Sheila K. Collins, PhD

Sheila K. Collins (born July 14, 1939) Sheila K. Collins has been a “dancing social worker” for over 50 years. She has been instrumental in critical women's issues and [[Feminism] in the United States including contributing to legislation for [[Title 9]to give girls more access to sports in public education.

Sheila K. Collins InterPlaying with Life! 2022

Bringing the perspective of a dancer and theater artist to her work as a social worker, professor, clinic director, keynote speaker, and organizational consultant, she writes, speaks, and advocates for the power of play, dance, and the expressive arts to help people make it through life’s toughest challenges. Her first book Stillpoint was written originally to help [[Social Work] students with their [[self-care], and the revision as a response to the proliferation of caregiving responsibilities in women’s lives.

Her [[TEDX UNLV] talk, "When Death Threatens Someone We Love - Life REALLY Matters" shares how to handle tough challenges.



Warrior Mother: Fierce Love, Unbearable Loss, and Rituals that Heal (2013)

  • "We must make art out of what happens to us."
    • Collins, S. K. (2013). Warrior mother: Fierce love, unbearable loss, and rituals that heal. She Writes Press.

Stillpoint: A Self-care playbook for caregivers to find ease and time to breathe, and reclaim joy (2018)

  • "Self-Care is not continuing to educate and train ourselves to withstand more stress in order to take on more stress."
  • "Self-Care is not putting ourselves through frequent recurring cycles of overwork followed by crashing to recover."
  • "Self-Care is Tuning in: recognizing, earlier and earlier, the subtle physical signs of potential difficulties. Caring people become good at reading other people's body language: clenched jaw, stooped shoulders, and sad eyes. Self-care means tuning into ourselves and learning how to read our own body language."
    • Collins, S. K., & Gautreaux, C. (2018). Stillpoint: A self-care playbook for caregivers to find ease and time to breathe, and reclaim joy (2nd ed.). Earth Springs Press.