Silvia Colloca

Italian singer, actress, author and TV cooking personality

Silvia Colloca (23 July 1977) is an Italian actress, blogger, cookbook author, and TV cookery show personality.

Colloca (2012)

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  • You can only cook Italian if you are Italian or you think like an Italian and then you don't need the recipe. To think like an Italian in the kitchen means to be frugal. It's a very simple concept. Buy in season, keep it simple and don't buy anything you are going to leave wilting in the fridge.

An Interview with Dracula and his Brides (2004) edit

An Interview With Dracula and His Brides (May 5, 2004)

  • I seem to be the most wordy when it comes to monsters because I'm a bit of a monster freak. I grew up just loving all the Draculas. Especially I just loved watching all the Universal classics. And Bela has been my favorite ever since. I would say though that I have a new favorite Dracula here. I've always loved those movies. And it was such an honor to be cast with this role.
  • It's because it's very European. And I'm Italian and it's very close to my culture and all the steppings for where all these legends took place, some places I'm very familiar with. And on the other hand, there's also something that's really special about Dracula & Array; which is the constant search for blood, which is enticing and sensual. And which is why The Count has three Brides.
  • I come from the stage so being involved with such a gigantic film was just a new thing for me which I really loved. And for sure I would love to do something like this again. There's lots of things that have opened up for me. I'll just make sure I'll make the wisest decisions because this is a very delicate moment. And someday I will go back to the stage because that's where I feel at home.

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