Sherman's Lagoon

American comic strip

Sherman's Lagoon is a comic strip created by Jim Toomey. It focuses on the antics of sea life in a lagoon - Sherman the shark, his wife Megan, Fillmore the sea turtle, Hawthorne the hermit crab, and Ernest the fish. It was launched in 1991.


(Sherman is sleeping)
Hawthorne: You're blocking the entrance to my crab hole, Fat Boy! That's not allowed!
Sherman: (wakes up) Says who?
Hawthorne: It's the law of the sea!
Sherman: Law of the sea... baloney.
Hawthorne: You don't believe me? I'll get a sea lawyer!
(Sherman goes back to sleep)
Hawthorne: (storms off) Hmph!
(Hawthorne returns with a "sea lawyer", a fish wearing glasses and a tie)
Sea Laywer: (reading out of a book with "LAW OF THE SEA" written on the cover) Section 23, Paragraph 4 of the Law of the Sea: "Sharks shall grant crabs rights of egress on aforementioned crab's crab hole."
Sherman: (wakes up) Mph!
Hawthorne: Hmph! Told you!
Sea Lawyer: (to Hawthorne) That'll be $400.
Hathorne: (outraged) $400!
(Sherman eats the sea lawyer)
Sea Layer: WHOA!
Sherman: What's it say in there about eating lawyers?
Hawthorne: What lawyer?
(September 20th, 1998)

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