Silent Running

1972 film directed by Douglas Trumbull

Silent Running is a 1972 film about the last forests of a barren Earth being preserved in large geodesic domes aboard space-bound freighters orbiting Saturn. When the orders are given to destroy the forests, and return the ships to commercial service, Freeman Lowell (Bruce Dern) kills his crewmates, and hijacks the space freighter "Valley Forge," making off with the last surviving dome.

Directed by Douglas Trumbull. Written by Deric Washburn, Michael Cimino and Steve Bochco.
Amazing companions on an incredible adventure... that journeys beyond imagination! taglines

Freeman Lowell

  • It calls back a time when there were flowers all over the Earth. And there were valleys. And there were plains of tall, green grass that you could lie down in... that you could go to sleep in. And, there were blue skies, and there was fresh air, and there were things growing all over the place, not just in some domed enclosures blasted some millions of miles out into space!
  • On Earth, everywhere you go, the temperature is seventy-five degrees. Everything is the same. All the people, are exactly the same. Now, what kind of life is that?
  • Every time we have the argument, you say the same thing to me, you give me the same three answers all the time, the same thing, "well, everybody has a job," that's always the last one. But, you know what else there is no more of, my friend, there is no more beauty, there is no more imagination, and there are no frontiers left to conquer, and do you know why? Only one reason why: one reason why, the same attitude that you three guys are giving me right here in this room today, and that is: nobody cares.
  • Look on the wall behind you. Look at that little girl's face. I know you've seen it. But do you know what she is never going to be able to see? She's never going to be able to see the simple wonder of a leaf in her hand. Because there is not going to be any trees. Now, you think about that.
  • You know, when I was a kid. I put a note into a bottle, and it had my name and address on it. And then I threw the bottle into the ocean. And I never knew, if anyone ever found it.
  • You can't blow up this forest.
  • "You don’t think it’s time somebody cared enough to have a dream? What about the forests? You don't think anyone should care about these forests? What's going to happen if these forests and all this incredible beauty is lost for all time?"

John Wolf

  • The fact is, Lowell, if people were interested, something would have been done a long time ago.

Commander Anderson

  • On this first day of a new century, we humbly beg forgiveness, and dedicate these last forests of our once-beautiful nation, in the hope that they will one day return and grace our fouled Earth. Until that day, may God bless these forests, and the brave men who care for them.
  • Boys, this is Anderson speaking. We have just received orders to abandon and nuclear destruct all the forests, and return our ships to commercial service. I have received no explanation. And we must begin at 0900 in the morning. May God have mercy on us all.


  • Amazing companions on an incredible adventure... that journeys beyond imagination!
  • Earth's last battle will be fought in space.


  • Bruce Dern - Freeman Lowell
  • Cliff Potts - John Wolf
  • Ron Rifkin - Marty Barker
  • Jesse Vint 0 Andy Keenan
  • Mark Persons - Drone 1 (Dewey)
  • Cheryl Sparks and Steven Brown - Drone 2 (Huey)
  • Larry Whisenhunt - Drone 3 (Louie)
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