learned ability and competence to carry out an action

A skill is the ability to carry out a task with pre-determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both.


  • Μήτι τοι δρυτόμος μέγ' ἀμείνων ἠὲ βίηφι·
    μήτι δ' αὖτε κυβερνήτης ἐνὶ οἴνοπι πόντῳ
    νῆα θοὴν ἰθύνει ἐρεχθομένην ἀνέμοισι·
    μήτι δ' ἡνίοχος περιγίγνεται ἡνιόχοιο.
    • The woodcutter is far better for skill than he is for brute strength.
      It is by skill that the sea captain holds his rapid ship
      on its course, though torn by winds, over the wine-blue water.
      By skill charioteer outpasses charioteer.
      • Homer, The Iliad, Book XXIII, lines 315–318 (tr. Richmond Lattimore)
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