Son of Kong

1933 American adventure monster film directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack

Son of Kong is a 1933 film about the men who captured the giant ape King Kong return to Skull Island and findong his likewise gigantic but far more friendly son.

Directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack. Written by Ruth Rose.
The Twelve Foot Ape Befriended them On the Island of King Kong!  (taglines)

Carl DenhamEdit

  • Stick to me, kid, and you'll wear diamonds.


Reporter: If I don't get a story I'll lose my job.
Carl Denham: Alright, tell 'em this: Carl Denham, the boy who was gonna make a million dollars off King Kong, is flat broke.

Helstrom: [sees Denham and Englehorn sitting in a Dakang bar] Carl Denham! Don't you remember me? Nils Helstrom.
Carl Denham: Why, for the love of Mike. Helstrom! Sure I remember you! [indicates Englhorn] Oh, this is Captain Englehorn. Captain Helstrom.
[Englehorn and Helstrom shake hands]
Carl Denham: Sit down. [to Englehorn] Say, do you know who this is? The man who gave me the map of Kong's Island. And he wants to know if I remember him? [laughs] Have a drink.
[pours Helstrom a drink]
Helstrom: [to Englehorn] So, that was your ship came in last night?
Englehorn: Mine and Denham's.
Helstrom: [to Denham] I heard about you in Singapore. How you had captured the biggest animal on earth and taken him back to New York.

Helstrom: Yeah, you're broke too.
Carl Denham: Broke? [chuckles] I'm shattered.

Red: [after hearing about the last trip to Kong's island] He expect us to go ashore?
Helstrom: Sure. He's got to have a bodyguard, hasn't he? Say, you know there were a dozen sailors killed on the last voyage he made here?
Red: Killed? By them animals?
Helstrom: Yeah. But, you see Denham and the Skipper came out all right. Ah, but you don't have to worry. There are plenty of rifles aboard. If I were captain, I certainly wouldn't take my crew into danger.

Carl Denham: If you want me to, I'll give Helstrom a tip that he's too thick with the crew.
Englehorn: Go ahead. It's bad for discipline.
Carl Denham: [sees Charlie leading a procession of the crew] Ha. We must be in Russia. Here comes the Committee of the Workers.
Charlie: Captain Englehorn!
Englehorn: Well?
Charlie: Captain, I went down in the forward hold.
Englehorn: What of it?
Charlie: Captain, I found something!
Englehorn: What's the matter? Found what?
Carl Denham: [sees Charlie reach into the crowd of sailors and pull out Hilda, who was stowing away in the forward hold] Holy mackerel!

Hilda: Tony, won't you please come down? Tony? Tony?
Carl Denham: You'll never catch a monkey that way.
Hilda: Did you ever catch a monkey?
Carl Denham: Did I ever catch...? [dry chuckle] Lady, you'd be surprised.

Carl Denham: Skipper, believe it or not, there's a little Kong!
Englehorn: What? A little K -... How little?
Carl Denham: Well, just a little one... about twelve feet high.


  • The Twelve Foot Ape Befriended them On the Island of King Kong!
  • SEE! The cannibals! The earthquake! The sea serpent! The fighting monsters of ages past!
  • Laughs! Thrills! Pathos!


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