Sir George Stokes, 1st Baronet

British mathematician and physicist (1819-1903)

Sir George Gabriel Stokes, 1st Baronet FRS (August 13, 1819February 1, 1903) was a mathematician and physicist, who at Cambridge made important contributions to fluid dynamics (including the Navier–Stokes equations), optics, and mathematical physics (including Stokes' theorem). He was secretary, then president, of the Royal Society.

Sir George Stokes, 1st Baronet


  • It is very difficult for us, placed as we have been from earliest childhood in a condition of training, to say what would have been our feelings had such training never taken place.
    • George Gabriel Stokes (1893). Natural theology: The Gifford lectures, delivered before the University of Edinburgh in 1893. Adamant Media Corporation. p. 4. ISBN 1421205122. 

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  • The properties of bodies were investigated by several distinguished French mathematicians on the hypothesis that they are systems of molecules in equilibrium. The somewhat unsatisfactory nature of the results... produced... a reaction in favour of the opposite method of treating bodies as if they were... continuous. This method, in the hands of Green, Stokes, and others, has led to results the value of which does not at all depend on what theory we adopt as to the ultimate constitution of bodies.

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