Silence Speaks

Silence Speaks - from the chalkboard of Baba Hari Dass (book, 1977). A collection of aphorisms written by Baba Hari Dass, who since 1952 remains silent and communicates by writing on a small chalkboard. His third book, since his arrival to the United States in 1971 from India, is the question/answer format, where life concerns and spirituality are discussed.


Silence Speaks, Sri Rama Foundation, 1977, Santa Cruz, CA; 1st ed.; ISBN 0-918100

  • Q: What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? A: To find God. To love God is man's natural state. (p.3)
  • Q: Is it possible for anyone here to get enlightenment in this lifetime? A:The state is already there; it needs to be awakened. (3)


  • Q: What is unreal? A: The world. (27)
  • The mind is the main instrument to gain enlightenment, but enlightenment is only reached when the mind stops.
  • Q: How can we stop the mind? A: Not hitting it with a hammer. Stop the mind by the mind. (31)

Life and Death

  • Q: Is where we go in dreams similar to where we go at death? A: Life is also a dream, and death is the end of that dream. After death another dream starts. 939)
  • Q: Is it true that life is a preparation for death? A: Yes, it is true.
  • Q: do we experience many spiritual deaths in a lifetime? A: What is spiritual death?
  • Q: Death of ego and attachment? A: That is death of illusion, spirit doesn't die.
  • Q: What can I do to overcome my fear of death? A: Attachment to the body causes fear of death. It is the strongest attachment. Even a newborn infant has this attachment. To overcome the fear of death it is necessary
    to accept that we all have to die. (39)
  • Q: Why do we fear death? A: Ignorance. Why are we afraid on a dark night? Because we can't see, and that is ignorance. (40)


  • Q: How do you interpret reincarnation? A: You mean rebirth? First understand what is death: complete forgetfulness of past identities is death. When memory is regained that is reincarnation but when it is not regained that is rebirth.In Hinduism there is no death; in Christianity there is no rebirth. They are both the same...the body never takes rebirth and Atman never dies. (43)
  • Q: Could karma be defined as cause and effect? A: Karma is action. It is cause and effect. There is no uncaused action nor

is there any action without effect. (p.44)

  • Q: How can good actions be binding? A: If you become president by good actions, still you are not free. (44)

* Q: What is the role of diet in consciousness? A: If the diet is easy and doesn't create too much heat or cold, it is good for mind and body. (p. 53)


* Q: Is there a system or healing or medicine which is superior? A: In each culture they have their own methods, and people have faith in these. Mantra can cure a cobra bite if faith in the Mantra is strong enough.

Ashtanga Yoga

  • Q: What is silence? A: Silence is an austerity. You control your desire to talk. (165)

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