Short Cuts

1993 film by Robert Altman

Short Cuts is a 1993 comedy-drama film directed by Robert Altman.

Gene WymanEdit

[their child walks in on them having sex]
  • Silly daddy, sleeping on mommy.


Howard Finnigan: Hey Jer, how goes the war?
Jerry Kaiser: Bad guys are winning, sir.

Earl Piggot: You know, I don't know who you think would wanna look at your sad,middle aged ass anymore!
Doreen Piggot: Don't talk to me like that and don't you come back here! I'm not taking you back no more, understand? No more! I'm not taking you back!
Earl Piggot: I'm not COMING back!
Doreen Piggot: Slobbering over Honey like that. It was so embarrassing...
Earl Piggot: I never touched Honey!
Doreen Piggot: I didn't say you touched her, I said you slobbered on her!

Dr. Ralph Wyman: Tell me about that night with Mitchell Andersen.
Marian Wyman: There's nothing to tell.
Dr. Ralph Wyman: Alright, then tell me about nothingness! I'd like to hear a complete account of nothing!

Marian Wyman: Are you cheating, Ralph?
Dr. Raplh Wyman: No, Marian. You cheat. Remember?

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