Bampfylde Fuller

British inventor, writer and Lieutenant Governor of Eastern Bengal and Assam
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Sir Joseph Bampfylde Fuller, KCSI, CIE (20 March 1854 – 29 November 1935) was a British inventor, writer and first Lieutenant Governor of the new province of Eastern Bengal and Assam, knighted for his service in India.


  • It is hardly surprising that the Englishmen would try by every means to keep up the differences between the two communities. Sir Bamfylde Fuller, Lieutenant-Governor of East Bengal and Assam, admitted his preferential treatment of the Muslims and explained it by a_ parable. “I said,” writes he, “that I was like a man who was married to two wives, one a Hindu, the other a Muhammadan—both young and charming— but was forced into the arms of one of them by the rudeness of the other.“ (225)
    • R.C. Majumdar History Of The Freedom Movement In India, vol I.
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