She Said (film)

2022 film directed by Maria Schrader

She Said is a 2022 biographical drama film about the The New York Times investigation that exposed producer Harvey Weinstein's long history of sexual misconduct against women. It is based on the 2019 book of the same name by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, the real-life journalists who broke the the story.

Directed by Maria Schrader. Written by Rebecca Lenkiewicz.
Will you go on the record? (taglines)

Laura Madden

  • I feel like it dictated a certain direction my life took. That I just felt that it was this huge error in judgement that sort of marked me, and all my decisions. And I felt such shame that I let him do that. It was like he took my voice that day. Just when I was about to start finding it.

Miramax Executive

  • What makes me most the silence...No one spoke out then and no one’s talking about it now...he built the silence...And people complied...He produced fear and intimidation...The only alternative seemingly was to quit. And to throw away everything you had worked so hard for out of the door. You were terrified you’d be the next target. So people looked the other way.


Jodi: I feel like there are a lot of women who have been through something with him but they find it hard to talk. How did you persuade women to tell you what had happened to them?
Megan: It’s difficult...they’re terrified. A case I made was..."I can’t change what happened to you in the past, but together we may be able to use your experience to help protect other people"...the truth basically. It’s very ask women to talk.

Megan: The only way these women are going to go on the record...
Jodi: …is if they all jump together.

Harvey: Dean, how are you? This is Harvey.
Dean: Hi, Harvey. What can I do for you?
Harvey: If I hadn’t made movies, I would’ve been a journalist. Dean, I heard someone was working on a story about me.
Dean: Yes. If you’d like to speak to the reporters on the record, they’d welcome that.
Harvey: I want to talk to you, Dean.
Dean: Well, talk to my reporters about your concerns. I’m sorry, I have work to do.
Harvey: Are you going to hang up?
Dean: Unless you have anything else to say?
Harvey: I love the truth. People make up stories…A lot. Be careful of that.
Dean: That’s fine, Harvey. Goodbye.

Man at Bar: Pardon me, excuse me? Hi, hello. Did you see my friend over there? He said hi.
Megan: Could you leave us? We're talking.
Man at Bar: [smirks] I absolutely will. I totally understand but, I would just think, I could maybe...
Megan: Alright, we're having a conversation, so if you could just...
Man at Bar: You should be doing something else, so...
Megan: [laughs] Fuck you.
Man at Bar: Fuck you? I would bend you over...
Megan: [smashes her hand on the table] FUCK YOU! Fuck you man, get the fuck out! Fuck you!

[The news team is on a conference call with Harvey]
Harvey: Why shouldn’t I just do a fucking interview right now with the Washington Post, based on your lack of transparency?
Jodi: You want some sort of list of who we’ve spoken to for this story?
Megan: And if we don’t disclose it to you, you’re threatening us?
Harvey: If you’re using Gwyneth Paltrow, tell me.
Megan: We’re not using Gwyneth Paltrow.
Harvey: Are you talking to Gwyneth Paltrow?
[Dean Baquet walks in and stands next to Megan]
Dean: Hey, Harvey? This is Dean. Here’s the deal. You need to give us your statement now. I’m about to push the button.
Harvey: Hey, Dean, let me tell you something about intimidation. I’ll talk to the Post. I will.
[Dean pauses, he speaks a little softer, as though to a child.]
Dean: Harvey, call them. That’s fine. You can call the Post. Harvey, I’m trying to be fair with you.
Harvey: You are intimidating me, Dean.
Dean: No, Harvey, here’s the deal. We’re trying to get your statement. Please give it to us now because we’re about to publish.
Harvey: I want to give it to you.
Dean: Thank you.
Harvey: Is Gwyneth in it?
Dean and Megan: [simultaneously] She’s not in the story!

Lisa Bloom: [offscreen to the reporters] You have a reckless disregard for the truth. You want a "hit" story and these allegations are false.
Jodi: We don’t want a "hit" story, Lisa.
Lisa Bloom: [offscreen] Harvey is going to take some time off to focus on this issue.
Megan: Are you, Harvey?
Harvey: [offscreen] Yes…I’m going to take time off.
Megan: From the company?
Harvey: Yes, I want to spend some time learning.


  • Based on actual events that helped ignite a movement.


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