Skinny Bitch

diet book advocating veganism for weight loss

Skinny Bitch is a 2005 diet book written by former modelling agent Rory Freedman and former model Kim Barnouin, published by Running Press.

Quotes edit

  • Perhaps you have a lumpy ass because you are preserving your fat cells with diet soda.
    • Ch. 1
  • Whenever you see the words “fat-free” or “low-fat,” think of the words “chemical shit storm.”
    • Ch. 1
  • What we call salmon, hamburger, steak, chicken, bacon, sausage, ham, roast beef, salami, bologna, turkey, hot dog, and duck are actually decomposing, rotting animal carcasses. Bon appétit! Closing your eyes to the problem will not make it go away. You don't want to see it, but you'll eat it? So, yeah, if you want to get skinny, you've got to be a vegetarian—someone who doesn't eat dead animals or seafood.
    • Ch. 4
  • Before you say, “I could never give up meat,” realize that nearly every single vegetarian on the planet said those same words. Then shut the fuck up, look at an inspirational picture of a skinny bitch, and clean out your freezer.
    • Ch. 4
  • Milk=fat. Butter=fat. Cheese=fat. People who think these products can be low fat or fat free=fucking morons.
    • Ch. 5
  • Animals hear the screaming and crying of other animals being slaughtered and are terrified. They know they are about to be killed and they are panic-stricken. When their young are taken from them, cows kick stall walls in rage and frustration and literally cry with grief. Think of how you feel when you are angry, afraid, and grief-stricken. Bear in mind the physical feelings that accompany these emotions. These emotions—fear, grief, and rage—produce chemical changes in our bodies. They do the same to animals. Their blood pressures rise. Adrenaline courses through their bodies. You are eating high blood pressure, stress, and adrenaline. You are eating fear, grief, and rage. You are eating suffering, horror, and murder. You are eating cruelty. You are what you eat. You cannot be thin and beautiful with a glowing complexion when you eat fear, grief, and rage.
    • Ch. 6
  • And when all feels hopeless, remember that you are in charge of what goes into your body, you don't answer to anyone, and you are allowed to eat anything you want. Often just knowing we can eat whatever we want is enough to keep us from eating whatever we want. We're so rebellious.
    • Ch. 10
  • Never feel like or say you are “giving up” your favorite foods. Those words have a negative connotation, like you are sacrificing something. You're not giving up anything. You are simply empowered now and able to make educated, controlled choices about what you will and won't put into your body, your temple
    • Ch. 10
  • All kidding aside, if everyone did yoga, we would have world peace.
    • Ch. 12
  • Now that you're a Skinny Bitch, don't turn into a skinny bitch. We conceived of the title, Skinny Bitch, to get attention and sell books. We just wanted to spread our message far and wide and thought Skinny Bitch was a good way to do it. But we are not bitches, and we have no desire to promote bitchiness. There is nothing uglier than a pretty woman who's nasty. If you look great, you should feel good about yourself and be happy.
    • Ch. 13
  • Soon, you'll notice people (especially men) flocking to the new you. Not just because you're skinny but because you are happier, healthier, and eating a cruelty-free diet. So feel free to share your new wealth of information with everyone who asks. Spread the good word, but be careful not to preach. You'll see that some people get very defensive about their diets when you tell them about yours. Even if you are being very non-judgmental, people may feel threatened by your righteousness. Understandably, your being a vegan shines a spotlight on the cruelty they're contributing to, and it makes them feel uncomfortable.
    • Ch. 13

Quotes about Skinny Bitch edit

  • I became vegan for health reasons more than anything. I read a book (called Skinny Bitch, terrible title, but great book) that dissected meat, eggs, dairy, sugar, everything, and it just made me feel sick to my stomach. The fact that we are the only creatures on earth that drink milk after being babies, not to mention another species milk, for no good reason whatsoever (and before you say calcium, go read about it) well it opened my eyes a bit.

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