Siobhan Fahey

Irish singer; known from Banarama and Shakespears Sister

Siobhan Máire Deirdre Fahey (born 10 September 1958) is an Irish musician who was a founding member of Bananarama, and later the musical band Shakespears Sister.

Siobhan Fahey in 2018


I carry on in my own narrow little tunnel and we have very different experiences of life even though we live together.
  • I have this massive love for the whole culture of pop music … It has probably been the biggest relationship in my life. It's my fascination, my on-going passion. … I really, really love music. I'm affected by it and uplifted by it, and made to laugh and cry, and almost fall in love with the person who has made me feel so brilliant and communicated so profoundly to me.

Hormonally Yours (1992)

  • You'd better hope and pray
    That you make it safe back to your own world
    You'd better hope and pray
    That you'll wake one day in your own world
    Because when you sleep at night
    They don't hear your cries in your own world
    Only time will tell
    If you can break the spell back in your own world.
    • "Stay"

G3 interview (2002)

Interview in G3 Magazine, (November/December 2002)
  • It's time that glamour came back, everything has got a little bit beige in the last two years, I say bring back black!
  • Music bypasses the intellect, it makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you want to dance, makes you want to have sex.
  • I've always tried not to take it too seriously — if you do, you dry up creatively, you turn into a product and it stymies you.
  • Believe in yourself as ever, and your own tastes and ideas, and stay true to them, or you'll fuck your head up and end up hating what you do.
  • We were written off from day one. Nobody believed in us but us. We kept having hits despite the record company, despite the press.
  • I love digging out old records … Fashion goes round in circles.
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