Shark (TV series)

American legal drama
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Shark (2006–2008) Drama series about a defense attorney who becomes a prosecutor.

Season 1 edit

Pilot [1.1] edit

Stark: I eat prosecutors for breakfast, they're my main source of fiber.

Stark: [to his new team] My cutthroat manifesto. Rule number one: trial is a war, second place is death. Rule number two: truth is relative, pick one that works. Rule number three: in a jury trial there are only twelve opinions that matter and [to Raina] yours isn't one of them.

Stark: Your job is to win. Justice is God's problem.

Julie: It's not enough to love someone when it's easy. You gotta love them when it's hard, when they don't deserve it, when they're in trouble. That's what family does.

Stark: I am great and yet... I am humble.

LAPD Blue [1.2] edit

Stark: Now my problem is, I don't believe in God, and He hates me.

Devlin: Better to be lucky than good.
Stark: Better to be both.

Fashion Police [1.6] edit

[Discussing Julie's upcoming plagiarism hearing]
Stark: You say what I tell you, we'll win.
Julie: Are you asking me to lie?
Stark: It's like I tell the kids at work. Truth... it's relative. Sometimes you have to...
Julie: Shade the truth?
[Stark nods.]

Here Comes the Judge [1.15] edit

Casey Woodland: This is the part where we get disbarred, isn't it?

Trial By Fire [1.18] edit

Isaac Wright: Go ahead. You kill her, I kill you. Either way, I'm still a hero.

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