Shan George

Nollywood actress, singer, film producer and director

Shan George (born 21 April 1970) is a Nollywood actress, producer, and director.


  • Wreferred you con drop dead, pictures go con dey fly around.
    • [1] Shan talks warn"Frenemies" on November 28, 2022
  • If u no dey post my picture now wey I dey alive, wey I dey hustle, wey I dey struggle, wey I dey pray everyday make God bless my work, you dey see me pass you dey show me hate, but I die, you post my picture, I go wake up pursue you. No post my picture. If u dey show me hate now, you no dey help me in any way, you no dey post my work, anything, no post my picture when I die.”
  • “I’m crushing on MC o. correct man. I just like bad bois”
    • [3] Talks about crushing on MC Oluomo, 2022
  • When I was suicidal, I was so broke one day. One of my visitors brought this shaving powder and I wanted to put it in water and drink it. I told my mother I was going to kill myself as I was tired and frustrated with everything. Life became tiring for me.
    • [4] Shan talks about suicide on April 15, 2022

Why I don’t like acting romantic rolesEdit

Why I don’t like acting romantic roles 2021

  • I am not comfortable with romantic roles. Playing romantic roles has never been my strong suit. It is one of the roles that have never gone down well with me. I just do it because it is my job. I think I am not comfortable with it because I am not a very romantic person. The thought of holding someone that is not mine is weird.
  • One of the most awkward movie roles I have had was acting as a mermaid. It was very challenging because I was trying to be something that I didn’t know and something I had never seen. How does a mermaid laugh or express anger?
  • In every aspect of my life, I have never seen anyone as a rival. Instead, I see people as partners.
  • I do not see flaunting wealth as competition. I rather see it as motivation.
  • One’s attitude is what takes one far.
  • I have no single respect for anyone who doesn’t keep their camera and their loudspeakers at home while helping the needy.

Talks about her growing up and journey into NollywoodEdit

Talkabout journey into Nollywood 2016

  • During our time, as a little girl, you were not even allowed to have any ambition. You were to grow up to the age of 17, get married, have children, grow old and died. That was the norm. That was the way it was for female children at that time in the environment I grew up.
  • My journey into the movie world can be described as a miracle because the truth is that I stumbled upon acting when I was in search of a job to raise money for my school fees after I gained admission to study Mass Communication at the University of Lagos in 1996.
  • I strive towards success and genuine happiness every day of my life and by the grace of God, I have peace of mind.
  • I would have elected to be a lawyer if I were not in the movie industry. I have a great repulse to injustice. I hate to see people being cheated or people’s rights being violated

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