Snow Queen (2002 film)

2002 television film directed by David Wu

Snow Queen is a 2002 fantasy film starring Bridget Fonda and based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale The Snow Queen.

Snow QueenEdit

  • If you wake me up during the summer, I'll make you suffer.
  • Let the whole world be as I am. Let winter rule always.

Spring WitchEdit

  • One of those quiet obedient girls who doesn't say anything until she screams. Oh, the world's full of them. Sleepy girls, I call them. Sleepy girls.
  • Never underestimate the power of a kiss.


  • You're not the Snow Queen. You're just winter, and winter passes.


Gerda: However hopeless it is I must find him.
Spring Witch: But why? Why is he worth it?
Gerda: Because he made me want to live again.

Kai: Minna, why is it that Gerda hates the winter so much?
Minna: It took her mother's life and her father's joy all in one night.

Delfont Chalfont: Did I ever tell you all about my exploits with the 35th horse brigade at the battle of Tompkins Bay?
Gerda: You couldn't have. We've only just met.

Polar Bear: I just don't see why you're pinning so much hope on this one.
Snow Queen: Love. True Love. Kai has seen it, felt it, had it... has it.
Polar Bear: He's not the only one.
Snow Queen: What did you say?
Polar Bear: Nothing.

Autumn Robber: [about the rose pin] There's magic in this. I want to know about it.
Gerda: It was my mother's and now it's mine.
Autumn Robber: It's mine.
Gerda: You've got it, but it's not yours and it never will be.
Autumn Robber: Is that so?
Gerda: It's the only thing I have of hers and she's dead. So I think you should give it back to me.
Autumn Robber: People die all the time. They blaze red as if they are going to live forever, but they all fall sooner or later. There's nothing you can do about it. People don't just come back because we want them to, princess. The world moves on. Even I can't stop the leaves from falling.
Gerda: I know she won't come back. But I just want to keep a piece of her with me. Wouldn't you want your daughter to keep hold of something of yours when you're gone?

Robber Girl: You're not cooking her!
Autumn Robber: What do you think you're doing? That's my dinner, that is.
Robber Girl: No! I need a playmate. There is no one my own age to play with.
Autumn Robber: Yuck. Don't I always tell you not to play with your food! Throw her in the pot!
Gerda: I don't think I'll taste that good, really.
Robber Girl: I need a peer group.
Autumn Robber: She's not a peer group, she's supper

Gerda: Kai. Kai. I love you, Kai. I love you.
[Kisses unconsious Kai]
Kai: [wakes up] What did you say?
Gerda: I love you.
Kai: That's what I thought it was.

Gerda: Didn't you promise me daffodils?
Kai: Oh, they're out there, they're just a little shy, that's all. Maybe if you come skating with me they'll come out.


  • Bridget Fonda - Snow Queen
  • Jeremy Guilbaut - Kai
  • Chelsea Hobbs - Gerda
  • Robert Wisden - Wolfgang
  • Wanda Cannon - Minna
  • Meghan Black - Robber Girl
  • Jennifer Clement - Spring Witch
  • Kira Clavell - Summer Princess
  • Suzy Joachim - Autumn Robber

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