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Silverwing is a Canadian animated television series based on Kenneth Oppel's novel of the same name.

Episodes edit

A Glimpse of the Sun [1.1] edit

Chinook: [to Todd and Breeze] Now, where was I before I was forced to eat yet another tiger moth?
Breeze: You were telling us about your dad.
Chinook: Oh, he's big. Big enough to kill an owl!
Breeze: [with a dreamy look on her face] Wow...
Todd: That's even bigger than you said last time.

Shade: [after rescuing Ariel] Thanks, Chinook. I owe you one.
Chinook: Look around. It's no just me you owe.

Frieda: No Silverwings will be sacrificed for the sake of your unjust law!
Brutus: UNJUST LAW?! Give us the boy!
Frieda: No. I have spoken.

Brutus: Bring the boy to me, so we can settle this.
Frieda: No.
Brutus: Do as I say.
Frieda: I will not.

Frieda: We were forbidden from ever seeing the sun again.
Shade: Is that how we got stuck with the law? That is so unfair! I hate the owls!

Chinook: My father's huge! You'll see him when we get to Hibernaculum, if your runty little wings can make the migration. Then again, why bother when you don't have a dad anyway.
Shade: Don't talk about my dad like that!
Chinook: Your dad was bad news! He was a trouble maker and a coward.
Shade: My dad was not a coward, fruit bat.

Chinook: You know what I was just thinking? We could not see the sun and say we saw it. How about that?
Shade: Oh, really...

No Bat Is an Island [1.2] edit

Marina: So maybe the band doesn't mean certain death!
Shade: That orca didn't get you.
Marina: Maybe it means that I'm going to become an elder, too!
Shade: Elder Marina...I like the sound of that!

Shade: You have this place all to yourself?
Marina: Pretty much.
Shade: Uh! We're totally surrounded by water!
Marina: Duh! That's what an island is.

Shade: I guess you'll get to meet Frieda after all.
Marina: Then it's settled. We'll head to the mainland...together! [To Shade] Hey Short-Stuff, check this out. See those holes? They (Orcas) breathe through them. Where have you been living? Under a rock?
Shade: No! In a tree.

Marina: When do we leave?
Shade: Leave?
Marina: Yeah. To join your colony so I can meet this Frieda!

Marina: An elder? Banded? Like me?
Shade: Well, maybe not exactly like..
Marina: And she's old?
Shade: Practically ancient.

Marina: Hey! Where do you think you're going?
Shade: Anywhere you aren't.

Shade: What's wrong with your fur?
Marina: Wrong? What do you mean? There is nothing wrong with my fur!
Shade: It's all...light.
Marina: Ha! Small and clueless. I'm a Brightwing, of course.

Todd: Nice going, chickenwing.
Chinook: What do you mean?
Todd: Well, this is just as much your fault as Shade's. If you didn't take up Shade on that stupid dare, this wouldn't have happened.

Frieda: The echoes of our history have been lost, but history is kept in memory as well. As long as Silverwings fly, our heritage will never be lost.

Pigeon Court [1.3] edit

Marina: Really, Shade, giant bats don't exist.
Voice: Really? You'd be surprised!
Pigeon Guard: [to Marina] How about it Brightwing? You seem like the smart one.

Marina: [to Shade] You don't really believe in giant bats, do you? That's just a story made up by scared birds.

Pigeon Captain: [to Brutus] My sentry described them as giant bats, unlike these two.

Frieda: I thought the score was settled with the owls when they burned down Tree Haven.
Bathsheba: I guess they didn't consider that punishment enough.

Pigeon Guard: [regarding about Shade and Marina] These aren't the ones. I told you they were huge!

Shade: [regarding about the tower] This isn't it.
Marina: Then where is it? Honestly, Shade, I feel like I'm doing everything!

Frieda: I think your faith in Shade is well put, but Ariel, a word of caution: Watch what you say to Bathsheba.

Bathsheba: For your own good, you should forget about your boy. There's no way he survived that storm.
Ariel: You're wrong. He's still out there. I can feel it.
Bathsheba: A mother's faith. Touching, yet foolish.

Shade: I've never actually called up the sound map before.
Marina: Yeah, right! Quit playing games! [pause] You're not kidding, are you?

Bat in the Belfry [1.4] edit

Shade: Who in their right mind would put a guy who can't see in charge of air traffic control?
Marina: Because maybe sometimes hearing might be the best way of seeing.

Shade: [to Zephyr's projection of a pigeon] Owls probably killed my dad, they burned down my home, and then you guys tried to kill me and Marina! I hate all birds!!

Ariel: What is it, Chinook?
Chinook: Tree Haven burning down, it was as much my fault as it was Shade's. I was showing off for Todd and Breeze and I shouldn't have listened to Shade when he dared me to see the sun. I couldn't let the runt.. [Ariel glares at him] ..I mean, I couldn't let him show me up.

Echoprojected Pigeon: I just came here to hide.
Shade: Hide? From what?!
Echoprojected Pigeon: Giant bats. They attacked my family.
Shade: Well they probably had a good reason! I know I would!

Bathsheba: The weak should be left behind!
Frieda: The colony arrived together and it will leave together.
Bathsheba: [screams]

Zephyr: [to Marina, regarding a red berry] I wouldn't eat that, but you might want to squeeze a little of its juice under your band. Go ahead, I can hear your skin chafing against the metal.

Zephyr: [to Shade] You obviously can't use your size to overpower the enemy.
Marina: [whispering] He's sensitive about his size.
Zephyr: The more you know, the better chance you have against much stronger opponents.

Brutus: [to the cardinal] You'll lead a squadron of my owls to the water tower. We'll talk about hunting rights after the entire Silverwing colony is annihilated!

Marina: I'll pick, you stand guard.
Shade: What am I gonna guard against? A plant?

Flying Squirrel #1: [to Chinook] We flying squirrels are sick and tired of being mistaken for bats.
Flying Squirrel #2: It's harassment! Just because we have fur and fly doesn't mean the owls can pull us over on a whim!

Flying Squirrel #2: General Brutus has decreed that all bats be questioned and all Silverwings be imprisoned.
Flying Squirrel #1: Say, what kind of bat did you say you were?
Chinook: Uh... a Chickenwing!
Flying Squirrel #2: Okay then.

Dark Alliance [1.5] edit

Luger: What's in it for us?
Brutus: Obeying the law! That's what's in it for you.
Luger: Like that's ever persuaded us.

Shade: [to Marina] Goth and Throbb don't just eat meat, they eat bats!
Goth: [to Shade sympathetically] A boy, without a father.
Remus: [to Brutus] This isn't our fight! [to an owl] What are you going to do? Eat me because I don't agree?

Shade: Why do you think humans band bats anyway?
Goth: To imprison us so they can steal the secret of our night vision!

Remus: It seems to me that you owls are being far too self-serving. Life and death are part of the natural cycle of things.
Brutus: But this was an unnatural act!

Brutus: The death of an owl by a bat is the final straw. I am closing the skies to all bats! All bats are fair game until the treaty violators are brought to justice!

Marina: I don't feel right traveling with those two meat-eaters.
Shade: We eat bugs. That probably grosses them out.

Shade: I hate the owls even more than I hate the treaty.
Goth: Treaty?
Shade: Basically, all bats were punished for not taking sides in the battle of the birds and the beasts. That's why we have to fly at night.

Goth: [to Shade] A jungle is an explosion of color. Born in the heat and the sun, we live as we choose in our jungle, with the warmth on our wings and our bellies never empty. We eat only the most succulent of small birds, the tastiest of lizards and other small animals.

Marina: How did you end up so far from home?
Goth: The royal guard was not acting with its ears wide open. The humans captured us, banded us and brought us here to be imprisoned.

Bathsheba: What's this about owls?
Chinook: There's a bounty on our heads and we...
Bathsheba: A bounty? Don't be redic...
Frieda: Silverwings! Prepare to evacuate the roost!

Goth: All we want is to get back to our home in the south, but we cannot read these northern stars.
Shade: You could travel with Marina and me. We're headed south to find my colony.
Goth: We would be delighted, and in return let us offer you our protection.

Friends in Deed [1.6] edit

Throbb: Senorita Marina, guess who's coming for dinner!

Marina: [staring at Goth's body] It's over, Shade.
Shade: No... it's just begun.
Marina: [to Shade] It's great to see that Zephyr's lesson with the pigeon had an impact on you.
Goth: [to Throbb] I can be hungry or cold, not both. I say we roost.

Brutus: Are you proposing that those puny perpetrators have kidnapped Orestes?!
Atlas: Uh...yes sir. That's what appears to have happened.
Brutus: Now it's personal! That bat will regret the day he first took wing!

Orestes: The electricity is generated at the damn. That's called hydroelectrical power. Then, it is relayed here to...
Shade: Can we lose the science lesson please?

Throbb: I am so hungry I could eat a moth... Maybe two moths!
Goth: That is so sad, especially since we will soon be dining at the Silverwing buffet!
Throbb: Buffet? As in dining without limits? Excellent!

Marina: [to Brutus] If we were owl killers, would we have saved your son?
Orestes: Father, they did save me.
Brutus: Quit defending them, boy!
Orestes: You never listen to me!

Marina: [referring to Orestes] If we leave him here he could die.
Shade: So what? Who cares? He's an owl!

Goth: [to Throbb] If you were not my brother in-law, I would have eaten you a week ago. Then, at least one of us would have enough energy to make it back to our beloved jungle.

Brutus: We're at war, son. Stop acting like a nervous pigeon and do your duty.
Orestes: But my wing still aches from yesterday's maneuvers.
Brutus: Oh, for the love of Phoenix! What's next? Beak rot?

Shade: We have to find my colony before Goth and Throbb do, or they'll all be eaten and it will all be my fault!

Everything Is Not Black and White [1.7] edit

Crow: [looking at Goth's body] Not only is this bat huge, it's already cooked!

Marina: Will Brutus believe Ursa, that there were giant bats?
Shade: He can check out the Towers of Fire. Goth's body is right there.

Ursa: Running away won't solve this. We'll go to Brutus. We'll tell him Shade's story and get him to stop this war!

Marina: You took charge, Ursa!
Ursa: Yes, but they'll be back.

Marina: Did the humans put that tag on your ear?
Ursa: Of course they did. I'm special. I'm a black bear that happens to be white.

Ursa: I'm not telling Brutus anything. If I mention I saw a Silverwing, he'll want details.

Bathsheba: This is taking too long! We must be off course!

Marina: But the war is wrong! The Silverwings are innocent.
Female Wolf: Innocent, guilty, it matters not to us. Our concern is food.

Luger: [to Shade and Marina] As long as Silverwings are free, we can do whatever we want: hunt, expand our territory, all in the name of war!

Luger: In the interest of your campaign, Brutus, I nominate Ursa, the Kermode bear.
Ursa: Say what?!
Brutus: Hmmm... why not?

Remus: I refuse to take orders from this barbarian!
Luger: And I will not be led by these garbage sniffers.

Luger: Wolves don't slave under tyrants. We find the pack more efficient.

Bathsheba: Ariel! You're blaming me for this day mare of a migration? Your son, Shade, is responsible for our entire situation!

Bathsheba: [to Frieda] For the record, I did council you not to take us there.
Ariel: WHAT?! You're the one who convinced her to take us there!

Bathsheba: I speak for the entire colony when I say these roosting conditions are unacceptable.
Chinook: You don't speak for me.

Marina: What is that?
Ursa: It's crunchy ....fishy... beary stuff.

Deception [1.8] edit

Marina: We're not out of trouble yet.

Goth: [after eating the sleep-inducing leaves] There, I have honoured your custom.

Shade: Here in the Northern forest we have a custom of beginning every meal with...a salad!

Frieda: Bathsheba was within her right as an elder to call for that vote. The colony spoke and we must abide by that.

Mercury: Bathsheba's been jealous of Frieda her entire life.

Throbb: [to Marina] I'll end up serving you both... for dinner!

Shade: [to Goth] I want you to take us both to the jungle to live like royalty with Throbb as our servant.

Throbb: Goth! I am freezing! I want to go back to the jungle. I miss the hot sun, the hunting and all my servant bats waiting on me claw and wing.
Goth: Patience, Throbb. Two small bats do not a buffet make.

Ursa: A true leader would do everything to avoid war, not create it. Nothing good can come from this, Brutus.

Marina: Shade, I'm not going to feel safe until I'm comparing bands with Frieda.
Shade: Come on, lets make that happen.

Bathsheba: On top of everything we've endured, now the males are missing. How many more bad decisions will Frieda make?

I'm With the Band [1.9] edit

Marina: No bat would fly between a wolf's ears.

Marina: You've never seen snow before?!
Shade: Well, uh..not uh, you know.. up close.

Marina: This band is stinging my arm. My colony was right. This thing is a curse!

Mercury: This field has always been off limits. The human flying machines are too dangerous.

Scirocco: Your elders lied, Marina. They were ignorant and superstitious.

Penelope: The humans banded us as part of Nocturna's promise to return to the light. We're going to reclaim the humans!

Scirocco: [in response to Shade's warning] The Silverwing is lying! He's jealous of our bands!

Goth: [to the banded bats] Don't worry, little ones. We are with... the band.

Shade: [to Penelope] Trust me, you don't want to fly with us.
Marina: We're kind of like fugitives.

Rats [1.10] edit

Remus: Obviously Brutus cannot be trusted! The deal with the owls is off!
Shade: [to Marina] Hibernaculum, here we come.

Shade: Goth's not so smart after all.

Shade: I'm starving. Let's go grab some bugs!

Rat Guard: May I present...the two spies!
Remus: It takes a spy to know a spy.

Romulus: I really think we have enough trouble just ruling all the rats.
Remus: Enough! Ruling the beasts is my destiny, which means it's yours too! Now be quiet before you aggravate your condition!

Orestes: [after hearing of Shade's capture] Father, maybe war's not so pointless after all. May I join you? I really should practice my formation flying.

Frieda: I sense danger, Bathsheba. We must leave!
Bathsheba: No! I'm the leader and I say... [sees the giant propeller] evacuate immediately!!

Marina: If you're the rightful king, why do you even listen to Remus?
Romulus: Isn't it obvious? I'm a freak. [spreads his wings]
Shade: Wow! I wish my wings were that big!

Bathsheba: It's no use! Save yourselves! LEAVE her!

Orestes: Father, what will become of Shade and Marina when you take charge of them?
Brutus: Punishment. To the full extent of the law.
Orestes: Without a trial?

Romulus: [regarding the ambush] We can't go through with this. It's suicide.
Remus: [to Romulus] From now on, there can only be one king of the rats!

Strange Batfellows [1.11] edit

Shade: I don't trust you.
Goth: [gasps] You insult my honour.

Goth: I am as Zotz made me!
Shade: Yeah, evil.
Zotz: [to Goth] Never have I seen a bat so... disobedient... so disloyal... so deceitful... so...
Marina: Naughty.
Zotz: Yes... naughty. Say it... "I am a naughty bat".
Goth: ...I am... a naughty bat.
Zotz: Again! And again! But with more feeling! NOW!! And don't stop until I SAY SO!!!

Bathsheba: And so, Silverwings, sadly we say farewell to Frieda and the others. Their deaths were uh... unavoidable.
Frieda: [off-screen] And greatly exaggerated!

Bathsheba: Frieda! You made it!
Frieda: Evidently, Bathsheba.
Bathsheba: My decision was made in the interest of this colony.

Shade: This place isn't on the map. I told you we should have taken a left at the lake.
Marina: I said left, you said right!

Goth: Perhaps this is why almighty Zotz has brought us teach these weaklings the natural order of things.
Throbb: I say we order them for lunch!

Atlas: Shall I send a scout to look for Orestes?
Brutus: No, he's probably looking for bugs under a rock somewhere.

Goth: Zotz lives in the molten core of the Earth. His head is a giant bat skull with blood-red eyes and razor teeth to slice the flesh of those who mock him.
Shade:'ve seen him?
Goth: No...but you hear things.

Shade: [referring to Goth] I promised I'd get him out.
Marina: Are you out of your roost?!

Zotz: Goth! You made a promise to the Silverwing.
Goth: Yes master, but only to trick him.

Marina: You better hope you never run into the real Zotz!

Hibernaculum [1.12] edit

Throbb: That Shade is definitely a... [clears throat] ...naughty bat.

Luger: It's a deal. You rule the sky, we rule the land, and together we will be...
Goth: Invincible!

Marina: [to the Silverwings] Brutus thinks that Silverwings are killing owls.
Shade: But the murderers are giant cannibal bats.

Orestes: This war is so wrong.
Shade: I never thought I'd hear those words coming from the beak of an owl.
Orestes: Yeah, me neither.

Brutus: [to Luger] Half the creatures have already left with that Kermode bear thanks to your campaign of terror.
Luger: Campaign of-? Brutus. Those words... hurt us all.
Brutus: Oh, give it a rest.

Orestes: I don't have a great feeling about this, Shade.
Shade: Stop worrying. Of course my colony will accept you, just like they're gonna accept Marina.
Orestes: Uh, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm an owl!

Throbb: Goth, did I mention that I'm now slowly freezing to death, while also slowly starving to death?
Goth: Oh, you might have said it once. Or was it... ONCE, too often?!

Shade: I'm just a useless runt if I don't have the whole sound map.
Marina: Shade, a useless runt couldn't have put Goth in his place or saved those banded bats. You're anything but useless.

Orestes: [to the wolves] I'm Hercules, commander of the second squadron. Now move along, I've got a bat to torture.

Bathsheba: We have to decide about the traitor quickly, Frieda.
Frieda: You are no longer welcome on the council.

Brutus: [to Bathsheba] My only son in league with the Silverwings?! If you are lying, you've drawn your last breath, bat!

Ariel: Shade!
Shade: Mother!
Ariel: I thought I'd never see you again!

Day of Judgment [1.13] edit

Marina: If you're dad's still out there...
Shade: I'll find him...

Brutus: It has been said that a good leader can admit when they've been wrong. I've been wrong about the Silverwings, wrong about my son, and so very wrong about Shade. Long ago, all bats were banished to the darkness for not taking sides. Today, they took a side! Today, you have earned all bats the right to fly night... or day!

Shade: Thanks.
Brutus: No, thank you... lawbreaker.

Orestes: Father, I swear that Shade and Marina are innocent!
Brutus: How could you do this to me?
Shade: Do this to you? Orestes has been nothing but brave! Isn't that what you wanted?
Brutus: How dare you speak of things you do not know! Bravery and my son?

Hector: [to Bathsheba] How could you do this? We're your colony!

Ariel: [to Atlas] Take your filthy claws off my son! SHE's the traitor!

Frieda: Is this your idea of leadership?!
Bathsheba: Sometimes you have to sacrifice the few for the many.

Brutus: [to Frieda] I demand only you, Shade Silverwing, his Brightwing accomplice son.

Hector: Taught by Zephyr? Befriended by bears? Your father will be proud of you.
Shade: I thought my father was...dead.
Ariel: I always intended to tell you...

Ariel: Where did you learn to do that, Shade?
Shade: An old bat named Zephyr taught me.

Marina: We escaped from two giant cannibal bats.
Chinook: Well if they're so fierce, how did you get away?
Marina: Shade used his echoprojection.
Chinook: Only tiger moths can do that, and even if he could it wouldn't fool anybody... [sees the tiger moth projection, screams and falls off the rock]

Luger: What is betraying your own species worth these days?
Bathsheba: I seek only to restore order to this forest.
Luger: Oh, of course you do.

Brutus: [to Luger] Without Bathsheba, we wouldn't have found it at all.

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