Sol Kerzner

South African businessman

Solomon "Sol" Kerzner (born 23 August 1935) is a South African accountant and business magnate.

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Sunday Times interview (1980s) edit

"The Miniature Minotaur" by Jani Allan, from the Just Jani column of the Sunday Times (1980s), republished in Face Value by Jani Allan.
  • I pretty much don't care what the papers say about me.
  • Good tourism will follow good hotels - and what could be better for our country?
  • You take a change... Calculate the odds, research the international market properly, establish the Southern Africans' taste, style, appetite and enjoyment, aim at giving them a good time at the best quality that they can afford - then go for it!
  • I'm not afraid of growing old. I'm not sure that I'll ever be an old man. Maybe in the chronological sense - but that's all.

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  • A man with his stubby million-rand finger perennially prodding the public's pulse, his eyes constantly roving the horizons of the future, Kerzner has the power of a Prometheus unbound.

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