Shihabu'd-Din Shah

ruler of Kashmir

SherAshmak commonly known as Shihabu'd-Din Shah Miri (Kashmiri: شہاب الدین شاہ میری, Persian: شِہابُ الدِین شَاہ مِیری), (r. 1354 – 1373), or simply Shihabu'd-Din Shah, was a ruler from the Shah Mir dynasty based in Kashmir. He was the fifth Sultan of Kashmir who ruled from 1354 to 1373. Shihab is considered to be one of the most powerful kings of Kashmir as his empire extended from Kashgar Ladakh to West Punjab and from Kabul to Chamba.


  • Sultan Shihabu'd-Din addressed himself to such works as would help him get peace in the world hereafter. He arranged a tomb and a burial place for himself to be used after his death. Towards the fag end of his life, he was infused with a zeal for delmolishing idol-houses and destroying the temples and idols of the infidels. He destroyed the massive temple at Beejeh Belareh (Bijbehara). He had designs to destroy all the temples and put an end to the entire community of the infidels. But death overtook him in the year A.H. 780 (A.D 1378). As he lay dying, the glory of kingship, the innumerable troops and a long retinue of liveried servants proved of no avail [to him]. The monarch of his soul that reigned over the realm of his body left his mortal abode and arrived in the everlasting world.
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