Son of the Mask

2005 film by Lawrence Guterman

Son of the Mask is a 2005 fantasy slapstick comedy film an aspiring cartoonist who finds himself in a predicament when his dog stumbles upon the mask of Loki. Then after conceiving an infant son "born of the mask", he discovers just how looney child raising can be. It is a sequel to the 1994 film The Mask.

The next generation of mischief(taglines)

Alvey AveryEdit

  • [in a deep voice] Madre.
  • Bam.

Tim AveryEdit

  • Hey, pal! Daddy's got a teensy-weensy bit of work to do, so can you be a good boy and let him?
  • [on the phone] Hi, 911? I already told you. My son is bouncing off the walls! Yes, off the walls, the couch, and the ceiling. [someone dismisses the call] Hello? Hello? Hello?!
  • No, I can't come in right now. I'm stuck here with my kid!
  • Okay, okay. Here we go. Go on, sing. [no response] Go on, Alvey. Do it, do it. SING, DAMN IT!!!!
  • [holding up giant weapons] SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!
  • I don't know how. I don't know which end is up. I'm running on fumes. Yeah, yeah. I don't know. Yeah, I've still got the kid. Oh god, you have no idea. Man, they just suck the life out of you. I don't know what I'm gonna do with him, I think I may be on to something for my pitch, though. I don't know, it's just...
  • [confronting Alvey for driving him crazy] You did this to me! I know what you're doing. You're trying to drive me crazy. You're a cunning little mastermind, who will stop at nothing! Until I go, completely insane. Well, come on. Start dancing again. [Alvey giggles] Start screwing with my mind! Start! Huh?! COME ON! Why are you screwing with my mind? [Alvey continues giggles]
  • Maybe I am just going crazy.
  • [to Otis about the mask] I'm sorry, okay? I've ignored you and I've been impatient, I need you buddy, Loki, that guy that made the mask? He wants it back, he has Alvey. And he's a bad guy, Otis, he hates dogs. He doesn't realize that dogs are truly man's best friend. You're this man's best friend. But Alvey's my son, which sort of makes you like his big brother. And when he grows up, he's gonna be your bestest friend. But right now, he needs you and he needs that mask.
  • [deleted scene; Tim calls for Otis] Otis! Remember when I told you I needed that mask? I was wrong. I didn't really need it then, but I really need it now! Okay, buddy? So, um... Go on, boy! Get that mask! Yeah, go on, boy! Get it. Yeah. [Otis gets his hockey mask] No! No! No hockey right now, Otis! And you're the one who brought that damn thing here in the first place! Now go get that mask, you crazy mutt! Bad dog, Otis! You are not man's best friend!
  • [last lines] What do you think about that, Double A? A little brother or sister? How does that sound?


  • "I want you to be more like Thor", oh, what a jerk.
  • Timmy Tyler, are you my mask baby?
  • Bend, morph! Shape shift! Well, do something, for Odin's sake.
  • This baby was born out of the mask, and I want my mask back! Meet me in exactly one hour.
  • You really are a chip off the old block. But I don't have time for this, prepare to feel my true power!
  • Oh, Jason Kemperbee, be my baby. Come on. Hook me up. Show me the magic!
  • [noticing Alvey] Oh my Odin, it is him.

Tonya AveryEdit

  • [awaking Tim up] But, baby, can you go in late to work today? My office just called. Um, they're sending me to New York for a week. [Tim realizes what Tonya had said, opens his eyes and screams loudly]
  • Tim, snap out of it!
  • Hi! How's my little womping wompet? Oh, I miss you. I just want to kiss you and kiss you and kiss you!


Loki: HE DID NOT!!!!!!!!!
Museum Person: Good God!
Loki: And don't you FORGET IT!!!
Dr. Neuman: Apparently, you do not agree with my theories.
Loki: Finally. [looks at the mask and sees it's a fake] THIS IS A FAKE!
Dr. Neuman: Yes, but it's a good fake. [Loki the mask at him which hits him in the head] Ouch. Sir, that is museum property.
Loki: Oh, I'm sorry. Let me replace it.
Dr. Neuman: What-- what are-- what are you doing? Perhaps I should inform you I suffer from vertigo and I have a lawyer. Hello? Where's my body? Come get me.
Museum Security Guard: Hold it right there!
Dr. Neuman: I don't like it here.
Loki: Thanks for dropping by.
Museum Security Guard: Dropping?
Loki: Bye!

Shopkeeper: [in Odin's voice] Fool! What in Helvetii were you about to do to this shopkeep?
Loki: Nothing, I was just...
Shopkeeper: Fool! Don't you dare lie to me. You know, Thor never gave me this kind of trouble.
Loki: Okay, here we go again with the Thor crap. Thor, Thor, Thor. You know, father, I'm not like Thor. I'm never gonna be like Thor.
Shopkeeper: [grumbles] I just wish that..
Loki: Can't you just love me for who I am and not for who I'm not?
Shopkeeper: NO! I want you to be more like Thor! Now, I've wasted enough time here. I felt a tremor. A child has been born of the mask!
Loki: Wow, a baby's born of the mask, so that sort of makes me kind of like a dad, huh?
Shopkeeper: FIND IT!
Loki: The baby or the mask?
Shopkeeper: Find the baby and you will find the mask.
Loki: Right.

Loki: Okay, where is the mask?
Tim Avery: What?
Loki: The mask, my mask. Where is it?
Tim Avery: What are you talking about? Who are you?
Loki: I am Loki, God of Mischief.
Tim Avery: Yeah, and I'm Tim, god of crazy babyland. Will you get out of the way?
Loki: That baby is born of the mask, my mask. And where is it?!
Tim Avery: Born of the mask what? Oh, so that explains why he could pee like that! But wait a minute, this is my baby.
Loki: I don't care about that. Just give me my mask!
Tim Avery: I don't know where it is.
Loki: Oh really? Maybe this will jog your memory! [he holds an axe with some arms holding a gun to shoot]
Police: [in Odin's voice, grabs Loki] LOKI!
Loki: Dad?! [Tim heads away]
Police: I wanted you've left me no other choice.
Loki: I don't have time for this! Look, dad, there's Balder!

Tim Avery: [in Odin's voice] LOKI! You have defied me for the last time. [saluting] I've had it up to here with you!
Loki: Dad, please, listen to me. You're holding the baby.
Tim Avery: Silence! You have left me no choice.
Loki: Listen, listen...
Tim Avery: You are here by stripped of your immortal powers and forever banished to the land of mortals.
Loki: No. Please, hear me out. That baby... [Tim Avery attempted to sizzles Loki]
Tim Avery: Whoa.

Tim Avery: Hello?
Jorge: Hey, buddy. Can you get down here now? Daniel's asking for you.
Tim Avery: No, I can't come in right now. I'm stuck here with my kid!
Jorge: You'd better think of something, he wants to see your drawings before the pitch on Friday.
Tim Avery: I'll do the drawings now and I'll fax 'em over after lunch.
Jorge: All right.
Tim Avery: Okay, bye.

Tim Avery: Babe! I got incredible news!
Tonya Avery: Really? I think I do too!
Tim Avery: Really? What?
Tonya Avery: Um, you go.
Tim Avery: No, you go.
Tonya Avery: Okay, I'm gonna go.
Tim Avery: Babe, let me go.
Tonya Avery: Okay, go.
Tim Avery: Guess who got moved up to the second floor? [Tonya gasps, Tim and she both vocalizing hip-hop music]
Tonya Avery: Oh god, that is so great! I am so proud of you. Oh, then it was meant to be.
Tim Avery: What's meant to be? What's your news?
Tonya Avery: I've been feeling really funky all day, and you're not gonna believe this.

Odin: [drawn-out, shouting] Loki! There was a baby born of the mask!

Tim Avery: [surprised by Alvey's face is shown Loki, screaming] No! Ah!
Tonya Avery: Tim, snap out of it!
Tim Avery: Baby? Is that you?
Tonya Avery: Of course it's me. What are you doing up so late? And where's Alvey?
Tim Avery: Seriously. Is that really you?

Tonya Avery: That's not Otis, that's a green critter!

Tim Avery: [to Alvey] That's it, buddy! First I'm taking you to a pediatrician, then I'm taking you to an exorcist.

Tim Avery: Hey, Loki. [suddenly picks up a phone receiver and shouts] Give me back my son!
Loki: Um... No. [speeds off]

Tonya Avery: Where's Alvey?
Tim Avery: Okay, don't freak out.
Tonya Avery: Where's Alvey?
Tim Avery: You're freaking out.
Tonya Avery: Where's my baby?
Tim Avery: Loki t-took him.
Tonya Avery: [scared] Took him?! Did you CALLED THE POLICE?!?!
Tim Avery: No, I...
Tonya Avery: Oh my god. [she accidentally calling the police on the phone]
Tim Avery: Tonya, listen!
Tonya Avery: This is emergency, my son is missing... !
Tim Avery: No, TONYA, listen! [throws the phone away] The police can't help us! He's the freaking god of mischief. All he wants is his mask, which Otis is wearing. And if I can just figure out where Otis is, I can just... [but surprised] Of course!
Tonya Avery: Our child is missing and you're worried about the damned dog?!?! This is CRAZY!!! [gasped, seeing a giant nose-face on person's body, who was touching her]
Tim Avery: See what I'm talking about? Now, you're gonna have to trust me and get in the car, because I know where Alvey is and I know how to get him back, because I know the one place Otis the moose would go.

[last lines]

Tonya Avery: Yeah! Yeah! Honey, oh, that was such a good show. But, I think you might need to add another character.
Tim Avery: What? Really?
Tonya Avery: Yeah. [she and Tim kissing each other]
Tim Avery: What do you think about that, Double A? A little brother or sister? How does that sound? [Alvey winks]


  • Who's next?
  • The next generation of mischief
  • The Power of Mischief
  • Sequel to the #1 box-office hit.


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