Slacker Cats

American animated series produced in 2007–09

Slacker Cats is an American adult animated television series that aired on ABC Family. The series revolves around Buckley and Eddie's schemes to escape the everyday monotony of being house cats by taking advantage of humans (as well as other cats) to freewheel themselves in the fictional city of Wendell, California.


  • [looking at a fast food advert] And that chicken is eating a piece of chicken.


  • But where is Mr Boots?


  • The night is like the day, only with fewer colours!
  • Don't you think fire looks like pretty orange fairies?


  • I have become what I most fear... a cat cannibal. I have become the catanibal!


Buckley: I never wear Louise's underwear!
Eddie: Who said you did?
Buckley: Nobody... but people talk and they might say that I sneak into Louise's room, put on her underwear and dance to "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls... but I don't do that.

[at Eddie's funeral]
Mrs. Boots: I heard Buckley stabbed him in a psychopathic rage.
Dooper: I heard it was the CIA.
Tabitha: I heard gin makes a man mean.

Tabitha: Hi, Buckley!
Buckley: I am no longer Buckley. I am Yelkcub, the inversion of everything that Buckley was.
Tabitha: Yelkcub? Did you think of that yourself?
Buckley: Yep.
Tabitha: It's really lame.
Buckley: OK, I'm Buckley! Can I come and stay at your place? I walked out on Louise.
Tabitha: I guess that would be OK, only there's a bit of mystery about who my owner is.
Buckley: A mystery, huh? The kind of mystery where, if it was like in a TV show, people would really get into it, and want to solve it, and swap clues on Internet forums, thus giving the show that crucial cult appeal? That kind of mystery?
Tabitha: No, I just forgot.
Buckley: Oh well.


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