Central City]
Belle the Tinkerer: Kit, no! [slams the door]
Kitsunami the Fennec: I want to help.
Belle the Tinkerer: Gears and starters–you have to look after yourself!
Kitsunami the Fennec: [enters attack-mode as his mental conditioning kicks in] Look after myself...why? I was made for [Surge]. She's gone. But Sonic can use me, too. I won't lose him. I can't.
Belle the Tinkerer: Look, you're going through a lot right now, but– [he attacks her with his hydro-coil tails; she shrieks and jumps onto a scaffold overhead using her kick function] Stop! We can talk– [screams as he cuts the scaffold's support chains, bringing it crashing down onto her] You...already matter...

[Sonic and Tails face down Eggman and Metal Sonic in Dr. Starline's former base]
Sonic the Hedgehog: Okay, Eggman. I'm gonna need an explanation, or else I'm picking up where Surge left off.
Doctor Eggman: The nerve! I'm the victim here! She stole my Dynamo Cage. It's a unique, extremely dangerous device! I'm only here to reclaim my property.
Sonic the Hedgehog: So that's what the fancy hat's all about.
Doctor Eggman: IT'S NOT A HAT!

Miles "Tails" Prower: [about Dr. Starline] He was processing data on our lives...trying to identify a pattern.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Creepy. But why?
Miles "Tails" Prower: [finds blueprints for Surge and Kit on a desk] I he could make them. Make us, but following his design.
Sonic the Hedgehog: [realizing, horrified] He...made them.
Doctor Eggman: [peering with intrigue into a stasis tank] Indeed. Biomodifications, cybernetic augmentation, neural conditioning...any one would be difficult alone, and he was entirely successful, all while scavenging his own materials and equipment.
Sonic the Hedgehog: If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were impressed.
Doctor Eggman: Oh, I am. It's a remarkable achievement! Dr. Starline possessed one of the finest minds I've ever encountered.
Miles "Tails" Prower: He's talking about kidnapping and brainwashing people! All he wanted was for you to recognize him...if you'd just told him that when he was alive, none of this would have happened!
Doctor Eggman: I know that! But I would never do such a thing.
Miles "Tails" Prower: You just did!
Doctor Eggman: Not at all. Admitting the skill of a bested enemy only proves my brilliance.
Sonic the Hedgehog: I've heard enough. Let's just get this over with.

[Sonic stands alone against Surge, who has all but eliminated Eggman and Metal Sonic while Tails is tied up with Kit]
Surge the Tenrec: Just you and me now.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Look, Surge...I think we got off on the wrong foot.
Surge the Tenrec: You know what? You're right. My foot should be on your throat! [attacks]
Sonic the Hedgehog: What was done to you guys was seriously heinous. I get that now.
Surge the Tenrec: You think that makes it any better? That we'll be friends?
Sonic the Hedgehog: Most of my buddies have beaten the stuffing out of me! Yesterday's knuckle-sandwiches are tomorrow's bro-fists!
Surge the Tenrec: I don't want your pity or your friendship! I want you GONE!
Sonic the Hedgehog: But why?! Starline's not here to make you do anything! [trips on the cubes she's projecting as his seemingly-healed leg gives out again] Freedom is right there, waiting for you! JUST TAKE IT!
Surge the Tenrec: [sadly smiles, resigned] ...I can't.
[she dispels the cubes, dropping Sonic into the pool below as Tails watches in horror]
Miles "Tails" Prower: SONIC!
[Surge electrifies the water to paralyze Sonic and holds him down]
Surge the Tenrec: You don't get it! I was built to live in your shadow. It's in my blood. My bones. My brain. There is no freedom for me...NOT WHILE YOU'RE STILL ALIVE!
[she continues electrocuting him until the Dynamo Cage overloads and explodes, releasing the Wisps and knocking her out]

Doctor Eggman: [to Metal Sonic upon Surge's defeat] Collect the Dynamo Cage and the tenrec!
Miles "Tails" Prower: [furious] You cheater...
Sonic the Hedgehog: [also furious] This wasn't the deal, Eggman!
Doctor Eggman: Oh, please. Like you were going to hold up your end of the bargain. [Kit intervenes] Stay out of this, you waterlogged whelp! [shrieks as Kit binds him and Metal Sonic]
Sonic the Hedgehog: Thanks, Kit! You're a lifesaver.
Kitsunami the Fennec: I didn't do it for you. [binds Sonic and Tails as well and picks up the unconscious Surge] I know what's going on here. I've seen it before. Starline. Eggman. You. You're all the same. You don't need me or Surge. You want us. All that matters is what we can do, how you can change us. So you can prove that your way is right. I'm going where I'm needed, and that's with Surge. I'll bury you all here...along with our past.
[Kit destroys the lab with his hydro-coil tails and escapes with Surge in tow]

Urban Warfare (#57-61) edit

Lanolin the Sheep: [surveying Eggperial City's perimeter] No major defenses, no signs of traps...
Whisper the Wolf: No patrol along the city limits.
Lanolin the Sheep: It's almost like Dr. Eggman wants us to invade?
[Sonic and Tangle run past and charge headlong into the city]
Sonic the Hedgehog: Then it'd be rude to refuse his invitation, right?
Lanolin the Sheep: [exasperated] Do they have to be so reckless?! This is serious business!
Whisper the Wolf: It's how they are.
Lanolin the Sheep: Yeah? Well, they need to understand they can't beat the odds forever.
Whisper the Wolf: [thinking] I know that better than anyone.

Whisper the Wolf: [to Tangle] Why?
Tangle the Lemur: Why what?
Whisper the Wolf: Why "Diamond Cutters"? My team. My friends. What I lost.
[Tangle covers her mouth in horror as she remembers; Lanolin is also taken aback]
Lanolin the Sheep: Wait, "lost"? When Tangle said "former team", I thought you meant they disbanded after the war.
Whisper the Wolf: No. We were betrayed. Destroyed.
Tangle the Lemur: I thought... I didn't... I wanted...
Whisper the Wolf: Just say it.
Tangle the Lemur: [tearfully breaks down in remorse] I'm sorry! I didn't think of it like that! Your old teammates were such close friends! They were so cool and competent! I wanted that for us! So we wouldn't drift apart again! [as she speaks, Whisper flashes back to moments where her friends supported her and has an epiphany] I was caught up in the moment! I'm so sorry! [wraps her tail around her head in shame]
Lanolin the Sheep: We can always change the team name.
[long pause]
Whisper the Wolf: [removes her mask] My old team...we were there for one another. Our Wisps...they're here with me now... And even though I've tried to walk away, everyone has been there to support me. Sonic. Tails. Belle. You. The only person not trying to help everyone
Lanolin the Sheep: I don't know the whole story, but if you were betrayed, I'd understand having trouble trusting others again.
Whisper the Wolf: No. One person hurt me. One person took my friends from me. Not you. Not the Restoration. Just him. I can't let him take this from me, too. I can't...I won't let his fear poison me anymore. sorry. I have been a bad friend and bad teammate. It...will take some time to fully move on. May I ask that you be patient with me?
Lanolin the Sheep: I can be if you'll be patient with me being bossy and inexperienced.
Tangle the Lemur: [muffled] And if you'll be patient with me being me! [uncovers her face] Thanks, I said.
Whisper the Wolf: I know. I can. I will. We can remain the "Diamond Cutters". They would be honored to have inspired us to continue their cause. [shakes hands with Lanolin]
Lanolin the Sheep: The honor is all ours. Thank you.
Tangle the Lemur: [hugs her teammates, overjoyed] Yeah! The cool friends doing what's right, no matter what!
Lanolin the Sheep: Okay, but there's going to be a hard limit on the number of group hugs.
Whisper the Wolf: Agreed.
Tangle the Lemur: Fine, then I'm making this one count!

Sonic the Hedgehog: [to Shadow] I'm flattered that you'd wanna come rescue little ol' me, but as you can see... [next to him, Tails turns to see Silver arrive, carrying Amy and Blaze] You're a little late to the party.
Shadow the Hedgehog: [coldly bypasses Sonic, whose expression falls] I have no idea what you're talking about, nor do I care.

Doctor Eggman: [to Tangle, holding her by the shirt] You've caused a lot of trouble for me today, you know that?
Tangle the Lemur: Oh, you think so? Let me down and I'll really show you what I can do!
Doctor Eggman: [snorts and holds a gun to Tangle's head] Keep workshopping those comebacks, lemur. Your desperation is showing. [Tangle submits; nearby, Tails and Amy are at Metal Sonic's mercy and can only helplessly watch] You made a serious mistake siding with these idiots.
Lanolin the Sheep: Perhaps...but it's better than letting you have your way.
[Eggman and Tangle turn around in astonishment as Lanolin steps out from behind Eggman's throne]
Doctor Eggman: You— Who are you people?!
Lanolin the Sheep: I believe you met our namesake, the Diamond Cutters. We serve as a small, specialized strike team that assesses danger and offers aid in extreme conditions. But mostly, we intend...
Whisper the Wolf: [lunges at Eggman with her Wispon, in Blue Cube mode, drawn] To be a problem.

Shadow the Hedgehog: [trapped in crystal, with Silver trying to free him] I'm fine. Go. Your of no use.
Silver the Hedgehog: No use? NO USE? I'm not giving up that easily, and neither are you! You're the ultimate life-form, aren't you? Are you going to let an overgrown rock tell you what to do?! [breaks Shadow free] Well?
Shadow the Hedgehog: [grins] You're right...I am the ultimate.

Shadow the Hedgehog: This city is a true monument to your hubris, doctor. I'll show you the monster you've made! CHAOS CONTROL!
[giant emerald crystals begin growing around Eggman's tower/mech]
Doctor Eggman: [shocked] What?! You teleported my emeralds?!
Shadow the Hedgehog: I'm not done. These perverse emeralds connect your entire city. And with them under my've built your own cage! CHAOS CONTROL!
Doctor Eggman: What?! NO!

[After arguing with Rouge during the Restoration's victory picnic, Amy notices Sonic has vanished]
Amy Rose: Wait, where's Sonic?
Miles "Tails" Prower: [holding a cake slice Jewel cut for him] Oh, he ran off. You know how he is.

Team Sonic Racing One-shot edit

Written by Caleb Goellner

Sonic the Hedgehog Annual edit

2019 edit

Bonds of Friendship, written by Ian Flynn

Tangle the Lemur: We grew up together!
Jewel the Beetle: Only because I was looking out for you. You're the antithesis of "Look before you leap."
Tangle the Lemur: True!

Tangle the Lemur: That's my bestest friend! Let her go or I start bustin' beaks!
Jet the Hawk: Is that so? Well, too bad! Finders keepers! You want her back so much, then how about we race for her?
Wave the Swallow: Jet! Are you out of your mind?! We're thieves, not kidnappers! Just let her go!

Jet Set Tornado, written by Caleb Goellner

Sonic the Hedgehog: Welp! Booster works!
Tails: Sometimes engineering brains... are a burden.

Tails: You want back at the controls? You seem to have learned your piloting lesson.
Sonic the Hedgehog: I would. It's just... ...I have more fun when you fly.
Tails: What? But-
Sonic the Hedgehog: And landings aren't really my thing. After all... gotta go slow.

Victory Garden, written by Evan Stanley and Gigi Dutreix

(Blaze the Cat's monologue)
A gardener's greatest skill isn't control, or planning, or power...
It's listening.
The plants know exactly what to do, and will tell you what they need to do it.
All you must do is listen...
...and provide.

Curse of the Pyramid, written by Cavan Scott

Rough the Skunk: See you around sister! May the best tomb raiders win!
Tumble the Skunk: That's us... Right, Rough?
Rough the Skunk: Just shut up and run, Tumble. Shut up and run.

Sonic Fan Club, written by James Kochalka

Tangle the Lemur: Sonic Fan Club?! You guys should have a Tangle Fan Club instead! Watch what I can do! (punches Egg Pawn with tail then continues tail-twisting action) Take that and this! And that! (reveals to be tangled up) No, wait. Maybe not like that. Hey, what happened?
Deer child: While you were tying yourself in knots, Sonic zoomed over and smashed the Buttnik and saved us all!
Mouse child: He was amazing!

2020 edit

Big's Big Adventure, written by Ian Flynn

(Big the Cat's monologue)
I'll be honest, good buddy. I was awful lonely and a little afraid.
But I knew you had be lonely and scared, too, all on your own. So I kept looking.
I was at the last spot to double-check when it happened...
I found you!
Big the Cat: (holding Froggy) I'm so happy to have you back, safe and sound! Now all our troubles are over!
But I was wrong. Strange monsters were on the road!
Big the Cat: (whacking Zombots with fish pole) I'm not gonna let you get my best buddy!
And you were brave too!
I made sure they couldn't follow us and we ran all the way home!
Big the Cat: And you know the rest 'cause... that's it! We're home, safe and sound! You must be pretty tired, 'cause you haven't said much since we got back. (sight of Big and the environment being zombified) That's okay. We're such good friends, I know what you're thinking. I'm happy to be home with you, too.

Darkest Hour, written by Evan Stanley

Nite the Owl: Hey! Can ya keep it down? I'm trying to save lives over here!
Don the Rooster: And I'm trying to save you! Hammers don't come with a "mute" button, ya diva.

Reflections, written by Caleb Goellner

Doctor Starline: (to Metal Sonic) Ahem! Are your sensors malfunctioning? I said, "Get out!" (Metal Sonic leaves) I can't believe this. The Doctor's greatest creation shambling around my lab like a zombot.

Eggman's Day Off, written by Sarah Graley

Doctor Eggman: And with these toy robots, I like to figure out strategies and battle plans for the week ahead, and, well... (bashing Eggman and Sonic toys together) ...perhaps evil never really takes a break, does it? Ha ha ha! (realizes toy Sonic knocked toy Eggman's head off) What?! That cursed hedgehog, forever a pain in my--

Flock Together, written by Sam King

Vector the Crocodile: Ha! Look at us! Even in the zombie apocalypse... (looks at Zombot Charmy trapped in capsule) ...the Chaotix always finds what we're lookin' for.

The Catalyst, written by Gigi Dutreix

Jewel the Beetle: (calling on communication device) T-Tangle? We need your help.
Deer child: GAAH! I-it's the ship from before!
Jewel the Beetle: There's a ship over our village. I assume it's Eggman's... it doesn't look good.
Tangle the Lemur: Jewel? You here? I came as fast as I could! Are you okay? Are you... (Zombot Jewel is behind her) s-still you?

2022 edit

Guardians, written by Ian Flynn

Weapons, written by Daniel Barnes

Hero Camp, written by India Swift

Future Growth, written by Evan Stanley and Gigi Dutreix

Another Grand Adventure for Jet the Hawk, written by Ian Mutchler

Jet the Hawk: I personally don't know how hard it is to use Extreme Gear. I was born incredibly gifted.
Whisper the Wolf: (whispering) Stop talking.
Jet the Hawk: A wise man once told me, "With skill and confidence, you are as fierce as the wind."
Whisper the Wolf: BE QUIET!

Rough Patch, written by Aaron Hammerstrom

Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper edit

Never forget. Never forgive.

Written by Ian Flynn

#1 - Imposter edit

Tangle the Lemur: I'm sorry for being a pest, it's just... ....after everything I've done with Sonic, things are so boring here! I fought robot invasions! Flying battle ships! I met a fiery princess from another dimension! I pulled the wings off a giant robo-dragon! And I come home to peace. And quiet. I can't stand it.
Jewel the Beetle: You've always been like that. So what's stopping you from being like Sonic? Going out there and finding your own adventures?
Tangle the Lemur: I've thought about it. Sure, it's tempting, but what if something does happen here? Eggman's robots attacked once. It could happen again.
Jewel the Beetle: And it'd be the first time you'd be flying solo. Lonely before you leave?
Tangle the Lemur: That, and nervous. I wouldn't have you watch my back.

  • We've chased each other in circles long enough. I'll be waiting for you to settle things for once and for all: 15-(cutoff)
    • Mimic's invitation

#2 - Ambush edit

Mimic: You scouted every angle and found no other way in, so here you come, walking in the front door. This must be torture for you. And you brought that delightful rube from Spiral Hill with you. Didn't learn your lesson? Then again, that was always your weakness. You couldn't do much outside of the old gang. Now you're using all our wisps as a clutch. A very effective clutch, admittedly. Credit where it's due- you put me on the run. But then you went and let your guard down. Took a timeout with your little friends. Tsk-tsk. Part of me wishes we could settle this just between us... ...But since you insist bringing on the yokel... ...I'll just let have to let you handicap yourself.

Tangle the Lemur: Wait! I know I screwed up! I knew Mimic's game, and he still tricked me! But it won't happen again!
Whisper the Wolf: (whispering) No.
Tangle the Lemur: Please don't do this! Let me prove I'm not a failure!
Whisper the Wolf (whispering) You're not.
Tangle the Lemur: Then why?!
Whisper the Wolf: I won't lost another friend! I can't!

#3 - Betrayal edit

Mimic: (talking to the camera) Then again... I have her Wispon. And he wouldn't know my mask from hers... ...I can turn these into "proof". That gets Eggman off my back, and there's nothing to fear from an unarmed coward. Ha! It should be criminal to be this smooth.

Tangle the Lemur: I know I asked for it but... ...Why would you hold onto that footage?
Whisper the Wolf: (whispering) Never forget. Never forgive.
Tangle the Lemur: Ahh... That's why you took that new Wispon and a small army of little friends. To keep fighting as the Guardian Angel of the Battlefield.
Whisper the Wolf: (whispering) Their name for me. Not my idea.

(Text on ground reading: WE END THIS WHERE WE STARTED)
Mimic: (communicating to Eggman) I'm going to need backup, because who wants a fair fight?

#4 - Showdown edit

Tangle the Lemur: Was it worth it? Betraying all your friends, just to save yourself?
Mimic: [beat] They weren't my friends. They weren't even my comrades. They were means to an end. I was in it to reap the rewards. When their big crusade put my life on line, it wasn't a difficult choice. Heroes become martyrs. Professionals stay alive.
Tangle the Lemur: [enraged] YOU ARE THE WORST!
Mimic: And you're deluded. Friendship is weakness.

(Whisper is about to shoot Mimic)
Tangle the Lemur: Whisper? L-Listen to me, okay? Don't do this. Badniks are one thing, but this is different. I know what he's done, and it's unforgivable. But if you do this, you'll have to live with it for the rest of your life. Wouldn't it be be worse for him to be caught? To live with the shame of losing to you? He'll wake up every day knowing he completely, utterly failed.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Bad Guys edit

Written by Ian Flynn

#1 - A Few Bad Men edit

Mimic: Don't sell me short, warden. I'm a professional. I don't care if you don't approve of my work.

Zavok: So this plan of yours... is for my benefit?
Doctor Starline: Yes, sir. We all stand to gain by it, but I hereby pledge myself to you.
Zavok: Then you shall be my Deadly Four.
Doctor Starline: Oh, thank you, sir.

#2 - Smash & Grab edit

(Doctor Starline's monologue)
Mimic betrayed his entire team to Dr. Eggman. He's only in this to become harder to track.
He's too dangerous. Too dangerous to let loose after all of this.
Rough and Tumble are dumb, blunt objects. But they're driven and vengeful. Just the sort to cause problems at the wrong time.
It'd be safer if they were eliminated too.
And Zavok--oh-ho-ho, Zavok. Easily the most dangerous one here.
Giving him any amount of power is a gamble. Letting him keep it? Out of the question.

Tumble the Skunk: Aw, man! It ain't getting up after that one!
Rough the Skunk: (walking out of the mouth of a destroyed T-rex Badnik) Musta been something I ate! Haw!
Doctor Starline: I am honestly impressed.
Mimic: I am too, and I hate it.

#3 - Trust Issues edit

Tumble the Skunk: Okay =ahem= You better not whine!
Rough the Skunk: You better not grumble!
Tumble the Skunk: It's bout to get tough!
Rough the Skunk: We've got a new gimmick!
Tumble the Skunk: Get ready for havoc!
Rough the Skunk: It's Starline, Tumble, Rough, Mimic, and Zavok!
(Tumble gives an awkward smile while Zavok looks in annoyance)
Rough the Skunk: Y'all are a buncha ingrates! That was inspired!

Doctor Eggman: Oh-ho-ho-ho! Somebody is about to learn a lesson in humility. Because they're about to suffer a humiliating defeat!

#4 - No Honor Among Thieves edit

Zavok: It's over, Doctor. Even before today, you were always a failure. You're not fit to be Eggman's successor. Your planning was sloppy. Your discarding of your comrades, needlessly cruel. All of it compounded by your unearned sense of pride. (beat, revealing to have Starline eavesdropping on Zavok) On second thought, all that makes you exactly like Eggman.

(Doctor Starline's monologue)
I won't be conquering the world to prove myself to Dr. Eggman. I'll conquer it to prove it to myself.
And I won't be proving I'm Eggman's equal.
I'll prove I'm his superior replacement.

Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Celebration edit

Seasons of Chaos, written by Ian Flynn

Dr. Eggman's Birthday, written by Gale Galligan

Sonic Learns to Drive, written by Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy

Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day edit

2021 edit

Amy's New Hobby, written by Gale Galligan

Race to the Empire, written by David Mariotte

2022 edit

Deep Trouble, written by Ian Flynn

Prelude to Disaster, written by David Mariotte

Sonic the Hedgehog: Imposter Syndrome edit

Written by Ian Flynn

#1 edit

Surge the Tenrec: [to a Badnik she just destroyed] You thought you could touch me? Pathetic! [another Badnik tries to attack from behind, but is immobilized by Kit; she summarily destroys it as well] Cheap shot for a cheap bot! [to Kit] Nice assist, kid. Don't let it go to your head.
Kitsunami the Fennec: Y-Yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am. W-We have less than a minute to complete the course.
Surge the Tenrec: [scoffs] All the time in the world.

#2 edit

Kitsunami the Fennec: [after Surge wipes out a Badnik patrol] W-We're not supposed to raise any alarms...
Surge the Tenrec: They can't make a fuss if they're dust!
Kitsunami the Fennec: B-B-But Dr. Starline's orders w-w-were...
Surge the Tenrec: He ain't the boss of me. He's tech support and the "idea guy". And idea guys are a diamond dozen.
Kitsunami the Fennec: I-It's "a dime a dozen".
Surge the Tenrec: I do things my way–my own way. You follow me. It's simple and it works. Now, let's get to that tower already. Might as well do this stupid plan while we're here.
Kitsunami the Fennec: Yes, ma'am.

Surge the Tenrec: [to an Egg Breaker, laughing cockily] What'chu got, huh?! Huh?!
Kitsunami the Fennec: I'm here to help!
Surge the Tenrec: You mean kill the mood! I've got it on the ropes! It can't even--
[The Egg Breaker launches its wrecking ball at Surge, smashing her into an adjacent building]
Kitsunami the Fennec: SURGE! [to the Egg Breaker, enraged] GET BACK! STAY AWAY FROM HER! [he grabs the wrecking ball with his water tentacles and hurls it at the Egg Breaker, knocking it down, before searching the rubble for Surge] Surge... Surge?! D-Don't move! You're-- [she is revealed to be unharmed aside from some clothing damage] Not hurt at all?
Surge the Tenrec: [embarrassed] I was...

Surge the Tenrec: [in the elevator with Kit] See any camera? Detect any hidden mics?
Kitsunami the Fennec: N-No..? [shifts attention to her injuries] That hit should've killed you! We should tell the doctor so he can make sure you're okay!
Surge the Tenrec: We're not telling him anything.
Kitsunami the Fennec: B-But he enhanced us! He'd know...
Surge the Tenrec: Yeah? Enhanced us how? What exactly did he do?
Kitsunami the Fennec: I...I don't know...
Surge the Tenrec: Uh-huh. I know a lot of what, but not a lot of why. My own thoughts aren't adding up. I know the doc is at the center of it. I'm going to need you're help to sort this out. I can count on you, right?
Kitsunami the Fennec: Y-Yes, ma'am! Always! Anything! We're do we start?
Surge the Tenrec: Starline needs to hear himself talk. We find his records. We find out what he did to us. And then we make him hurt for it.

#3 edit

[Surge and Kit, watching Starline's vlogs, have just discovered their origins]
Surge the Tenrec: Look up who we were.
Kitsunami the Fennec: What?
Surge the Tenrec: You heard him. We're cyborgs. He put stuff into us, but he didn't make us. So who were we? Volunteers? Kidnapped? Heroes? Convicts?! Who were we before this?!
Kitsunami the Fennec: [checks the computer] There' record...
Surge the Tenrec: [frustrated] He makes a vlog over what he made for breakfast! Look harder!
Kitsunami the Fennec: I-I-I did! It's n-n-not there!
Surge the Tenrec: Why not?!
Dr. Starline: [appears behind them] Because it's irrelevant. It's past your bedtime, children.
Surge the Tenrec: It's not "irrelevant"! I need context! If I have no past, all I have is this! And "this" is nothing! I'm nobody! I-I-I'm just a knockoff! Everything that I want—that I think I want—is a lie!
Dr. Starline: Oh, Surge... We keep having this conversation...and it always ends the same way.

Kitsunami the Fennec: [after Starline is subdued] what?
Surge the Tenrec: [tearful] Now? Now?! We burn it all down! Sonic! Eggman! Every idiot that follows either of them! We end it all! No more heroes! Villains! Nothing! If we don't get a past, they don't get a future!
Kitsunami the Fennec: Okay. How?
Surge the Tenrec: [stepping on the unconscious Starline's head] Don't know, don't care. Maybe I'll start by wearing off the treads on his brain?
Kitsunami the Fennec: I won't stop you. May I offer an idea first?
Surge the Tenrec: You're supposed to be the smart one. Let's hear it.
Kitsunami the Fennec: Starline was already planning to bring everyone together. We could use his plan, up to a point, then take it in our own direction. Destroy Sonic and Tails as planned, and go on to destroy the doctors, too. I-If that's okay with you, ma'am.
Surge the Tenrec: Let the doc go to all this trouble just to set himself up for the fall? I can work with that.

#4 edit

[Dr. Starline's flashback]
Dr. Starline: May I ask a question about your methods, sir?
Dr. Eggman: You may.
Dr. Starline: Why all the theme parks?
Dr. Eggman: I like theme parks.
Dr. Starline: Yes, but...they aren't remotely practical. All that time, all those resources could be used more...economically.
Dr. Eggman: I don't settle for the world as it is, doctor. I make it what I want it to be. If I want my enemies' last moments to be carousel music and the smell of petroleum-based cotton candy, that's what I'll make happen.
Dr. Starline: Words to live by, sir! [flash forward to the present] And no less inspiring, even after all that's happened.

Cubot: Do you think the boss will be mad we went on vacation without asking permission?
Orbot: I say we have fifty-fifty odds he didn't notice we were gone. If he didn't, we're in the clear.
Cubot: And if he did?
Orbot: Then it's been nice knowing you, pal.
Dr. Eggman: [spots them] Where have you been?!
Cubot: Oh, y'know, just getting a little R&R– [Orbot elbows him; he grunts]
Orbot: What he means is we were conducting reconnaissance and...more reconnaissance?
Dr. Eggman: [not fooled, but apathetic] Whatever. Just log back into the network and give me a sitrep.

Surge the Tenrec: [grappling with Metal Sonic] You wanna be the "real Sonic"?! You ain't got the heart! You ain't got the soul! [he brings her down, but Kit restrains him] And you ain't got the backup.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Scrapnik Island edit

Written by Daniel Barnes

#1 edit

E-117 Sigma: Welcome, SCRAPNIK ISLAND.
Sonic the Hedgehog: [sees Tails beginning to gush] Tails geek-out in 3...2...1...
Sonic the Hedgehog: Called it.

#2 edit

(Mecha Sonic stands above the disabled Mecha Knuckles...)

Sonic: N-nice save, big guy. A little overkill, maybe...but nice save all the same. Up top!

(However, Mecha turns to Sonic before lunging forward and grabbing him by the neck, pinning him to the wall!)

Sonic: high-five, then?

#3 edit

#4 edit

(Sonic bats Mecha away, saving the Scrapnik as they run forward. However, Sonic is bothered by his injured foot.)

Sonic: (thinking) It's like my ankle is being stabbed by a thousand needles! Keep it together, Sonic.... One foot in front of the other...! Fight through the pain!

Mecha Sonic: Pain? What do you know about pain?

Sonic: That voice again.... Is

Mecha Sonic: What you're feeling right now is nothing compared to what I've endured. You've never been cast aside and robbed of your value...your purpose.

Sonic: Did that helmet thing link our brains?!

Mecha Sonic: You may have bested me the last time we fought, but not this time. You're all're out of options...and you're wounded. You've reached your limit!

Sonic: Well, you see, that's the thing about limits, though.

(Sonic begins pushing past his pain and runs at full speed, surprising Mecha.)


[Mecha Sonic despairs after being bested in the incinerator, refusing to grab Sonic's hand]
Mecha Sonic: Your freedom is enviable, Sonic. To explore the world at your leisure, unhindered by regret or must be nice. Leave me. This is what I deserve. My original Eggman directive: destroy S-Sonic the Hedgehog. M-Mission: Failure. My n-new Sigma directive: p-protect the Scrapniks. Mission: Failure. I am a failure. I am worthless. I am trash...
Sonic the Hedgehog: [snaps] CUT THE CRAP, WILL YA?! You give yourself value and purpose! No one else! You gotta live for you! That's what it really means to be free! NOW, TAKE! MY! HAND! [Mecha Sonic hesitantly does so, but Sonic, his injured foot overworked, is unable to pull them to safety] Uh-oh...
Mecha Sonic: What's wrong?
Sonic the Hedgehog: I, uh...think I might've overdid it with my foot. I can't move it at all. [chuckles, grinning sheepishly]
Mecha Sonic: All that big talk and you can't even actually get us out of here?!
Sonic the Hedgehog: Hey, I'm working on it, all right?!

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-quill edit

Written by Kiel Phegley

Hedgehog Day Afternoon

The Secret of My Distress

Always Bet on Red

Two for the Road

Mushroom with a View

About Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW Publishing) edit

  • Sonic the Hedgehog comics have been a constant source of joy and inspiration for me for well over ten years, and the truth is, this opportunity is a dream I didn’t believe could come true. The world of Sonic has a truly amazing creative legacy, and I’ve always pushed myself to make my contributions as meaningful and worthwhile as they can be — and that’s more important than ever now. I hope I can deepen the world of IDW’s Sonic The Hedgehog comics, exploring new places and characters while continuing to deliver exciting adventures about Sonic and his friends!

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