American science fiction and fantasy television series (1995-2000)

Sliders (1995–2000) was an American science fiction television series consisting of five seasons. The series focuses on a group of people travelling between parallel universes (which results in alternative Earths). They do so when the main protagonist - a genius college student - invents a "sliding" technology. After an experiment that goes wrong, their goal is to try finding back their way to "our" (and their own) Earth.

Season 1 edit

Opening narration edit

  • Quinn Mallory: [season one monologue/opening] What if you could find brand new worlds right here on Earth? Where anything is possible. Same planet, different dimension. I've found the gateway.

Pilot [1.1] edit

Prof. Maximilian Arturo: The answer to the question is U-4, not U2, Mr. Bennish! [pointing to Conrad Bennish, Jr., who was listening to noisy music without paying any attention to the class].

[The Sliders arrive on an ice world after having unknowingly picked up Rembrandt Brown driving his car]
Proffessor Maximilan Arturo: Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I think I've just seen God and I could've sworn he was driving a Cadilac!

[after Prof. Maximilian Arturo found out that he is a Citizen General in a world where Soviet Russia rules America]
Prof. Maximilian Arturo: Always a leader of men, no matter what the circumstances.

Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown: This guy, Q-ball, he’s got this, like, gizmo, which sucked up my Caddie into a worm-hole — that’s this kinda freaked-out limbo land that sits between Earth’s One, Two and Three. So when we got to Earth Two, this big, albino tornado, man, came hammering down on us...

Fever [1.2] edit

Prof. Maximilian Arturo: Biology is for those who don't have the maths for real science.

Last Days [1.3] edit

Proffesor Mazimilian Arturo: Mr. Bennish, if we survive this I will devote my life to finding the gene that makes you so obnoxious and I will destroy it!

Prof. Maximilian Arturo: Mr. Bennish, appalling as this thought may be, you and I are going to be spending a lot of time together.
Conrad Bennish, Jr.: No way, chief! I've got a girlfriend.
Prof. Maximilian Arturo: Don't be an idiot! You and I are going to make an atom bomb.

[A news anchor talks about the asteroid that is about to destroy life on Earth]
News Anchor: Around the globe, the world braced for the apocalypse with an unprecedented show of peace and amity. In Belfast, Ireland, Catholics and Protestants shared a morning of prayer [footage of both groups praying together]. Elsewhere, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the six-month truce between Serbs and Muslims continued to hold [footage of both groups hanging along]. Not so in the occupied West Bank, however, where Israelis and Palestinians greeted the second-to-last day with renewed violence [footage of both groups fighting each other].

[after Prof. Maximilian Arturo was forced to slide just as he realized his stolen atom bomb plans were stolen from him]
Conrad Bennish Jr.: Anybody messes with us now...
[turns on loud music]
Conrad Bennish Jr.: ...boom!

The Prince of Wails [1.4] edit

Prof. Maximilian Arturo: The reason the sun never sets on the British Empire is because God doesn't trust the British in the dark.

[The Prince reads the copy of the Bill of Rights the Sliders wrote for him and then the part Rembrandt added]
The Prince: And James Brown is hearby acknowledged as the Godfather of Soul.
[The Prince and the rebel leader look at each other in confusion]
Prince and Rebel Leader: [together] Who's James Brown?

Summer of Love [1.5] edit

Quinn Mallory: [pointing at the recurring character of his usually long haired, sunglasses wearing college friend, whose double in this world is a business suit wearing Republican] Look, Professor, it's Bennish.
Prof. Maximilian Arturo: My God. And I can actually see his ears.

Eggheads [1.6] edit

Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown: How much did he win by?
Wade Welles: I don't know. What difference does it make?
Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown: It makes a big difference, girl! I got Harvard plugged to points!
Wade Welles: You bet on a game that you don't understand?
[Short pause]
Wade Welles: You are an idiot!

The Gambler: If you won't do it you'll be MORAS MAXIMA.
Quinn Mallory: What?!
The Gambler: MORAS, MORTIS, DEAD!!!

[Quinn says something in Latin to the Gamblers and FBI before Sliding]
FBI Agent: What did he say?
Gambler: "So long suckers!"

The King is Back [1.8] edit

Prof. Maximilian Arturo: [after being mistaken for Luciano Pavarotti several times] I am not Mr. Pavarotti! Mr. Pavarotti is an Italian. He speaka likea this. Do I speaka likea this? No. Why? Because I am an Englishman, you blistering idiot!

Season 2 edit

Opening narration edit

  • Quinn Mallory: What if you could travel to parallel worlds? The same year, the same Earth, only different dimensions. A world where the Russians rule America... or where your dreams of being superstar came true... or where San Francisco was a maximum-security prison. My friends and I found the gateway. Now the problem is... finding a way back home.

Season 2 Ep 6 edit

Prof. Maximilian Arturo: The idea of freedom is born with every generation. Only one created the US constitution.

Season 3 edit

Dragonslide [3.7] edit

Prof. Maximilian Arturo: That which is beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful.

The Fire Within [3.8] edit

Quinn: This is newsprint. How do you divide?
Fire: I have never divided.
Quinn: You stay connected with the other flames?
Fire: I am always one. What they know, I know.
Quinn: Alright, this is wood and graphite.
Fire: Oh I like wood...
Quinn: Listen, there's something important I have to talk about.
Fire: Yes?
Quinn: Very soon, we might be leaving this place and we might have to take you with us.
Fire: I like it here. There is much to burn.
Quinn: If you stay, they will try and destroy you every time you feed. If you survive, you'll only do so by destroying things that we humans care about, and hurting people like me. And one day, all the food will be gone.
Fire: I have decided I will go back where you found me.
Quinn: I'm sorry, I don't know how to get you there.
Fire: I do.
Quinn: Oh, you do. I wish you could tell me how to get home.
Fire: Home?
Quinn: It's a place where we'd like to go someday. It's where we started.
Fire: Where you like to burn?
Quinn: Sort of.
Fire: If you release me in your journey, I will find a way.
Quinn: But.. how?
Fire: Photon solar wave propulsion, and timeslip dimensional access.
Quinn: Come again?
Quinn: You're controlling the television!
Quinn: You can transmit signal waves?
Fire: You do not?
Quinn: No!
Fire: Why have you taken this limited life form?
Quinn: I didn't have a choice.. you did?
[Knock at the door]
Quinn: Go away! We're spraying for cockroaches.

This Slide of Paradise edit

[Rickman sees the wormhole at the edge of the cliff]
Rickman: Not without me! [Rickman jumps for the wormhole, but it closes and he falls screaming to his death at the bottom of the cliff]

Season 4 edit

Genesis [4.1] edit

[Quinn learns the truth about his family from a microdot]
Quinn: I have a brother!

[Quinn, Maggie and Rembrant decide to leave Earth Prime in an attempt to save it]
Quinn: [to Earth Prime just before he leaves] We'll be back! You can count on it!

Just Say Yes [4.7] edit

[Colin Mallory and Maggie Beckett are in a "re-orientation" compound, which resembles 1950's suburbia, they are medicated in a world that mandates it, Maggie has made an attempt at baking, Colin is trying one of her slightly burned cookies, he is attempting to feign enjoyment when eating the cookie]
Colin: Umm, Delicious.
Maggie: You don't like them.
Colin: I do.
Maggie: Colin, you be honest with me.
Colin: But you worked so hard on them, I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings.
[Maggie stares into the view of the camera, thinking about what Colin said]
Maggie: I don't think you could, (shows her "Infuser", a medication dispenser that most on the world they're in are using) not while i'm wearing this thing.
Colin: Oh, I keep forgetting, another benefit of pharmacotherapy, well in that case, these are the worst cookies i've ever tasted!
[They both laugh in a mindless way]

The Alternateville Horror [4.8] edit

[after Quinn, Rembrandt and Maggie finds out that the ghosts haunting the chandler hotel are really their doubles, a brit-punk rock singer Quinn "Howling Man" Mallory, an "exotic dancer" called Maggie Beckett and a Tweed clad version of Rembrandt Brown who is the group's version of Quinn, also with them are Colin Mallory and the manager's son, she is crying]
Matthew: Mom, don't cry, Colin said his brother's gonna get out out of here.
Quinn "Howling Man" Mallory: Well, he bloody well better, (holding up the timer) 'cause we've got your little timer, see, and brainiac told us that if you don't get it back before the numbers run down, you're gonna be right up it! (a la Austin Powers) YEAH, baby!
Alt-Rembrandt: Sorry, who thought he was paying attention.

Lipsitz Live! [4.12] edit

Quinn Mallory: [trying to reclaim the audience's interest] Did I mention that I met my female double?
Barry Lipsitz: Oh! Did you have sex with her?!
[Quinn looks disgusted while the audience cheers]

Season 5 edit

The Unstuck Man edit

[As Diana was about to enter the slide for the first time]
Maggie: The first step is easy. It's the last one you gotta look out for.

Map of the Mind edit

[Rembrandt has just finished explaining to one of the mental patients, Malcolm, why he has incited a riot]
Rembrandt Brown: Now if I could just find a neurosurgeon my day would be complete.
Malcolm: Wait! [Rembrandt stops and looks at him] I'm a neurosurgeon. [Rembrandt looks at him doubtfully] Honest!

[Rembrandt brings Malcolm to the other Sliders]
Rembrandt Brown: I've brought some help.
Mallory: He plays a fiddle with no strings!
Rembrandt Brown: Well he's also Doctor Malcolm White, creator of that device. [referring to the remapping device]

To Catch a Slider [5.15] edit

[The Sliders don't have the money to buy a Living Gem which they need to fix the timer so they plan to rob a jewelry store which Rembrandt disagrees with]
Rembrandt Brown: [To Maggie and Mallory] What do either of you know about knocking over a jewelry store anyway?
Mallory Well, actually...

The Seer [5.18] edit

Mallory: [last line of the series] What do we do now?

Unidentified episodes edit

Capt. Maggie Beckett: Looks, brains, and he knows how to cook.

[After the Sliders have another hard landing on a concrete path in the middle of a park]
Prof. Maximilan Arturo: Soft landing there, hard path here and where do we land, unfailingly.

About Sliders edit

  • They took the attitude of ‘Oh, we don’t want to get into politics, we don’t want to get into dark humor, we don’t want to get into cerebral stuff. We’ve got four characters, and they’re sliding from world to world, and if they land on the world where everyone’s a pirate, they can chase each other around with swords, so that’s going to be fun. That’s show Number One.’ That was kind of the attitude all year
  • Originally, Ryan was going to be in several episodes at the start of the second season, and I worked out with Jacob Epstein, who was also executive producer that year, the path that Ryan would take. We had in mind three or four shows to do with him. By the fourth show, something shocking was going to happen with him.
  • Their attitude was ‘We’ve been off the air for so long no one is going to care, so let’s just say that Quinn got shot but he’s better now, and let’s pretend the other people never came through the gate with them.’ I know people find this hard to believe, but I argued with them over this for months and got the reputation for being a troublemaker or a loose cannon, because I wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.
Whenever anyone sees ‘Into the Mystic‘, the first episode of the second season, the whole funeral/Quinn’s dream scene is a very rushed two minutes and twenty seconds instead of seven minutes. And a few of the ideas I wanted to do are in there, but others aren’t. The dog that went through completely disappears
  • Tracy Tormé [1]

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