Slim Burna

Nigerian singer and record producer

Gabriel Soprinye Halliday (born 11 April 1988), better known by his stage name Slim Burna, is a Nigerian musician, singer, rapper and record producer.

One blood, one nation, African


  • I was blessed by God with a talent to express myself through the art-form called music, I eventually found love in it and had no other choice than to embrace it and ever since, I’ve come to enjoy it; I feel like I was born to do it and I really want to continue to make music. To me, it’s sort of like life because I can relate it with everything that happens around me.
  • Don't judge me from my looks or the way I dress, judge me wit what I do, cuz I don't impress people!!
  • It all has to do with my feelings, my mood or state of mind. Most times my experiences, things I desire, it could be good depends on how the listener’s level of perception is structured.

I'm On Fire (2013)Edit

  • Take a little rewind back to 1999,
    It's not the same place don't look front, better look behind
    • "(All Day)" (track 2)
  • Uh, cause everyday she's struggling
    she be hustling
    day and night
    I don't think you know how it feels
    when you're an orphan yeah
    • "The Orphan" (track 5)
  • aii, see Plenty money, means plenty honey
    na so dem say money is the root of all evil
    but nowadays na di fruit of the tree weh deh bless people
    • "Plenty Money" (track 7)
  • You a naughty girl and you're so fine
    Liking em strings on your waist line
    You mi desire, you ah hotter than fire
    Gal I like di way you shake yuh behind
    • "Bad Man" (track 8)
  • Dirty wind, I like the way you dey wind
    And the way you dey do
    You fit make Timaya go mad
    So fine girl, pull down your skirt ah
    • "Shokoto" (track 9)
  • Anyway I be, holding this mic
    And I'm restless
    Lyrical bars, it comes quick like my first sex
    I'm raw, no latex
    I aint a slave, I'm a grown man
    Fvck the chains and the necklace
    Gat bad chicks everywhere, Casablanca
    Noah flow, leave you in a state like Bayelsa
    I poo in your mouth, you can talk that shyt
    Guns like a cinema, it got clips
    • "Real Recognize Real" (track 10)
  • Bad boys making moves like a magician
    always on their hustle like a tactician
    see the streets, me I say you be average man
    one blood, one nation, African
    • "Port Harcourt Boy" (track 12)
  • My Nigerian girl
    I love you everyday in any way
    no be material girl, and all the way she no dey play
    • "Love Me Tonight" (track 13)

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